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CBI – Japanese Operations Record – Burma – WW-2 – Ground Forces (1)

Burma Operations Record, 28th Army Operations in Akyab Area Revised in 1958 Prepared by the HQs USAFFE & Eight US Army (rear) Distributed by the Office of the Chief of Military History Distributed today by the European Center of Military History This record was compiled by the former staff officer of the 28th Japanese Army, Col Aiichi Okamura during...

China-Burma-India (CBI) – US Engineers and the Ledo Road

On December 1 1942, Gen Sir Archibald Wavell (British), the supreme commander of the Far Eastern Theater, agreed with Gen Joseph Stilwell (USA) to make the Ledo Road an American Northern Combat Area Command operation (NCAC). This road was intended to be the primary supply route to China and was built under the direction...

Chinese 198th Infantry Division – Salween River Operations – Burma

Operations of the 198th Infantry Division in the Battle of the Salween River Burma, September 1944, Major Lay Cheng-Lian, Regimental Commander. The purpose of this archive is to cover the operation of the 198th (Chinese) Infantry Division in the Salween River offensive, from its advance on MNon-Guu-Doo through the victory in Teng-Tzung, 14 September 1944. In...

Evolution of the OSS Detachment 101 in Burma 1942-1945 (P-1)

The Organizational evolution of the OSS Detachment 101 in Burma, 1942-1945 Troy James Sacquety The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), considered a predecessor organization to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and US Army Special Forces, was created during the Second World War as the first United States government organization whose role was to be a central...

NCAC – CAI – GALAHAD Portable Surgical Hospital – North Burma

Portable Surgical Hospitals Northern Burma Campaign Maj David A. Pattillo US Army. Mobile Surgical Hospitals have been a part of the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) structure since World War I. During WW-II, especially in the China - Burma - India (CBI) and Pacific Theaters, the employment of portable surgical hospitals was in concert with many of the proposed...
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54-SB – Sgt Thomas E. Warner – (Dad’s Footsteps)

This is a really nice set of photos (Belgium - Battle of the Bulge), never published before, and sent...
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