Thursday, October 17, 2019

(SECRET) – (1944-2016) – Lady Jeannette – B-17G #42-97904

A series of articles, laying out the true events behind the creation of : The Best Kept Secret Of World War Two. In December...

USAAF – Air Attacks on Japan

The Air Attack Against the Japanese Home Islands Basic United States strategy contemplated that the final decision in the Japanese war would be obtained by...

USAAF – Strategic Bombing Survey (ETO)

The new relation of air power to strategy presents one of the distinguishing contrasts between this war and the last. Air power in the...

Air Operations – CBI – WW-2 (P-1)

Air Operations in the China-Burma-India Theater, by Maj Edward M. Hudak, FA, Command and General Staff College. May 31 1949. (This Document is a...

AVG (Flying Tigers) – CATF – 14 USAAF

You fly a P-40 with two hundred gallons of aviation fuel that last two and a half hours for five hundred miles ... When...
Wings of Angels - Malak Pin-Up Wings of Angels Model Jenn Rox with Doug Matthews Mustang "The Rebel" Secrets in Lace Lingerie, 2016 Wings of Angels Calendar

USAAF Fields & Bases – Europa 1944-1945

After the landing in Normandy, followed by some weeks later with the landing in the Provence (South France), the US Army Air Force started...

Doolittle’s Raid – Tokyo – April 18 1942

The Doolittle Raid of April 18 1942, was the first air raid by the United States to strike the Japanese home islands during World...

XIX TAC – 12000 Sorties (1944)

The XIX Tactical Air Command (XIX TAC) is an inactive United States Air Force unit. The unit's last assignment was with the Ninth Air...

USAAF Stations – 1940-1945 – MTO

Army Air Forces - Mediterranean Theater Station List - 1 May 1945 Algiers, Algeria 56 Army Airways Communications System Group - Hq (AAF ATC) Amendola, Italy 2 Bombardment Group...

Claire Lee Chennault – Theorist and Campaign Planner (CBI)

Maj John M. Kelley : this monograph examines Claire Lee Chennault as a military theorist and campaign planner. It inquires whether Chennault's evolution of...

USAAF – Combat Groups – 1940-1945

1st Air Commando Group Constituted as 1st Air Commando Group on March 25 1944 and activated in India on March 29, the group, which began...

USAAF Stations – 1940-1945 – ETO

Army Air Force Stations This article is a republication of the Guide to the Stations where US Army Air Forces Personnel served in the United...


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