Just in from Anthony, a splendid book which his a so called ‘Must Read’.

Two years earlier the Dieppe Raid had ended in disaster – despite their meticulous planning the Allies feared Operation Overlord might go the same way. Instead D-Day proved an incredible success; however, what followed was marred by serious mistakes on both sides resulting in three months of bitter fighting. Established military historian Anthony Tucker-Jones brings his expert eye to bear on the D-Day landings and subsequent Normandy campaign, using first-hand accounts to dramatically place the reader in the midst of the action, and revealing how Hitler’s forces successfully avoided total annihilation by managing a quite extraordinary escape across the Seine. The unknown battle for Rouen was the key and is examined in depth for the very first time.

ANTHONY TUCKER-JONES spent nearly 20 years in the British Intelligence community before establishing himself as a defense writer and military historian. He has written extensively on aspects of WW2 warfare, including Hitler’s Great Panzer Heist and Stalin’s Revenge: Operation Bagration. He has also written Slaughter on the Eastern Front for The History Press (2017). www.atuckerjones.com.

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