illustration only*.edu: I am aware that students and their professors must be able to get full access to the site's archives. For this, they are enough the form below to send me the information needed to verify the data received and then to create a personal free account.

I think that children are the future. So, in the hard work of creating a Military History Website and saying that no one is allowed to forget the past, particularly World War One and World War Two, the future starts in the schools.

For those who are wondering why they should give money to access a website, I give you here the clearest and simplest answer. To start, I would like you to know that you must not pay to have access to this website. You have just to pay a ridiculous amount of money to allow me to eliminate those who have taken the detestable habit of coming to copy the photos and texts for their own account and who by their incessant activities prevent you from using the website as you like, and more particularly with enough bandwidth at your disposal without cuts and in a perfectly fluid way.

You will see in the payment options that everything is done to favor the real users of this website. I want my Members to be happy with their visit to the website and that everything works fine during their visit. I want to remind you that I had to close the site in 2001 with more than 3500 visitors a day and a second time in 2009 with almost 6000 visitors a day.

I took for the year 2020 the firm decision to pass via this application of membership because I will not close this website a third time. So, as part of my website, the only thing I ask my members is relatively simple, a small contribution from them to support the costs generated by the rental of the webserver.

In short, I do not sell history, I do not sell access. I have never done it and I do not intend to do it. I accept with great pleasure to work like hell on my website in order to publish more and more archives, but as soon as I would be pensioner I can not support anymore the rental of the webserver alone.

This having been said and I hope that all of you understand, here is what I propose for real EUCMH Members, $-25 a year. For all other visitors, it will be distinctly different as you can see it further.

Doc Snafu, Francorchamps, Belgium, December 31 2019

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Breaking News : I have just requested to migrate the new VPS Webserver, from S to M (today 08-12-20). This will turn the hosting cost from 8.95 to 21.50 (month) + VAT.