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2-CD (Horse) – OOB – WW-2

Placed on the rolls of the Army in 1921, the 2nd Cavalry Division was not activated until April 1941. As part of the Protective...

8-ID – OOD – 1944-1945

The 8th Infantry Division, was an infantry division of the United States Army during World War Two. The division served in World War I,...
Illustration - Injured US Marines being treated on the sand, at an aid station on Iwo Jima (Iwo To), one of the Japanese volcanic islands, in 1945 Mediadrumimages - Royston Leonard - From a Colorized Photos Archive by Debbie White - The Sun - UK

6-ID – OOB – 1944-1945

The 6th Division (Red Star) was activated first on November 1917 with the following Order of Battle : 11th Infantry Brigade (51-IR, 52-IR and...

5-ID – OOB – 1944-1945

The 5th Division was activated on December 11 1917 at Camp Logan, near Houston, Texas. Sent oversea, as a member of the American Expeditionary...

1-CD – OOB – WW-2

Stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas, as 1st Cavalry Division (Special), the unit moved to Toyahvale Texas during the period of October 7-30 and returned...

2-AD – OOB – WW-2

The 2nd Armored Division was activated on July 15 1940 at Fort Benning, Georgia. It participated in the VII Corps Tennessee Maneuvers from June...

3-AD – OOB – WW-2

The 3rd Armored Division - Spearhead - was activated on April 15 1941 at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana. During the month of June 1941, it...

4-ID – OOB – WW-2

Activated on Jun 1 1940 as the 4th Division and at Fort Benning, Georgia, the Division was reorganized as 4th Division (Motorized) on Aug...

4-AD – OOB – WW-2

The 4th Armored Division was activated on April 15 1941 at Pille Camp, New York and moved to Camp Forrest, Tennessee, on October 2...

3-ID – OOB – WW-2

The 3rd Division was activated in November 1917 during World War I at Camp Greene, North Carolina. Eight months later, it saw combat for...

7-AD – OOB – 1944-1945

The 7th Armored Division was activated on March 1 1942 at Camp Polk, Louisiana and moved on September 15 to the IV Corps Louisiana...

6-AD – OOB – 1944-1945

The 6th Armored Division was activated on February 15 1942 at Fort Knox, Kentucky and was moved to Camp Chaffee, Arkansas on March 15...

2-ID – OOB – WW-2

Stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the 2nd Division was sent to maneuvers at Christine, Texas from January 3 to January 27 1940 then...

5-AD – OOB – WW-2

The 5th Armored Division was activated at Fort Knox, Kentucky, on October 1 1941 and was moved to Camp Cooke, California, on February 16...

1-AD – OOB – WW-2

Col Daniel Van Voorhis took a cadre of 175 officers and enlisted men from Fort Eustis to Fort Knox in February 1932, and established...

1-ID – OOB – WW-2

The 1st Division also nicknamed Fighting First or Big Red One, is the oldest division in the US Army and has seen continuous service...


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