German War Crimes

1.SS-Panzer-Division (LSSAH) War Crimes (Memorandum)

I have worked several months to research, find and compile this huge archive and publish it in a way that it becomes readable without to much troubles. The relevant sources are so diversified that it was not an easy task. Being patient like I am and without getting help from anyone (as usual) -...

Fort Breendonk Belgium – German Atrocities – 1940-1945

This archive, which was in a very bad condition and requested to be almost entirely recoded and retyped, is an Official File. I have spent several weeks on this report to have it online with missing a single coma. Of course I asked many for help. Of course many proposed to help me and...

Kristallnacht – November 1938 Pogrom – First Step to the Final Solution

In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, comprising 1.7% of the total European population. This number represented more than 60 percent of the world's Jewish population at that time, estimated at 15.3 million. The majority of Jews in prewar Europa resided in eastern Europe : Poland, 3.000.000; Soviet Union, 2.525.000; Romania, 756.000;...

Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression – (IMT) – Nuremberg (Germany)

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Preface On May 2 1945, the President of the United States of America Harry S. Truman signed the Executive Order #9547 appointing Justice Robert H. Jackson as Representative of the US and as its Chief of Counsel in the preparation and prosecution of the case against the Major Axis War Criminals. Since...

SS-Hauptsturmführer Josef Mengele – (Angel of Death) – (War Crimes)

Zyklon B (Cyclone B) was the trade name of a cyanide-based pesticide invented in Germany in the early 1920s. It consisted of hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid), as well as a cautionary eye irritant and one of several adsorbents such as diatomaceous earth. The product is infamous for its use by Nazi Germany during the...
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Latest published Archive

54-SB – Sgt Thomas E. Warner – (Dad’s Footsteps)

This is a really nice set of photos (Belgium - Battle of the Bulge), never published before, and sent...
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