Diaries & Testimonies WW-1 & WW-2

30-ID – Jack Dee Rose (War Experiences)

I have been told that World War Two Veterans are dying at the rate of 170 per week. This mean there are many stories out there that will never be told. This is an attempt to tell my story, for what it is worth. On August 30 1943, I was 18 years old. The war...

325-GIR – Raymond Hook – (War Experiences)

War Experiences Raymond Hook 325th Glider Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne Division After manning a defensive position on the German border East of Grossbeek in the Netherlands for about a month, alternating one week in the front lines and one week in reserve, we were relieved by the Canadian Troops and moved out on foot and then trucked...

393-IR – Robert Walter – (War Experiences)

393d Infantry, 99th Infantry Division Veteran Testimony During the night of December 15/16 1944, German company commanders gave their men the watchword which had come from the Fuehrer himself : Forward to and over the Meuse River! The objective was Anvers Hitler's concept of the Big Solution had prevailed; the enemy was not to be beaten east of...

526-AIB-S – Pfc Joseph G. Farina (War Experience)

This is the story of Pfc Joseph G. Farina, Baker Company, 526th Armored Infantry Battalion (Separate). Joe Farina was born on October 28 1924 to Italian immigrant parents, Angelo and Julia Farina. He lived with his parents and his sister Mary in Highwood, Illinois, was a devout Catholic, and he liked to collect stamps and...

54-SB – Sgt Thomas E. Warner – (Dad’s Footsteps)

This is a really nice set of photos (Belgium - Battle of the Bulge), never published before, and sent to me from my friend Frank Warner in Pottstown, USA. (Image right) Belgian civilians in Aywaille, Belgium, watch the start of an air battle in late December 1944, just north of Harzé, Belgium. Cpl Ralph Salmon...

Diary – Polish Forced Labor Worker – Boleslaw Piatkowski

The original title of this archive is 'From Forced Workers Camp to Yankee Division', War Memories of Boleslaw Piatkowski. This archive, presented as a small booklet, was written down by Jacek Okon (Poland). The iconography is made of private photos from the author, Boleslaw Piatkowski, Internet images, photos archives from the European Center of...

Lt Isabelle V. Cedar-Cook – US Army Nurse – 3rd General Hospital

1/Lt Isabelle V. Cedar Cook had just graduated from the Mount Sinai School of Nursing in New York City when war was declared in Europe. The Army asked Mount Sinai to plan a one thousand bed hospital for overseas service and she signed up as a volunteer. She spent the next three years in...

Lt Wesley Ross – B/146-ECB in the ETO (War Experience)

This archive is an account from Lt. Wesley Ross, Baker Co. 146th Engineer Combat Battalion, before, during and after the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium and Germany. We were kept busy for the first few months after entering Germany — building bridges, repairing roads, laying Anti-Personal (AP) and Anti-Tank (AT) mines; and using explosives...

Pfc Harold Poter – 116th Evacuation Hospital – May 1945 (Dachau)

Using stationery found in the abandoned office of the camp commandant, Pfc Porter found himself at a loss to convey the horrors he encountered at the Dachau concentration camp : boxcars filled with thousands of decomposing bodies, the crematorium surrounded by stacks of nude corpses, and the stacks of carefully sorted clothing belonging to...
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54-SB – Sgt Thomas E. Warner – (Dad’s Footsteps)

This is a really nice set of photos (Belgium - Battle of the Bulge), never published before, and sent...
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