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Shot Down – The true story of Howard Snyder & his crew (B-17 Susan Ruth)

Shot Down is about author Steve Snyder's father, Howard Snyder, the ten man crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth, and the unique experiences of...


July 29 2019 : I decided to remove the old 'Page Views' Counter (turned off at 1.874.894) because to many digits and not enough...

28th Infantry Division in Hürtgen & the Bulge (P-1)

Operational Performance of the US 28th Infantry Division (Keystone) from September 1944 to December 1944 is a thesis presented to the Faculty of the...

Adolf Hitler – (Intelligence & OSS Study) – (WW-2) (P-2)

Adolf Hitler – (Intelligence & OSS Study) – (WW-2) (Part 2) All his domestic diversions are planned by Herr Artur Rannenberg. In 1934 Kannenberg was...

30th Infantry Division – (117-IR) – Malmedy – Stavelot – La Gleize (12-44)

Headquarters 117th Infantry APO 30 US Army December 4 1944 During the month of November 1944, the 117-IR (30-ID) made substantial additions to its already voluminous record...

99th Infantry Division – (393-IR) – (History) – 1944-1945

Preface This book has been compiled from official and unofficial sources to afford men who have been in combat with the 393rd Infantry a review...

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