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Operations in France

Operations in France

Operations in France

5th Armored Division – (+85-CRS) – (AAR) – August 1944

Commanding General - 5th Armored Division Date Written : November 13 1944 - US Army Month : August 1944 Campaign : Western Europe, France Report After Action including...

7th Armored Division – Combat Command B – (AAR) August 1944 (France)

Headquarters Combat Command B, 7th Armored Division APO 257, c/o PM NY NY September 3 1944 Subject : Battle Report To : Commanding General 7th Armored Division c/o PM...

26th Infantry Division (2/101) Moyenvic France November 8-10 1944

Operations of the 2nd Battalion, 101st Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division, (Yankee Division), in the Attack of Moyenvic, France, November 8 to November 10...

3rd Infantry Division – (Anvil-Dragoon) – Aug 15 44 / Sep 1 1944

The preliminary planning for Operation (Anvil) Dragoon (note : Operation code named 'Anvil' was later changed to Operation code named 'Dragoon' because it was...

26th Infantry Division (1/328) Bezange-la-Petite – France – Nov 8 1944

This short account, Operations of the 1st Battalion, 328th Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division, at Bezange-la-Petite, France, on November 8 1944, is an...
35th Infantry Division in Italy 1944

35th Infantry Division (134-IR) – (AAR) – France – December 1944

After Action Report 35th Infantry Division December 1 1944 - December 31 1944. The 35-ID, with the exception of one battalion, began the month of December 1944,...
Two US soldiers, Pfc William Jackson and T/4 Joseph King (1st Infantry Division) are sitting on a donkey. Date : July 9 1944. In the background is a billboard advertising the furniture store of Julien Lenoir, a collaborateur of the Gestapo in Caen.

1st Infantry Division (26-IR) (AAR) – July 1944 – Normandy – France

In 1941, the 26-IR stood with its sister regiments and prepared for war in Europe. The regiment was assigned to the 1st Infantry Division...

29th Infantry Division – (115-IR) – Dog Green – D-Day – Normandy

After Action Report - June 1944 Summary of Operations, Phase #1, Landing Operations 6 June A. Phase # 1 1. The 115th Infantry Regiment (29th Infantry Division)...

1st Infantry Division (Reinforced) Landing on Omaha Beach

Operations of the 1st Infantry Division Landing and Establishment of the Beachhead Omaha Beach, Normandy, France June 6 to June 10 1944 Capt James R. Darden Introduction This archive covers...

1-506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (101-A/B) – Carentan and Vicinity

Operations of the 1st Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division during the period of June 6 1944 to June 8 1944, in...

1st Infantry Division (16-IR) – D Day – Omaha – (Journal)

Journal entries, 16-IR, 1-ID, June 6 1944 (Raw Data) 0630- First wave lands on schedule on beach of Normandy, France, and meets fierce resistance on...

442-NISEI-RCT – Bruyères – Biffontaine (The Lost Battalion)

Operations of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during the Vosges Mountains Campaign, France, September 29 1944 - November 20 1944. Personal Experience of a...

3rd Infantry Division (Easy 7-IR) – Colmar Pocket – January 22-23 1945

Operations of the 3rd Platoon, E Company, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division; East of Ostheim, Colmar Pocket (Alsace Campaign) 22-23 Jan 1945; (Personal...

US VII Corps – Utah Beach – Normandy – June 6-7 1944

Operations of the VII Corps, 1st US Army (1-A), Landing on Utah Beach, Normandy, France, June 6 1944 - June 7 1944, Personal Experience...

704-TDB (SP) Arracourt, France, September 1944

This archive is a part of an Armored School study about the employment of Tank Destroyer Battalion in the European Theater of Operations, Officers...

35th Infantry Division (137-IR) – (AAR) – (France) October 1944

Report of Action Against the Enemy 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division France, October 1944 (1) In compliance with the provisions of Par 10 C3 AR 345-105,...
7th Armored Division 1944

7th Armored Division CCB (AAR) August 1944 (France)

Headquarters CCB, 7th Armored Division, September 3 1944. Subject : Battle Report, To : Commanding General, 7th Armored Division. (1) In compliance with Administrative Memorandum #31,...


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