Wednesday, November 20, 2019

EUCMH-013 – Photos – Signal Corps Photos – The Ledo Road

Above (CBI-44-16049) February 13 1944. American troops of the 5307th Composite Unit, Merrill's Marauders (Galahad), and Chinese troops march side by side down the...

EUCMH-012 – Photos – AEF Action – World War One

Blercourt, France, October 14 1918. Members of the 90th Division show off their dapper canes. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(001) Heudicourt, France, October 31 1918. Pvt William H....

EUCMH-014 – Photos – US Forces in Action 44/45

Before starting to scan my photos collection, I will first publish the photos I have on CDs, DVDs and HDDs. Please notice the tag...

EUCMH-011 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-6)

First, I would like to tank one of my fellow historian on which has done a terrific work in fishing and sorting all...

EUCMH-010 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-5)

January 29 1941. 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment. Ski troops during rifle training, Fort Lewis, Washington. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(001) 1941-1942. 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion. Approximately one hundred men...

EUCMH-009 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-4)

1943. 10th Mountain Division ski trooper. Photo mechanical reproduction of a painting shows a ski trooper with the 10th Light Division (Alpine), later renamed...

EUCMH-008 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-3)

1945, Rescia Pass, Italy. Gen George P. Hays CG of the 10th Mountain Division stands left with three others officers at Rescia Pass. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(001) 1945,...

EUCMH-007 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-2)

April 1945, Italy. 10th Mountain Division medics watch as Pfc Earnest Marshal, Charlie Co (?), lashed to a litter and belayed from above, is...

EUCMH-006 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-1)

Leghorn, Italy, January 24 1945. Uniformed artillerymen, members of the 10th Mountain Division, descend a gangplank from a transport ship in the city of...

EUCMH-002 – Photos – AEF Actions World War One

Location : Rembercourt, France. October 18 1918. 1/Lt Edward 'Eddie' V. Rickenbacker, 94th Aero Squadron, in his Spad S.XIII aircraft near Rembercourt, France, 18...

EUCMH-001 – Photos – US Army Actions World War Two

Before starting to scan my photos collection, I will first publish the photos I have on CDs, DVDs and HDDs. Please notice the tag...

EUCMH-005 – (100/442-RCT) Nisei – Italy – 1944-1945

The 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) was organized on March 23, 1943, after more than a year during which Americans of Japanese descent were...

EUCMH-004 – Northern Combat Area Command (CBI)

(China - India - Burma, members of an Indian Band entertaining GI's during a rest stop at Ranaghat in India : Location : Ranaghat,...

EUCMH-003 – Photos – Inside the Holocaust – (!Graphic!)

The expression Lebensunwertes Leben or life unworthy to be lived, is considered one of the most horrific in the history of mankind. This term...


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