Hitlerjugend – Manufacturing Indoctrinated Nazi Children (P-2)


(34) HJ Leaders

With the introduction of compulsory youth service in 1936 a considerable need for new leaders arose. Only 8000 Hauptämtliche Führer (full-time, professional and salaried officials) were available for the leadership of millions of new members. At first many new leaders were combed out of the old ranks of the Stamm HJ. When this source was depleted, less qualified appointments were made. In any case, all HJ officials are chosen by the Command HQ of the next higher administrative level in accordance with the Nazi Führerprinzip. This has led to much intrigue, the use of influence, and personal conflicts in connection with
both appointments and promotions.

To stop the gaps left by leaders having entered the Armed Forces, functionaries of other Nazi Party Organizations are being drafted to fill their posts temporarily. Until Spring 1944 Hauptämtliche Führer, of which there are at present about 30.000, received military deferment, but might volunteer, if they so wished.

(35) Ranks (Grades)

The following are the ranks of the Hitlerjugend proper in ascending order. Any attempt to equate them with the Wehrmacht ranks would be misleading, but the diagram of units and unit commanders in the annexe below gives their relative positions. Beyond inclusion in the diagrams and plates of annexe no special treatment of the ranks of the DJ or BDM has been undertaken in this handbook.

Hitler Junge
Hitler Youth
Section Leader
Senior Section Leader
Comrade Unit Leader
Comrade Unit Leader
Squad Leader
Senior Squad Leader
Cadre Unit Leader
Senior Cadre Unit Leader
Head Cadre Unit Leader
Unit Leader
Senior Unit Leader
Banner Leader
Senior Banner Leader
Head Banner Leader
Area Leader
Senior Area Leader
Staff Leader
National Youth Leader

Note : Leaders appointed for the duration of the war only, add a ‘K-‘ (Kriegs-) (War) in front of their respective ranks (e.g. K-Gefolgschaftsführer). As the fourteen year old is transferred from the DJ into the HJ, he becomes a Hitlerjunge.

If he possesses the necessary qualifications he may, after six months service, be appointed Rottenführer. It takes about one year to attain each of the next higher ranks, e.g. Kameradsctaftsführer and Scharführer. The Gefolgschaftsführer is usually 18 years of age, and the Bannführer and higher ranking officials are generally old members with considerable party influence. Although there is no official age limit, HJ leaders ordinarily transfer to other NSDAP formations after they have reached the age of 35.

The addition of ‘Ober-‘ or ‘Haupt-‘ to the ordinary rank indicates recognition of length of service only and does not necessarily connote with a higher functional status. From the rank of Bannführer upward, HJ leaders are employed an a fully paid basis. Lower ranks, by the display of special zeal may in certain cases also receive remunerations (Scharführer – 120 RM per month; Gefolgschaftsführer – 200 RM per month).

(36) Uniforms and Insignia of Rank

In summer the HJ wear the following : Brown shirt; Black cotton shorts; Brown shoes; Grey stockings; Black neckerchief with leather knot. In winter, the uniform consists of : Brown shirt; Dark blue ski-trousers; Brown balaclava (often with Hoheitsabzeichen); Brown boots; Peaked dress cap (with colored piping); Greenish brown overcoat (with which the dirk and scabbard with HJ motto ‘Blut und Ehre’ is worn).

In the Annexes, plates give illustrations of HJ and BDM uniforms and insignia of rank (above). It should be noted that the ranks of Oberrottenführer HJ, Jungbannführer and Oberhordenführer(DJ) shown there, are now obsolete. The insignia of the Reichsjugendführer do not appear in the Annexes; his epaulette carries the same cluster of leaves as that of the Gebietsführer, surrounded by a laurel wreath.

The numerals appearing on the silver buttons of the epaulettes in the lower ranks indicate the unit concerned (Arabic for Gefolgschaft, Roman for Bann. Epaulettes may also be found which differ slightly from those shown in the Annexes. Sometimes letters or abbreviations replace the unit number and indicate HJ branches or schools.

(37) Other Insignia and Badges

Plates in the Annexes also illustrate various insignia denoting specialist employment, unit, etc. The examples given do not form a comprehensive list; the following emblems, not illustrated, may be of interest.

Flieger (Aviator) propellor with wings on a blue parallelogram.
Feldscher (First Aid) : white cross on a red circle.
Art (Doctor) gold caduceus (rod and serpent) on an oval blue background ringed with gold.

Also in the Annexes the arm patches showing the Untergau and Obergau of the BDM are now obsolete, as the Obergau has been abolished and the Untergau changed to BDM Bann.

(38) HJ in Occupied Territories

The HJ in occupied territories is regionally administered by Befehlsstellen (Territorial Command HQ’s). Befehlsstelle Böhmen und Mähren is the only command which enjoys the status of a Gebiet. Each Befehlsstelle is headed by a Chef (Chief) with staff. This staff is similar to that of a Gebietsführung, and is organized into offices according to the requirements in the territory in question.

(39) HJ in Foreign Territories

In common with other NSDAP formations, the HJ has also played a role in the Nazi attempt to sponsor its awn organizations in foreign countries, as well as to spread its philosophy there. The approach to the young people of other countries has been outwardly conducted under the guise of promoting understanding between the youth of the world; actually the usual Nazi tactics of infiltration and coercion are employed.

Principle agencies carrying on this work are the Auslands und Volkstumsamt of the RFJ; the Mittelstelle far Volksdeutsche Jugendarbeit (Centre for Germanic Youth Work) of the Nazi Party; the Volksbund fur das Deutschtum im Ausland (VDA) (Popular League for Germanism Abroad). Their main efforts are directed at Germans or people of ‘Germanic origin’ living abroad. The former are coerced, the latter wooed.

Many publications and directives are published purely for such foreign consumption and special HJ representatives are sent to neutral and Axis capitals. The HJ representatives in countries beyond the borders of Greater Germany, are listed in alphabetical order in accordance with the country to which they are ‘accredited’ in the Annexes (below).

The Auslands und Volkstumsamt is the executive agency for the organization of youth in foreign countries. Individual HJ members are responsible to it, and where Banne or other units can be formed, they also came under its jurisdiction. German-speaking young people from other countries are invited to the Reich at no expense to themselves in order to receive training in leadership at HJ institutes.

Special stress in all these matters is placed on the so-called ‘Germanic’ youth, including not only Norwegians, Danes, Dutch and Belgian Flemish, but also Belgian Walloons, Finns and Latvians.

A more ambitious project, the ‘League of European Youth’ was launched by the Nazis in September 1942 at Vienna. There, the Party managed to rally the youth organizations of fourteen nations (and satellites) around the principles of ‘unequivocal adherence to the reconstruction of the New Europe’ and the promotion of internal struggles against ‘Jewish-Plutocratic-Bolshevist ideas’.

Nations participating were : Germany, Italy, Rumania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Spain, Norway, Hungary, Holland, Belgium, ‘Walloonia’ (Belgium), Denmark and Finland. A permanent secretariat was formed and a monthly periodical ‘Junges Europa’ (Young People) was founded.

Other international activities of the HJ were the establishment of : A World Youth Hostels in Altena (Hagen) Wesphalia 1934 (under the auspice of the International Working Committee for Youth Hostels). A Germanic House in Braunschweig. (WEL) (See Annexes) Germanic Youth at Stegskopf and Seeboden, which cooperate with the Volksdeutsche Waffen SS. The Germanische Landdienstjugend (Germanic Land Service Youth) for agricultural work in the Eastern territories.

(40) Legal Measures regarding German Youth

The Polizeiverordnung zum Schutze der Deutschen Jugend (Police Decree for the Protection of German Youth) issued in November 1943 by the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, in his capacity as Chief of the German Police, indicates that Hitler’s campaign to win the youth of Germany, despite its thoroughness, has met with some resistance.

The decree prohibits youths between the ages of 16 and 18 from frequenting places of entertainment after 9 o’clock in the evening, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. People under 16 are completely barred from such locales after 9 o’clock, and no one under 18 is permitted to smoke, dance or drink in public under any circumstances. Those who join the Wehrmacht and SS are exempt from these regulations; this is believed to have encouraged recruitment.

The real purpose of this edict, aside from any pretended moral or so-called disciplinary reasons, may have been to discourage unsupervised gatherings of young people, where opposition to the regime might be planned or covertly displayed.

(41) Unofficial Youth Organizations Outside the HJ

Reports on hand clearly indicate the existence and growing strength of underground and unofficial organizations operating outside the HJ. Some of them are secret remnants of the old ‘Bündische Jugend’ or the confessional youth movements; others are probably Left Wing in origin. Some have recently been created as small groups functioning within a town, city or city district; others may have national or regional connections.

It is not always clear whether these groups exist as convinced anti-Nazi cells or are merely a reaction to the restrictions, discipline and military orientation of the HJ. Many have simply developed out of the desire of young-people to enjoy their sports, hikes and cultural activities unshackled by party supervision and coercion. A group in Austria, called ‘Wiener Prater Schlürfe’ plans its activities in local dance halls and its activities have been reported in the Viennese press. Some meet secretly at their leader’s home, some assemble under the guidance of a parish priest or minister, some are led by older people, while a few maintain liaison with adult underground movements.

Members often wear secret insignia inside their coat lapels. So-called ‘Edelweisspiraten’ (EP) or ‘Edelweissbanden’ in the Rhineland, the Ruhr, Westphalia and Southern Germany have attacked isolated HJ boys, provoked them in street fights, assaulted SS and SA personnel and even performed acts of sabotage, such as starting fires in fuel dumps. (Photo : Edelweiss Pirates – On October 25 1944, the Reichsfürer-SS Heinrich Himmler ordered a crackdown on the group and in November of that year a group of thirteen people, the heads of the Ehrenfelder Gruppe were publicly hanged in Cologne).

(42) Repressive Measures

Nazi police forces and in particular HJ SRD detachments are constantly on the alert for these opposition groups. It is reported that on apprehension for the first time, these boys are liable, in case of lesser demeanour to be taken into custody over a weekend (Jugendarrest). Further offenses result in sentences to Zwangsanstalten (Compulsory Institutes).

Two former concentration camps, at Ravensbrück and Moringen, have been transformed into Jugendschutzlager der Sipo (Security Police Camps for the Protective Custody of Youths), and are said to come up to the standard of the normal adult concentration camps, for brutal treatment of the inmates.

Abt. Abteilung Department, Detachment
A.H Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler
Ass. Assistent Assistant
Baf. Bannführer Commander
BDM. Bund Deutsche Mädel League German Girls
Beauftr. Beauftragter Representative
Befelhlsst. Befehlsstelle Command Post
Bln. Berlin Berlin
B.u.M. Böhmen und Mähren Bohemia and Moravia
DJ. Deutsche Jungvolk German Young People
DJH. Deutsche Jugendherbergen German Youth Hostels
Feuerw. Feuerwehr Fire Department
Flg. Flieger Aviation
GAF. Luftwaffe German Air Force
Geb. Gebiet Area
Geb. Beauftr. Gebietsbeauftragter Area Officer
Gebf. Gebietsführer Area Commander
Geb.Insp Gebietsinspekteur Area Inspector
Gef. Gefolgschaft Company, Section, Group
Geff. Gefolgschaftsführer Section Commander
HA. Hauptamt (RJF) Main Office
HA. Hauptabteilung (Gebiet) Command Section
H.Baf. Hauptbannführer Main Officer
H.Geff. Hauptgefolgschaftsführer Main Company Commander
HJ. Hitler Jugend Hitler Youth
H.Jg. Hitler Junge Hitler Boy
Insp. Inspekteur Inspector
Jg. Junge Young
Jgg. Jugendgenosse Young Partner
JM. Jungmädchen Jung Girl
K.- Kriegs- War, Military
Kampf. Kameradschaftsführer Comrade Unit Leader
KBD. Kriegsbetreuungsführer War Service Leader
K.-F. Kriegsführer War Leader (HJ)
KLV. Kinderlandverschickung Freizeit, Lager, Ferienlager (HJ)
Ltr. Leiter Adjutant
Mar. Marine, Kriegsmarine Navy
Mot. Motor Motirized (Related)
Na.Gef. Nachrinchtengefoldschaft Signal Section
NPEA. National Erziehungsanstalt National Educational Institute
NSDAP. Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei National Socialist German Workers Party
NSV. Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt National Socialist People’s Welfare
O.Baf. Oberbannführer Senior Banner Leader
O.Gebf. Obergebietsführer Senior Area Leader
O.Geff. Obergefolgschaftsführer Senior Cadre Unit Leader
O.Kampf. Oberkameradschaftsführer Senior Comrade Unit Leader
O.Schaf. Oberscharführer Cadre Unit Leader
O.Staf. Oberstammführer Senior Unit Leader
Obstlt. Obersleutnant Senior Lieutenant (1/Lt)
Ref. Referent Section Clerk
RJF. Reichsjugendfürung National Youth Leading
RJ Führer Reichsjugendführer National Youth Leader
Rottenf. Rottenführer Section Leader
Sachref. Sachreferent Main Section Clerk
Schaf. Scharführer Staff Leader
SOF. Standortführer Local Section Leader
SRD. Streifendienst Patrol (Police)
Stabsltr. Stabsleiter Unit Officer
Staf. Stammführer Unit Leader
Stellv. Stellvertretender Local Adjutant
SS-SFH SS-Hauptsturmführer Captain
SS-SBF SS-Sturmbannführer Major
SS-USF SS-Untersturmführer 2nd Lieutnant
Verb.Führer Verbindungsführer Unit Relation Leader
Vormil. Vormilititärisch Military Preparation
WEL. Wehrertüchtigungslager Military Training Camp


(Part One, List of HJ Gebiete) (1) Part One lists the HJ Gebiete and Befehlsstellen in numerical order, giving the NSDAP Gau with which each Gebiete is practically identical. (Part Two, The HJ Gebiete), (2) Part Two gives details on each Gebiet, in numerical order, the first page in case giving HQ, personalities and schools and following pages giving the identified Banne of the Gebiet. (3) Gebietsfürung (Regional Directorate), gives the location and identified staff personalities using German terms and German abbreviations. (4) Identified Banne in addition to Banns (and any of their identified sub-units), towns in which NSDAP Kreise have their HQ, are listed for reference as it is a general principle that the HJ Banns are located in such towns.

(Part Three, HJ Banne Listed Numerically), (5) Part Three provides a numerical index of the Banns with Gebiet to which each belongs. Banne with special names will be found at the end of the list. (Part Four, HJ Banne Listed Alphabetically), (6) Part Four gives the same information as Part Three, except that Banne identified by location only will also be found here, while Banne identified by number only are not included. (Part Five, HJ Schools and Camps), (7) Part Five lists here HJ Schools according to type and subdivided in most cases according to the Gebiet in which they are located. (Part Six, Auslandsführer), (8) Part Six lists HJ representatives abroad, according to countries; rank and functions are given. (Note : for German towns names of bureaux etc. reference should be made to the text. Official abbreviations are given below).

(1) Ostpreussen (formerly Ostland) (25) Ostpreussen, Königsberg, Preussen
(2) Mark Brandenburg (16) Mark Brandenburg, Frankfurth / Oder
(3) Berlin (3) Berlin, Berlin, C.2
(4) Niederschlesien (21) Niederschlesien, Breslau I
(5) Pommern (26) Pommern, Stettin II
(6) Nordmark (29) Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel
(7) Nordsee (37) Weser-Ems, Oldenburg / Oder
(8) Niedersachsen (33) Süd Hannover-Braunschweig, Hannover
(9) Westfalen-Nord (38) Westfalen-Nord, Münster, Westfalia
(10) Ruhr-Niederrhein (6) Essen, Mülheim, Ruhr
(11) Köln-Aachen (11) Köln-Aachen, Köln
(12) Moselland (formerly Westmark) (18) Moselland, Köblenz, Rhein
(13) Hessen-Nassau (10) Hessen-Nassau, Wiesbaden
(14) Kurhessen (13) Kurhessen, Kassel
(15) Mittelland (8) Halle-Merseburg, Halle, S.
(16) Sachsen (27) Sachsen, Dresden, A.24
(17) Thüringen (34) Thüringen, Weimar
(18) Franken (7) Franken, Nürnberg
(19) Hochland (19) München-Oberbayern, München
(20) Württemberg (42) Württemberg-Hohenzollern, Stuttgart W.
(21) Baden (1) Baden, Strassburg
(22) Bayreuth (formerly Bayrische Ostmark) (2) Bayreuth, Bayreuth
(23) Mittelelbe (14) Magdeburg-Anhalt, Magdeburg
(24) Meckenburg (17) Mecklenburg, Schwerin
(25) Westmark (formerly Saarpfalz) (40) Westmark, Neustadt / Weinstrasse
(26) Hamburg (9) Hamburg, Hamburg I
(27) Wien (41) Wien, Wien VIII/65
(28) Niederdonau (20) Niederdonau, Wien XIII/89
(29) Oberdonau (22) Oberdonau, Linz, (Donau)
(30) Steiermark (31) Steiermark, Graz
(31) Kärnten (11) Kärnten, Klagenfurt
(32) Salzburg (formerly Ostmark) (28) Salzburg, Salzburg
(33) Tirol-Vorarlberg (35) Tirol-Vorarlberg, Innsbruck
(34) Düsseldorf (5) Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf-Eller
(35) Sudetenland (32) Sudetenland, Reichenberg-Oberro-Senthal
(36) Schwaben (30) Schwaben, Augsburg
(37) Danzig-Westpreussen (4) Danzig-Westpreussen, Danzig
(38) Wartheland (36) Wartheland, Posen
(39) Mainfranken (15) Mainfranken, Würtzburg
(40) Oberschlesien (23) Oberschlesien, Kattowitz
(41) Ost-Hannover (24) Ost-Hannover, Lüneburg
(42) Westfalen-Süd (42) Westfallen-Süd, Bochum

Gebiet Befehlsstellen NSDAP Gau & Headquarter
Böhmen und Mähren
Befehlsstelle Belgien Brussels
Befehlsstelle Generalgouvernement Krakau (Cracow)
Befehlsstelle Niederlande Den Haag
Befehlsstelle Osten
Befehlsstelle Ostland Riga

Note : Only the Befehlsstelle, Territorial Command HQ, Böhmen und Mähren (Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) has a legal status of a Gebiet such as those numbered from 1 to 42.


HJ Gebiete, Territorial Administration in Numerical Order.
Including Befehlsstellen

Gebiet #1 Ostpreussen – NSDAP-Gau 25 Ostpreussen
Gebietführung. HQs : Königsberg/Pr. Jägerhof 17/18 Tel 34541
K-Gebietsführer : H.Baf, Oskar Dobat
HA III (Musik) : Staf, Scholz (K)
On the Staff : Baf. Friedrich

Other Personalities
Baf. Alfons Baltrusch
Herbert Weck (Führer of a Bann)
K.F. Brand, (Führer of a Bann)

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule 1, Boschimmen Post Lyck Land, Romotten
Gebietsführerschule 2, Moldenten, Zöpel
WEL. II, Rosensee
Lanjahrlager, Karnitten
Adolph-Hitler-Schule, Tilsit
Reichsschiess u. Geländeschule, Boyden

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
1 Königsberg Baf. Strahl Flg.Gef.1
3 Preussisch, Holland
4 (Barten) Rastenburg
18 (Tannenberg) Osterod
33 (Nadrauen) Gumbinnen
41 (Memel) Tilsit Staf. Böhm
43 Königsberg
44 (Rominten) Goldap
45 Insterburg
147 Lyck
150 Allenstein
151 (Galinden) Sensburg Gef. in Lötzen
270 Ragnit
278 Orstelburg
290 (Pregel) Wehlau
291 (Natangen) Preussisch, Eylau
292 (Angerapp) Angerburg
293 (Ermland) Heilsberg
296 (Haffgau) Braunsberg
367 Niedenburg
471 Memel Baf. Engler
473 Heydekrug
679 Zichenau
681 Mackheim
782 Labiau Gef.in Goldberg
793 (Friedland) Bartenstein
796 Plöhnen
876 Deutsch Eylau Schöttesburg

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Angerapp Ostenburg
Ebenrode Osterode
Gerdaune Praschnitz
Heiligenbeil Rössel
Heinrichswalde Scharfenweise
Johannisburg Schlossberg
Mielau Sudauen
Mohrungen Treuburg

Gebiet #2 Mark Brandenburg – NSDAP-Gau 16, Mark Bandenburg
Gebietsführung, HQs : Frankfurt/O Reinmannstrasse 3 Tel : 3221
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Fritz Knoop
Stellv. Gebietsführer : O.Baf. Schulz
HA III : O.Staf. Ernst Grüder
Gebietinspekteur : Franz Fink

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietführerschule I, Cottbus, Gerhard Liebsch, O.Staf. Berglar
WEL I, Am Odersee
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Frankfurt / Oder
NPEA, Neuzelle/b. Guben
NPEA, Potsdam
Reichsjügendführerschule, Potsdam
Reichsseesportschule I, Prieros / Mark
Reichsschule für Weltanschauliche Schulung, Schloss Molchow /b. Neruppin
Reichsschule für Soziale Jugendarbeit, Kammer / b. Golzow.
Reichssegelflugschule, Trebbin

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
8 Drossen
12 Guben
20 (Jüterbog-Luckenwalde) Jüterbog O.Geff. Küller Gef.27, Babelsberg
24 (Ruppin) Neuruppin Geff. Mante
35 (Brandenburg-Zauch-Belzig) Brandenburg Geff. Heinz
46 Züllichau
47 (Calau-Luckau) Senftenberg
48 (Soldin-Landsberg) Landsberg/W.
52 Cottbus O.Staf. Fricke (K)
64 Prenzlau Geff. Melitz
140 Kürstin Gef. in Königsberg/Nm.
141 Frankfurt/O.
195 (Osthavelland) Falkensee
196 (Barnim) Eberswalde
197 (Westprignitz) Wittenberge H.Geff. Gutsche
275 Sorau
368 Beeskow-Storkow Gef.1 (Beeskow-Mitte)
369 Finsterwalde
370 Templin H.Geff. Karl Kück
372 (Niederbarnim) Bernau
373 (Ostprignitz) Pritzwalk Baf. Stromps
374 Postdam O.Baf. O. Reichert
717 Crossen
725 (Westhavelland) Rathenow O.Staf. Schulz (K)

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Angermünde Spremberg
Meseritz Teltow

Gebiet #3 Berlin – NSDAP-Gau 3 Berlin
Gebietsführung : HQ Berlin C2 Alexanderplatz 4 Tel 515201
Gebietsführer : Geff. Hamann
Stabsleiter : H.Geff. Heinz Raetz
HA II, Wehertüchtingen : Baf. Greiser
Abt. Rechtsfragen : S.Baf. Plümke
Geb.Insp.d.Flieger-HJ : Helmut Nörenberg
Geb.Beauftr.f.Umsiedlung in Ostpreussen : Baf. Krimmer

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
O.Baf. Benno Ettinger
Baf. Willi von Feld
H.Baf. Gottlieb Hirsch
Baf. Wicke

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule, Birkenwerder, Herbert Norkus
Gebietsmusikschule, Ost-Berlin
Wel. I, Blöwen
Wel., Dreetz/a Schäfergerg
Sommerlager, Klein Koris (Converted WEL)
NPEA., Berlin-Spandau
Reichsfunkschule, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
6 Wedding-Reinickendorf
21 Horst-Wessel-Stadt, Prenzlauer Berg
37 Wilmersdorf-Zehlendorf
61 Neukölln-Treptow Staf. Frommeyer Flg.Gef.4 Gef.19
129 Lichtenberg-Köpenick Baf. Calwin (K)
155 (Gerhard Liebich) Kreuzberg-Mitte
198 Charlottenburg-Spandau Baf. Brey (K)
199 (Georg Peiser) Pankow-Weissensee
200 Steglitz-Tempelhof O.Staf. Schmidt
201 (Herbert Norkus) Moabit-Schöneberg Baf. Kuschel Gef.20

Gebiet #4 Niederschlesien – NSDAP-Gau 21 Niederschlesien
Gebietsführung : HQ Breslau I Ohlauer Stadtgraben 17/18 Tel 52241
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Herbert Hirsch
HA I, Verwaltung : Baf. Hans Radimerski
HA III, O.Baf. Hahn
Gebietsartz : Dr Gummel

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
Baf. Werner Haupt

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietführerschule I, Oderbeltsch, Kr.Guhrau, Georg Preiser
Gebietsführerschule II, Hassitz
Gebietsfeldscherschule, Hirshberg
WEL. VII, Bartnig, Kr.Militsch
WEL., Kunzendorf
Vormilitärisches Schiausbildunglager, Gross Iser, Siegfried Gosset (WEL)
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Wartha
NPEA. Naumburg
NPEA. Wahlstadt
Reichssportschule, Braunau/Boder, Kr.Löwenberg
Reichschule KLV, Steinau/Oder

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
7 Leignitz
10 Schweidnitz
11 Breslay-Stadt Baf. Seifert, Baf. Probst, SOF Flg.Gef.2
19 Görlitz O.Stab. Malorny
38 Glatz
50 Wohlau
58 Glogau
154 (Riesengebirge) Hirschberg
157 Brieg Hübner
280 Brunzlau Gef.17, Siegerdorf
347 Niesky (Kohlfurt)
348 Fankenstein
349 Breslau-Land Gef. 27, Hermannsdorf, Gef.in Neumarkt, Gef.1, Brockau
350 Grünberg
351 Landeshut
352 Oels
375 Waldenburg Baf. Müller
376 Trebnitz
378 Sagan in Sprottau
379 Reichenbach/Eule
803 Lauban
807 Ohlau Baf. Nagel
810 Jauer Striegau

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Angerapp Ostenburg
Fraustadt Lüben
Freystadt Militsch
Goldberg Namslau
Guhrau Neumarkt
Habelschwerdt Rothenburg
Löwenberg Strehlen

Gebiet #5 Pommern – NSDAP-Gau 26 Pommern
Gebietsführung HQ : Stettin, 11 Falkenwalder Strasse 69 Tel 33220
Gebietsführer : H.Baf. Gerd Wegner
Stabsleiter : O.Baf. Steffenhagen
HA II, Wehrertüchtigung :O.Baf. Schwarz
Gaujugendwalter : O.Baf. Wehnert

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Binow-Buchheide/b.Stettin, Hans Mallon
Gebietsführerschule II, Machlin
WEL. I, Goddentow, Kr.Lauenburg, Weller
WEL., Gross-Born/Neustettin
Sommerlager, Lubmin (WEL A12)
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Krössinsee
NEPA, Köslin
NEPA, Putbus
Reichssportschule III, Ziegenort/Kr.Uckermünde, Admiral v. Trotha.

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
2 Gross-Stettin O.Baf. Lucht, Baf. Murswiek (SOF), O.Baf. Strunck Motorstamm I
9 Stargard O.Baf. Strunck
14 Flatow
34 (Alt-Vorpommern) Anklam
42 (Hans Mallon) Stralsund H.Geff. Chamier Gef.in Rügen
49 Stolp
54 Kolberg
149 Deutsche Krone
175 (Friedeberg-Arnswalde) Friedeberg Stamm I, Arnswalde
176 Lauenburg
193 Neustettin
204 Greifenberg
294 Greifswald O.Staf. Ross-Deutscher
295 Köslin
353 Greifenhagen
371 Schneidemühl
462 Bütow
683 Naugard
685 Belgard
689 Schlochau Geff. Plath (K)-
690 Jarmen, Dramburg Storch (K)

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Angerapp Ostenburg
Pyritz Schlochau
Regenwald Uckermünde
Schwale Usedom-Wollin

Gebiet #6 Nordmark – NSDAP-Gau 29 Schleswig-Holstein
Gebietsführung HQ : Kiel, Augustenburger Platz 4, Tel 9220
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Hubert Meiforth
K.-Stabsleiter : O.Baf. Hans Colling
HA. III : Baf. Kielmann
Geb. Beauftr./KLV. : Baf. Kielmann
Gebeitsmusikereferent : Baf. Friedrich Henklel
On the Staff : H.Geff. Heide

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Malente-Gremsmühlen, Otto Blöcker, OHM
Gebietsführerschule II, Gudenborg, Baf. Brink
NPEA., Plön/Holstein
Reichjugendführer-innenschule, Mittelburg/b. Euttin
Sommerlager (Motor HJ), Fissau-Eutin

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
84 Schleswig
85 (Norderdith-marschen) Heide Staf. Kock
86 Flensburg Stadt
162 Lübeck
163 Rendsburg
184 Kiel
185 (Stormarn) Bad Oldesloe
187 Lübeck-Land Erwin Möller (K) Gef.in Kellinghusen
202 Steinburg
419 Neumünster H.Geff. Erich Storm (K)
463 Mölln-
498 (Südtondern) Niebüll
499 Pinneberg
818 (Süderdith-marschen) Brunsbüttel Baf. Christiansen
820 Flensburg-Land O.Staff. Witte
822 Segeberg
H.Geff. Erich Storm (K)
H.Geff. Schweitzer (K)

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Eiderstedt Oldenburg/Holstein
Lauenburg Plön

Gebiet #7 Nordsee – NSDAP-Gau 37 Weser-Ems
Gebietsfürung HQ : Oldenburg i. O. Damm 1 Tel 6031
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Lohel
Stabsleiter : Baf. Rudi Dübe
HA. IV, Bauerntum und Landdienst : Geff. Henkel
HA. Ltr. : Baf. Gerd Arndt
Gaubeauftragter f.d. Kriegsberufswettkampf : Baf. Carl Jung
Gaupropagandleiter : Baf. Dr. Grolle.

Other Personalities – Assignment Unknown)

Alfred Brückner (Führer of a Bann)
Baf. Feldermann (in Renslage)
Erwin Gellersen (Führer of a Bann)
Baf. Schachtebeck (in Oldenburg)
O.Baf. Dr. Herbert Warning

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Aumüle/b. Wildeshausen, Hans Hoffman
Gebietsführerschule II, Bad Zwischenahn
NPEA, Haselünne

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
59 Wilhelmshaven Staf Giese
75 Bremen Baf. Segelken Stamm I-XVIII
Marine Stamm I-IV
Flg.-Stamm I-III
Motor Stamm I-IV
Na.Gef. 1-4
78 Osnabrück-Stadt
91 Oldenburg Baf. Stroh Marine Gef. 1
148 (Emsland) Meppen
191 Aurich
225 Vechta
251 Emden-Norden
286 Osnabrück-Land
381 Leer/Ostfriesland Staf. Willi Geis
382 Oldenburg-Land O.Baf. Pannenborg
500 Bentheim
600 Lingen
691 Nordenham Gef.in EInswarden
825 (Ammerland) Bad Zwiszchenahn

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Eiderstedt Oldenburg/Holstein
Aschendorf Norden
Bersenbrück Varel
Melle Wittmund

Gebiet #8 Niedersachsen
NSDAP-Gau 33 Süd-Hannover-Braunschweig

Gebietsführung HQ : Hannover, Arnswalder Strasse 7/8 Tel 52631
K-Gebietsführer : H.Baf. Hans Sierk
HQ III : Staf. Joachim Graber
Stellv. Gausportsführer : Baf. Mahlmann

Other Personalities – Assignment Unknown
Karl Brockschmidt (Führer of a Bann)
Baf. Dr. Hans Dannemann

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule, Dehmke/Hameln, Peter Friess
WEL. II, Hämelheide, SS U.Stuf. Gigas
KLV, Moroschau
Landdienst, Eddingehausen/Göttingen, UHL
Akademie fur Jungendführung, Braunschweig, Gebf. Hurt Petter
Musikschule, Braunschweig
Musikschule, Bücke Berg

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
73 Sulingen
74 Hannover Marine Gef.
79 Hildesheim
82 Göttingen
92 Braunschweig-Stadt Baf. Zachau Marine-Einheit zur See
Gef.44, Broitzen
164 Hameln Baf. Jakobs
250 Goslar
255 Helmstedt
256 Northeim Baf. Tritschler Flg.-Gef. 2
257 Alfred Gef.in Seesen
273 (Kalenburg) Hannover-Land Staf. Graber Gen.in Barringhausen
276 Neustadt Gef.in Wunstorf
445 Hoya Grafschaft Gef.6, Brinkum
Gef.in Bassum
446 Nienburg
447 Wolfenbüttel
448 Peine
450 Duderstadt
452 Blankenburg/Harz O.Baf. Planke Einheit zur See
456 Bockenem
596 Hannoversch Münden
597 Braunschweig-Land
599 Osterode/Harz
791 Gleidingen
945 Salzgitter

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Einbeck Holzminden
Gendersheim Northeim
Grafschaft Diepholz Zellerfeld

Gebiet #9 Westfalen-Nord – NSDAP-Gau 38 Westfalen-Nord
Gebietsfürung HQ : Münster, Diepenbrockstrasse 30, Tel 4051
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Walter Kröcher
Stellv. Gebietsführer : O.Baf. Meise
Gebietsbeauftragter fur KLV : Staf. Hausen
Betriebsjugendwalter : Baf. Ewald Gieheler

Other Personalities (Assignment unknown)
Baf. Fritz Althoff
Heinz Brücher (Führer of a Bann)
Baf. Hermann Fricke
O.Baf. Hähnel

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule, Schloss Schwansbell/b. Lünen, Walter Wagnitz
Gebietsführerschule, Haldem
WEL. I, Haltern/Westfalia
WEL. IV, Mariawald, Geff. Freitag
Wel., Augustdorf/b. Sennelager
Reichssportschule IV, Gladbeck

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
13 Münster O.Baf. Sauerland Flg.-Gef.3
15 Minden
55 (Lippe) Detmold
135 Hagen Gef.19, Hagen-Eckesey
145 Burgsteinfurt
158 Bielefeld O.Baf. Wesselmann
168 Coesfeld Gef.33, Nord-Lüwen
183 Herford
228 Gelsenkirchen-Buer Baf. Bockmann
252 Recklinghausen Baf. Günther
Staf. Winkelströter
260 Beckum-Warendorf
261 Bocholt
262 (Bottrop-Gladbeck) Bottrop Staf. Eggers in Cloppenburg
263 Rheine
281 Paderborn Gef.8,Delbrück
385 Hüxter

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Bückerburg Rinteln
Lübbecke Tecklenburg
Lüdinghausen Wiedenbrück

Gebiet #10 Ruhr-Niederrhein – NSDAP-Gau 6 Essen
Gebietsführung HQ : Mülheim/Ruhr Herbert-Howards-Platz 1, Tel 4461
K.-Gebietsführer : H.Baf. Hermann Petri
Gebietsbeauftragter fur KLV : H.Gef. Sickermannn
Gebietsartz : Dr. Akerbrand
Abteilung Osteinsatz un Landdienst : Baf. Dr. Schwartz

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
Baf. Heinz Henninghofen
Baf. Dr. Heinz Lange
H.Baf. Dr. Eugen Völger

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Burg Alpen, Herbert Howarde
Gebietsführerschule II, Lintdorf
NPEA., Heythusen (Holland)
Nachrichtenschule, Orsoy
WEL. III, Harzbeck/u. Geldern, Staf. Cafilz

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
57 Rees O.Staf. Arntzen
60 Oberhausen O.Baf. Wiegmann
159 Mülheim/Ruhr Baf. Büte
173 Essen O.Baf. Leggewie Mot.Gef.10 Hamborn
235 Duisburg-Süd Baf. Hartschen
236 Duisburg-Nord Baf. Püthe
237 Moers Staf. Ebener
238 Kleve H.Geff. Tiedrmann
239 Essen-Nord
469 Dinslaken
470 Geldern Baf. Wolf
H.Geff. Jöckel, stellv.

Gebiet #11 Köln-Aachen – NSDAP-Gau 12 Köln-Aachen
Gebietsführung HQ : Köln, Claudiusstrasse 1, Tel 40751
K.-Gebietsführer : H.Baf. Jeckstadt-Borchert
HA. Leiter : Staf. Willi Braun
Stellv. Gebietsartz : O.Baf. Gerhard Joppish

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
Baf. Freddy Freimüller
O.Baf. Wallrabe

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Mödrath/b. Köln, Paul Thewellis
Gebietsführerschule II, Mehlen/b. Godesberg, Baldur von Schirach
WEL. I, Schleiden/Eifel
Wel. II, Zweifall (Stolberg)
WEL., Germeter
WEL., Kohlscheid
WEL., Marlsbeuden
WEL., Süggerath
Jugendmusikschule, Siegburg
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Königswinter
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Vogelsang (Gemüng)
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Waldbröl
NPEA., Bensberg/b. Köln
NPEA., Velkenburg (Holland)
Reichsausbildunglager II, Germeter

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
16 Köln (rechts-rhein) Gef.5, Höhenberg
25 Aachen-Stadt Baf. Georg Werle
53 (Hansestadt Köln) Köln Mot.Gef.1
65 Köln-Land
160 Bonn
161 Düren
217 Köln-Süd
240 (Sieg) Siegburg Baf. Kurt Beckmann
241 (Oberbergish) Gummersbach
242 Jülich Gef. 12, Ederen
272 Euskirchen
314 Bergisch Gladbach
386 Aachen-Land
387 Bergheim
388 Schleiden
389 Geilenkirchen
464 Erkelenz Flg.Gef.
673 Eupen (Belgium) H.Geff. Engel (K)
674 Malmedy (Belgium)
840 Monschau

Gebiet #12 Moselland – NSDAP-Kreis Moselland

Gebietsführung HQ : Koblenz, Alte Moselburg, Tel 5508
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Rolf Karbach
Stabsleiter : Baf. Saftig
HA. IV, Bauerntum und Landdienst : Baf. Rolf Becker
Abt. Press und Propaganda : Staf. W. Gattow
Geb. Beauftrager fur Jugend organization in Luxembourg : O.Baf. Karl Felden.

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
O.Baf. Heinz Bopp

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Niederlahnstein, Erich Niejahr
Gebietsführerschule II, Niederhausen
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Koblenz
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Plattern
NPEA., Colmar Berg, Luxembourg

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
28 Koblenz Gef.3, Vallendar
29 Bitburg/Eifel in Prüm
68 Andernach
69 Trier
243 (Wied) Neuwied
244 (Lieser) Wittlich
245 (Mittelmosel) Traben-Trabach
246 (Hochwald) Idar-Oberstein Baf. Ziegler Gef.37
247 (Idarwald) Baumholder
248 (Hunsrück) Simmern
258 Saarburg
258 Bad Kreuznach Gef.16 Stromberg
355 Remagen
391 Hermeskeil O.Geff. Leinen (K)
765 Bernkastel
Walter Urban (K)
Baf. Fritz Halm

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Ahrweiller Kochem
Betzdorf/Siegen St. Goar

Gebiet #13 Hessen-Nassau – NSDAP-Gau 10 Hessen-Nassau
Gebietsfürung HQ : Wiesbaden Herbet-Norkusstrasse 39, Tel 20451
K.-Gebietsführer : H.Baf. Ernst
Stabsleiter : O.Baf. Heinz Kreutz
HA.II, Wehrertüchtigung : Baf. Michel
HA.IV, Bauerntum und Landdienst : Baf. Rolf Becker
Gebietsinspekteur der Flieger-HJ : Rolf Bouvier
Gebietsartz : Dr. Joergen Schmidt-Voigt

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
O.Baf. Dr. Gauhl
Ernst Griess (Führer of a Bann)

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Eltville/a.Rh, Christian Grössmann
Gebietsführerschule II, Königshofen/Ts.
WEL., Breitscheid/Westerwald
WEL.II, Hundstadt/Ts., O.Baf. Bohlinger
WEL., Stegskopf/Westerwald
Sommerlager, Geilnau, K.-Baf. Stahl (WEL)
NPEA., Oranienstein/a.d. Lahn
Reichsausbildungslager IV, Frankfurt/a.M.

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
80 Wiesbaden
81 Frankfurt/a. Main
87 (Oberwesterwald) Westerburg Gef.8, Erbach
88 Wetzlar
98 Hanau
115 (Peter Fries) Darmstadt Gef.21
116 Giessen
117 Mainz Baf. Hans Endling
118 Worms
166 (Taunus) Bad Homburg Staf. Bückling
186 Frankfurt a. Main
249 Bensheim
253 (Lahntal) Limburg
254 (Wetterau) Bad Nauheim
287 Offenbach
288 St. Goarshausen Staf. Becker in Schwalbach
303 Herborn
304 (Vogelsberg) Lauterbach
392 Schlüchtern
771 (Unterwesterwald) Montabaur

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Alzey Gelnhausen
Bingen Gross-Gerau
Erbach Weilburg

(Source : https://www.the-saleroom.com)
(Image Source : The Sale Room USA)

Gebiet #14 Kurhessen – NSDAP-Gau 13 Kurhessen
Gebietsführung HQ : Kassel, Kaiserstrasse 52, Tel 35075
Gebietsführer : H.Baf. Schmidt

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
Rudolf Gabert (Führer of a Bann)

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
WEL. II, Homberg, O.Geff. Kunth
WEL. III, Ziegenhain/Bez. Kassel
WEL. IV, Post Röhrshain/ü. Treysa
WEL. V, Post Röhrshain/ü Treysa

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
83 Kassel Baf. Badenhausen Flg.Gef.4
Motor Stamm I
167 Fulda
192 Homberg/a.d. Efze Motor Gef.1
224 Marburg Baf. Eichelberger
226 Korbach/Waldeck
274 (Meissner) Eschwege
289 Hersfeld Gef.13, Heringen
393 (Reinhardswald) Hofgeismar O.Baf. Schmidt (K)
761 Melsungen Erich Bischoff

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Frankenberg Witzenhausen
Hünfeld Wolfhagen
Rotenburg Ziegenhain

Grave Marker of Michael Wittman's DriverGebiet #15 Mittelland – NSDAP-Gau 8 Halle-Meresburg
Gebietsführung HQ : Halle/Saale Burgstrasse 46, Tel 27061
Gebietsführer : O.Geff. Richard Reckewerth
HA. Leiter : Baf. Matter

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
H.Baf. Johannes Müller

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule, Gut Grimritz/b. Halle, Werner Gerhard
WEL. II, Reuden/b. Zeitz, O.Staf. Müller
Landdienstlehrhof, Abstdorf
NPEA., Naumburg/Saale
NPEA., Schulpforta/b. Naumburg

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
36 Halle-Stadt
75 Torgau
203 Naumburg
234 Schweinitz in Herzburg/Elster
266 (Mansfeld See) Eisleben
301 Bitterfeld Mot.Gef.2, Wolfen-
302 Meresburg Stamm V, Dürrenberg
356 Wittenberg
394 (Saalkreis) Halle-Land Gef.25, Zacherben
395 Sangerhausen
396 Delitzch Gef.16, Eilenburg
Na.Gef.1, Eilenburg
397 Sangerhausen
398 Querfurt Gef. in Eckartsberge
Gef. in Rossleben
476 (Mansfeld-Gebirge) Hettstedt Stämme in Ermsleben

Gebiet #16 Sachsen – NSDAP-Gau 27 Sachsen
Gebietsführung HQ : Dresden A 24, Bismarckplatz 7, Tel 44451
K.-Gebietsführer : H.Baf. Wilhelm Guase
HA. IV, Bauerntum und Landdienst : Baf. Kohl
Gebietsinspekteur fur Ost-Sachsen : O.Baf. Steglich

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule I, Grethen/b. Grimma, Hans Queitzsch
Gebietsführerschule II, Glauchau
Gebietsführerschule III, b. Dresden
Gebietsfeldscherschule, Leipzig
WEL. III, Straschitz, Höfer
WEL. VI, Schloss Hainewald/b. Zittau
WEL. XII, Altenberg
WEL., Aschberg
WEL., Dalhem/Kr. Oschatz
WEL., Schibach/Kr. Gelnitz
K.-Sommerlager ‘Buch’, Oahlener Heide (WEL)
Landdienstlehrhof, Heidehof/b. Moritzburg

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
100 Dresden-Stadt O.Baf. Steglich
101 Grossehain H.Geff. Cziharz (K)
102 Zittau Gef.9, Olbersdorf
103 Bautzen
104 Chemnitz
105 (Oberersgebirge) Annaberg
106 Auerbach
107 Leipzig O.Baf. Grossran
108 Dresden-Land
133 Zwickau Gef.2, Kirchberg
134 Plauen
138 Weissenfels
139 Döbeln O.Geff. Martin
177 Prina O.Baf. Feix Stamm II, Heidenau
Gef.8, Zschachwitz
Gef.15, Lohmen
178 Kamenz
179 Grimma
181 Flöha
182 Freiberg Gef.13, Niederbobritsch
Gef.14, Oberbobritsch
206 Oelznitz
207 Aue
208 Meissen
210 Stollberg Gef.8
211 Glauchau Baf. Köhler
212 Löbau
213 Borna O.Baf. Lösser
214 (Taura/Chemnitztal) Rochlitz
215 Oschatz
216 Dippoldiswalde
357 Marienberg Baf. Neumann

Gebiet #17 Thüringen – NSDAP-Gau 34 Thüringen
Gebietsführung HQ : Weimar, Lottenstrasse 17, Tel 6336
Gebietsführer : O.Gef. Theo Schulte

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule, Allstedt/a.d. Helme, Rudolf Schröder
WEL. II, Ohrdruf, H.Baf. Siegel
WEL. III, Bad Berka
WEL. IV, Ranis, SS-O.Schaf. Apel
Wel., Vacha
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Blankenhain
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Weimer
NPEA., Illfeld/Harz
Reichsschiessschule, Obermassfeld
Musikschule, Sonderhausen
Musikschule, Weimar
Lehrgang für Jugend u. Volksmusikleiter, Weimar, Schloss Belvedere

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
32 Schmalkalden
71 Erfurt Flg.Gef.IV
94 Jena O.Baf. Körber
95 Gothe
96 Greiz
153 Gera Gef.26, Weida-Nord
218 Saalfeld
219 Sonneberg
220 Arnstadt
221 Mülhausen H.Geff. Mosig (K)
222 (Eichsfeld) Heiligenstadt
223 Nordhausen
358 Meiningen
359 Weimar
360 Eisenach
361 Altenburg

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Hildburghausen Schleiz
Langensalza Sonderhausen

Gebiet #18 Franken – NSDAP-Gau 7 Franken
Gebietsführung HQ : Nürnberg, Westtorgraben 17, Tel 65055
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Dr. Alfred Raschke
HA. IV, Bauerntum und Landdienst : O.Baf. Fritz Loos

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
H.Baf. Paul Kirchhoff
H.Baf. Schmidt

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule, Cadolzburg, Josef Grün

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
‘J’ Nürnberg O.Baf. Bauer Na.Gef.4
308 Rothenburg/o.d.T. Baf. Loidl
319 Ansbach
321 Nürnberg Gef.22, Buch
Mot.Gef.1, Röthenbach-
324 Fürth Eder (K)
333 Weissenburg
774 Erlangen

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Dinkelbühl Neustadt
Lauf/a.d. Pregnitz Schwabach

Gebiet #19 Hochland – NSDAP-Gau 19 München-Oberbayern
Gebietsführung HQ : München, Georgenstrasse 7, Tel 34811
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Thom Stöckl
HA. III, Weltanschauliche Schulungh : Baf. Heinz Müller
HA. IV, Bauerntum und Landdienst : H.Baf. Ehrlicher
Gebietsinspekteur : Baf. Wilhelm Freitag
Gebietsinspekteur, SRD : Baf. Klaus Straub
Gebietsartz : Staf. Dr. Freser
On the Staff : Baf. Ulrich
Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule : Weyarn/b. Miesbach, Josef Neumeier
WEL., Treuchtlingen
Reichssegelflugschule, Schwangau
Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Chiemsee
NPEA., Neubeuern/Inn

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
‘L’ München Eckl, SOF
310 (Donau) Ingolstadt
313 (Isar) Freising
325 Landberg/Lech O.Staf. Weber
326 Garmisch-Partenkirchen
327 (Inntal) Mühldorf
328 Rosenheim
336 Bad Reichenhall Baf. Karl Merk Na.Schar.4, Schönau
337 Bad Tölz
454 Aichach
593 Wasserburg
594 Traunstein Baf. Stein Gef.in Siegsdorf
595 Miesbach
850 Starnberg
854 Pfaffenhofen
855 Fürstenfeldbruck O.Staf. Weber
856 Ebersberg
879 Erding

Seats of NSDAP-Kreise, at which corresponding HJ-Banne may possibly exist.

Altötting Schrobenhausen
Schongau Weilheim

Gebiet #20 Württemberg – NSDAP-Gau 42 Württemberg-Hohenzollern
Gebrietsführung HQ : Stuttgart West, Ernst-Weinstein-Strasse 40, Tel 65656
Gebietsführer : Gebf. Erich Sundermann
Stableiter : Baf. Freier
HA. II, Wehrertüchtigung : O.Baf. Heyl
Gebietsinspekteur d. Marine HJ : Janle
Gebietsartz : O.Baf. Dr. Bauer
K.HA.Ltr. : O.Baf. Rudi Neuen
Abt.Ltr. im Stab : Baf. Georg Unger, Baf. Eugen Pfuderer

Other Personalities (Assignment Unknown)
O.Baf. Werner Köttgen (may be in Gebiet 36)
Baf. Streng (in Tuttlingen)

Schools and Camps
(Type – Location – Name School / Camp – Commandant)
Gebietsführerschule, Stuttgart-Solitude, Wilhelm Neth
WEL. II, Altensteig b. Nagold
WEL., Hechingen
WEL., Mochental
Ausbildungslager der Gebietsführung, Oberstaufen
NPEA., Backnang
NPEA., Rottweil, SS-Stubaf. Dr. Hoffmann
Reichsausbildungslager III, Eningen

Identified Banne

N° & Name Location Commander Sub-Units
119 Gross-Stuttgart Baf. Gustav Distel
120 Ulm O.Baf. Mühlbauer
121 (Unterland) Heilbronn Gef.38, Meinsheim
Gef.17, Heilbraun-Böckingen
122 (Hohenloe) Crailsheim
123 (Hohenstaufen) Aalen
124 (Oberschaben) Ravensbruck Baf. Löwenthal
125 (Mittlere Alb) Tübingen Baf. Willier
126 Freudenstadt
127 (Zollern) Ebingen Gef.in Belingen
180 Ludwigsburg Baf. Bames
364 (Rems) Waiblingen
365 Esslingen
366 (Wilhelm Neth) Biberach
401 (Schwarzwald) Calw
402 Böblingen
403 (Heuberg) Tuttlingen Baf. Ellwanger
425 Rottweil
426 (Oberer Neckar) Horb
427 (Strohgäv) Leonberg O.Geff. Iffland (K)
428 (Stromberg) Vaihingen/Enz
429 (Achalm) Reutlingen O.Baf. Georg Hauff
431 Friedrichshafen
432 Wangen/Allgäu
433 Saulgau Gef.6, Scheer
435 Münsingen
436 Nürtingen Baf. Failen Schmidt (K)
437 Göppingen
468 Heidenheim
439 (Hornberg) Schwäbisch
440 (Schwäbisch Wald) Backnang
442 (Ohrngau) Oehringen
443 –
Bad Mergentheim
Schwäbisch Hall

-Maihöfer (K)

(This is the end of Part Two, go to Part Three)

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