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Doc Snafu

Dear Sir,
I found your email thru google. My name is Kathy Hoffman and I am the Secretary / Treasurer / and Editor for the 16th Armored Division Association. My father served in this division in WWII. This past May, my husband and I were in Plzen for the Liberation Celebration. It was our 7th trip ! While there, an older woman handed me a photo taken in May 1945. It is a US soldier, 2 women and 2 young girls. The lady who gave me the photo is one of the young girls. Through an interpreter, she asked if I could identify the soldier. All she knew about him is that she thinks he was a general, no idea what division he served in. A friend of ours in Plzen who is quite a historian of WWII found a photo of Capt Gene P. Hefley of the 2nd Infantry Division, whose 1st name really is General. The resemblance to the man in the photo is amazing. I feel sure that he is the soldier we are looking for. My question to you is if you might be able to find another photo of Capt Hefley to further add to the proof. I have attached both photos. Thanks for any help that you might be able to give me in this matter.

Sincerely, Kathy Hoffman. [contact]

My name is Daniel R. Pyle [contact]
I am trying to find biographical information on a Maj Maurice G. Clift for the Maryland Museum of Military History & Maryland Military Historical Society. If anyone can help it will be really appreciated.

My name is Sean Schofield, my email is [contact]

I’m here in Normandy and I’m going to tour the beaches tomorrow. I’m trying to figure out what division my grandfather was in. I read your awesome write up of the 5th Infantry Division and thought you would be a good person to ask.
Here’s what I know.

He was transferred from the Air Corps
He was “busted down” to the “tank corps”
He was “in Patton’s army”
His unit was “in the rear”
He was doing a lot of “mop up” type operations
He was a driver for a commanding officer who was often drunk (claimed he would drive him around until he passed out instead of taking him to the “front”)
He was shot by a sniper and then sent home
He received disability until he died
He spent a few days with his unit in either a winery or a wine cellar
There was a lot of crazy shit going on (like tanks driving through houses and people looting stuff)
Obviously neither of those last two items are likely to appear in any official military history.

Does this sound like it could be the 5-AD?
Sorry to email you out of the blue like this but I’m really curious to know more. I have his serial number but that’s about it. I’m going to work with my dad to try and get his military records but it sounds like a lot of those were destroyed in a fire.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Sean Schofield

My name is Girolamo Culmone, and this is my [email].
My Subject is about Sicily.

I am looking for photos World War Two Photos of the city of Alcamo and it’s vicinity (Sicily) for the period post July 1943. I would like to find wartime photos, military installations photos, photos of civilians as well as local monuments (1943-1945).

Girolamo Culmone

USA, Lloyd Sheetz,
Site ? : Very Satisfied
I was very surprised to see my dad’s name and actions in your account. May I inquire as to your source? I thought I had read all the histories of that time.

Lloyd Sheetz

Hello Loyd, this archive was made using several AARs from the 99th Infantry Battalion, 30th Infantry Division, 625th Armored Infantry Battalion and some other accounts.