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Great Archives, improved military studies and military thesis. These raw archives are now illustrated, often corrected and published with related maps to help the readers to identify the areas where the combats happen.


This chapter contains Unit Histories which can be categorized in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany because the time span of the documents makes that this archive is would have to be in the category France, Belgium, Germany, etc.


This is the chapter for the personal war experiences, Daddy's war and donation stories. Check this place often because news are not seldom.

Operations in North-Africa

1st Infantry Division (Love Co – 26-IR) – Maknassy – Tunisia 1942

Operations of Love Co, 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, in the Night Raid on Maknassy, Tunisia, December 17 1942 (Personal experience of a Company Commander) Maj Stephen B. Morrissey Introduction Official histories of World War II, it has been claimed, will toe the most complete and most accurate ever written. With maps and statistics, they will describe...

1st Infantry Division (Torch) Z & Y Beaches (08-11-1942)

The following archive is the G-3 report of the participation of the 1st Infantry Division in the Torch Operation in North Africa. It is submitted in compliance with AR 345-105. G-3 Journal herewith as Annex #1. Mission On September 4, the 1st Infantry Division was given the mission of landing on Z and Y beaches at...

1st Ranger Battalion – Djebel el Ank – Operation Torch – 1942

The 1st Ranger Battalion went into action as a unit for the first time on November 8 1942, when it landed in the French North Africa while participating in Operation Torch. The Rangers made a surprise night landing in and north of Arzew, Algeria, neutralized its main coastal defenses, and captured its docks. Due...

9th Infantry Division (Division Artillery) El Guettar Tunisia

1. General : Units of the 9th Division Artillery (less the 60th Field Artillery Battalion which had been detached) moved on March 25-26 to bivouac areas in the vicinity of Gafsa. Unit commanders made map and terrain recon March 26, but, upon returning to the Artillery CP, which had been established in the palm...

9th Infantry Division – 1943 – Report of Operations in Tunisia

October 5 1943 - Reports on Operations, 9th Infantry Division, Southern Tunisia, Northern Tunisia and Sicily, to : Commandant, Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Command during the operation covered in this report, the 9th Infantry Division was a part of II Corps, which was, in turn, a component of the 18th...
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