Note : I typed this text in French into Google translate. So, if you don't like the result, just send an email to yousuck@google.com because I swear that I am not trying to improve English nor to conduct some linguistic experiments. Anyway, for about 15 years or even a little more, I knew that once, I would have to do this horrible text 'about'! If you think about this as an easy job, forget it because it ain't easy at all. It's even complicated to achieve this job because if I don't give enough informations you will not understand what I am talking about and if give to many informations you will not read the text, resulting in both cases that I spent hours to create it and that you didn't understand it. So, I'll give it a try and I'll see what comes out of my small brain.

First of all, my name is Gunter Georges Gillot Jr 'Doc Snafu' born accidentally in Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany, on May 5 1955 (at 02.30 am). I am married to Annegret and we both managed to create three children, Cindy, Kimberley, and Gary. I have two dogs, Max and Molly. Life is not that easy neither but we do our best to get things running. My tribe and I live in Francorchamps less than 350 meters from the Race Track and to be really exact, at 480 meters from the Raidillon. I lest shool at 15 to go working in the Forest because, in the 60-70s, life wasn't easy at all for small peoples.

Three years later, I volunteered in the Belgian Army. During my interview, I wanted to volunteer five years for the Belgian Parachute Force, they sent me to the HM (Hopital Militaire - Military Hospital) in Bruxelles where the Doc told me that I had something wrong with my hart and it would not work for Parachuting with the Belgian Army. Funny isn't it? I worked in my own Forestry Company for years, practiced martial arts, was a motorbike racer as well as a rally driver. I'm 65 now and I'm feeling like hell! Army ... Army ... So, I volunteered only for two years, I was sent to Germany, (Duren and Siegen) as a heavy truck mechanic in what they called the Belgian Forces of Occupation.
To say the truth, forty-five years later I am still wondering what we have occupied. Fortunately, there was really a lot of lovely German Gretchen and time flew by without problem. After two years, on the last day, when I got my discharge papers, it took me 2.5 seconds to get out of the Barack and run far away from this band of clowns.

I had two passions, Electronic and US Militaria. I had three hobbies, Metal Detecting, Military History and learning all I could about Military Technology used in Wartime, and Diving. I spent over 30 years (and still do it today for insignias and dog tags) running in the woods with a metal detector. My specialty - EOD, demining, disarming and deactivating ammunitions. No need to say that I lost three friends - blown away - playing with these dangerous things. (Now, I think that's enough about me)!

In the 80s I did a lot of things. I sent a lot of time as a Technical Manager in the EBCB (East Belgian Citizen Band - 27 Megahertz). I was also a DJ (using real music, no electronic noises). I bought my first computer in 1979. I still remember this funny thing. It was from the USA, a Horizon and you had to build it yourself. I became a Basic Compilling Expert. In 1984, after having spent time with the Tandy TRS-30 and TRS-80, I got a new one, a Triumph-Adler. Unfortunately, Billy Gates hadn't got yet is DOS nor his Windows 3.11 so there wasn't any interest in computing and I left the area.

In 1995, in Belgium, two very important appeared, the Internet and Intel's Pentium 100 processor. It is at this time that dates the beginnings of this site and the work that is submitted to you today.