The Accidental Admiral – Adm. James Stavridis, USN (Ret.)


I received this book for examination from the US Naval Institute. Judy Heise (US Naval Institute) thought that would be a good idea and this was indeed a good idea.

So I started to read this working copy. To be correct and to say the true I tried to read this book but I was for me an impossible task. Not because this book is bad or something else but it is not my area of expertise. My zone is before, meanwhile and after combat and the book of Admiral Stavridis, the 16th Supreme Allied Commander (NATO) is more about the the evolution of a single military man mixed into political, diplomacy etc. In some way it would have been probably more enjoyable for me to read it if someone else – like Kay Summersby did for Eisenhower during World War Two – had done it.

I am sure that peoples used at researching and or reading in the Top Commanding Level of the NATO, the Top Level International Relationships between Allies and this going all along with the Top Level of Diplomacy between the Military Forces composing the NATO and the Politicians from these Nations will love this book. But as I told you before, my area of expertise is and will always stands with the Privates, the Private First Class and the Non Commissioned Officers during Military Operations in Wartime and especially World War Two.

There is only one thing I have found out about this book and the author. The book must be a great reading for those interested in this kind of approach of the Top Level Supreme Headquarters as well as Admiral James Stavidris, US Navy, is another men of exception like many others before him. This remind me of a sentence from Ernie Pyle which was KIA during the Anzio Beach heading in Italy : Brave Men Brave Men, where does these kind of men coming from?.

Now it’s up to you! The book is available on Amazon and many other places and those who like Modern War History and Command, this book is made for you.

Doc Snafu

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(NB : Published for Good – March 2019)

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