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201-93533 – Adolf Hitler (OSS Study)

Memo copy is from RID/ATI file folder on Adolf Hitler filed under Wah X-2 Personalities #13; the folder contains 1 copy of a 28...

505-ELPC – 10/1944 – 04/1945

505th Engineer Light Ponton Company (Victory Route) November 1944 - April 1945 Table of Contents 1 - 505-ELPC - October 1944 2 - 505-ELPC - November 1944 3...

1-ID – OOB – WW-2

The 1st Division also nicknamed Fighting First or Big Red One, is the oldest division in the US Army and has seen continuous service...

Jedburgh Operations (12-AG) 1944

Table of Contents 1 - Foreword 2 - Introduction 3 - Operational Situation, August 15 1944 4 - German Rear Area Administration and Security 5 - Jedburgh - Teams,...

USMC Parachute Units – WW-2 – The Raiders

Creation of the First USMC Paratrooper Outfits - WW-2 Table of Contents 1 - Foreword - Lt Col Jon T. Hoffman, USMC, (Reserve) 2 - Preface :...

1-AD – OOB – WW-2

Col Daniel Van Voorhis took a cadre of 175 officers and enlisted men from Fort Eustis to Fort Knox in February 1932, and established...

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