Links (Exchange)


    Links are connections to valuable places for History – Historians – Military – Militarians. This page is free for all and is updated manually to keep control over the new entries. Basically I want to exchange links with the following niches / categories under the entry form. To allow me to check your website and the EUCMH link on your page, please use the form bellow step by step.

    Please use the url : for all links back to EUCMH.

    Military World Related, Clubs, Associations, etc.

    Canadian Military History
    History Extra
    History Net
    Military Heritage – Australia
    Oxford Bibliographies – Military History
    SHAPE to Day
    Stories Beyond The Graves
    University of Amsterdam (History)
    US Army Center of Military History
    War History Online
    99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) Official Group
    Grenades & Ordnance 20th Century
    Marion’s Engineers Combat battalion Group
    US Army Horse and Mule units from ww2 and beyond
    US Field Gear Junkies
    Model & Reduction & Dioramas (Flemish)(Forum)
    Densho – Home of the Nisei
    General History WW-2
    Battle of the Bulge Memories
    Engineer Combat in the ETO (VI Corps CE)
    Photos & History but Mainly Photos
    Photos – EUCMH all the Rushes
    Sherman Minutia
    World War Two Historic Dog Tags
    US WW-2 Helmets Restoration Museum Quality – Toppots
    US WW-2 Helmets Restoration Combat Quality – J Murray
    US Equipments Reproductions


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