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419-AFAB (10-AD) – WW-2 (2020)

After Action Report of the 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 10th Armored Division, November 1 1944 - May 1945. Battalion's Operations November 1944 Nov 1, the unit relieved the 344-FAB east of Vionville, France. Nov 3-6, supported the 20-AIB and the 61-AIB in the front of Metz, France. Mainly harassing and interdiction fires. Nov 7, moved 80...

588-FAB – WW2 – (2020)

The original battalion was designated the 558th Field Artillery Battalion, then organized and activated on May 10, 1943, under tentative (TDA) Tables of Distribution and Allowances 6-56 with 26 officers, 2 warrant officers, and 436 enlisted men. Under this (TOE) Table of Organization and Equipment, the battalion consisted of an HQs Service Battery and...

6-CG (CAV) – WW-2 – (2020)

6th Cavalry, Brief History Among the multitude of units engaged during the fighting of the Civil War, the 6th Cavalry Regiment was the only regiment of the regular army created during the confrontation between the troops of the Confederate States Army (CSA) and those of the United States Army (USA). Published on May 4, 1851,...

60-AIB (9-AD) WW2 – (2020)

60th Armored Infantry Battalion After Action Report and Narrative of the operations under Combat Command A, (Col Thomas J. Harrold), 9th Armored Division, (Gen John W. Leonard); subordinate units : Hq Co 60-AIB, Able Co 60-AIB, Baker Co 60-AIB, Charlie Co 60-AIB, Service Co 60-AIB, and Medical Det of the 60-AIB. Narrative The 60-AIB completed the last...

628-TDB – WW-2 – (2020)

The History of the 628th Tank Destroyer Battalion in Training and Combat prepared by and for the men who saw action with the Battalion in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and Germany. Headquarters - 628th Tank Destroyer Battalion APO 758 US Army - May 9 1945. To all the Members of the Battalion. As I write this little message...

99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) – Operations 1944-1945

The scientist Geoffrey Pyke, a member of the British Combined Operations Command, envisioned the creation of a small, élite military force capable of fighting behind enemy lines in winter conditions. To create a commando unit that could be landed, by sea or air, to occupied Norway, Romania, and the Italian Alps on sabotage missions...

99th Infantry Division – (393-IR) – (History) – 1944-1945

Preface This book has been compiled from official and unofficial sources to afford men who have been in combat with the 393rd Infantry a review of the Regiment's action in the European Theater of Operations. With emphasis placed on the unit rather than individual action, the book has omitted stories of personal heroism. Names of...
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54-SB – Sgt Thomas E. Warner – (Dad’s Footsteps)

This is a really nice set of photos (Belgium - Battle of the Bulge), never published before, and sent...
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