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, About & Info, EUCMH Knowledge BaseWelcome to my place, EUCMH. EUCMH stands for European Center of Military History. Some of you could ask why such a tremendous name for a website and the answer is very simple. My project is to keep the place open for historians who want to joint the team. I have tones of archives to publish but I stay in the US Army area. Team’s writers should bring archives about the German Side, Italian Side, Russian Side etc. That is the project and that is the way the site will work in the future.

A few words about me. My name is Gunter Georges Gillot Jr (I am the son of Georges Gillot Sr). My childhood nickname was Boobi, my actual is Doc Snafu. I speak French, German and English (Dutch also of course) but when I start writing, particularly in English, I have the feeling that I am improving this language. At least I do my best and this is the way this should be.

I was born in Aix-la-Chapelle (Aachen – Germany) on May 4 1955. My mother was a German girl, my father a Belgian Military Police Soldier during the 50s. They worked together to create me and here I am. My Granpa was also in the Belgian Army during or around World War One but he didn’t encounter a German girl. I did ! While being in the Belgian Army I spent two years in the Belgian Forces of Occupation (no joke – that’s the name they called them). A German girl occupied me and I brought here home (War Souvenir). We married in 1976 and are still together today.

Military History is a passion as well as EODing. I spent about 20 years recovering and deactivating World War Two duds and left this strange occupation after the loss of a second friend. I will be soon on rent and plan to do this website full time.

I am the owner of the site and I am doing all of the work. I support hosting, registering and all the costs to maintain the site online and I don’t get any money for this. The only incoming are from donations as well as % on every Amazon sale trough the site. I am not planning to make money with this site but I would really happy if the incoming could at least cover the costs of the site and hosting.

There is not a lot more to say about me. I could add that i am located in Francorchamps, about 300 meters of the Race Track and I always enjoy when some American tourist visiting our area come over to say hello.

Doc Snafu

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, About & Info, EUCMH Knowledge Base