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Military World Related, Clubs, Associations, etc.

Canadian Military History
History Extra
History Net
Military Heritage – Australia
Oxford Bibliographies – Military History
SHAPE to Day
Stories Beyond The Graves
University of Amsterdam (History)
US Army Center of Military History
War History Online

99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) Official Group
EUCMH Chat Board Facebook Page & Group
Grenades & Ordnance 20th Century
Marion’s Engineers Combat battalion Group
US Army Horse and Mule units from ww2 and beyond
US Field Gear Junkies

Modeling & Diorama
Model & Reduction & Dioramas (Flemish)(Forum)

Military History – Allies – 1940-1945
1-ID1-ID Big Red One on Wikipedia
2-ID2-ID Second to None on Wikipedia
3-ID3-ID Rock of the Marne on Wikipedia
4-ID4-ID Ivy Division on Wikipedia
5-ID5-ID Red Diamond on Wikipedia
6-ID6-ID Red Star on Wikipedia
7-ID7-ID Hourglass on Wikipedia
8-ID8-ID Golden Arrow on Wikipedia
9-ID9-ID Old Reliable on Wikipedia
10-ID10-MD (Mountain) Mountaineer on Wikipedia
30-IDDefinitely the Best Worldwide 30-ID Website

35-ID35th Infantry Division Association
35-IDCoulthart : 134-ID – 35th Infantry Division
35-ID35th Infantry Division Memory
442-RCTDensho – Home of the Nisei
Like 2 DoGeneral History WW-2

Battle of the Bulge
Battle of the Bulge Memories

Engineer Combat
Engineer Combat in the ETO (VI Corps CE)

Photos & History but Mainly Photos
Photos – EUCMH all the Rushes

Armored Vehicles
Sherman Minutia

Museums to Visit (Worth the Trip)
War Heritage Institute – Belgian Armed Forces Museum Bruxelles
National Museum of Military History – Diekirch LU

Militaria & Collections
World War Two Historic Dog Tags
US WW-2 Helmets Restoration Museum Quality – Toppots
US WW-2 Helmets Restoration Combat Quality – J Murray
US Equipments Reproductions

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