Prisoner of War Interrogation #104 – (T-46-120-IR) – 150.Panzer-Brigade (Skorzeny)


NB : Raw File
IPW Team N°46 Report #104
Headquarters 120th Infantry Regiment
December 22 1944, 1100.

Interrogation Report N° 104
General information from Prisoner of War captured by Baker Co, 526th Armored Infantry Battalion; Prisoner was brought into this Battalion Headquarters late evening of December 21 :
The Prisoner of War is a member of the 3.Kampfgruppe (Combat Team) of the 150.Panzer-Brigade. The 3.Kampfgruppe was committed to take the city of Malmedy, but failed in the mission. The prisoner walked into the Command Post of Baker 526-AIB to give himself up.

Unit History
In November 1944, volunteers were called for in Germany under the motto ‘Einsatz im Westen’ (Committment in the West). Especially men with knowledge of the English language. The 150.Panzer-Brigade was activated of picked troops and was trained in Grafenwoehr (Bavaria). The Brigade strength was about half of a regular German division and was made up of three Kampfgruppe, each consisting of three to four sub-Kampfgruppe of 120 men each. They received American vehicles and instruction in handling of them. They were issued parts of American uniforms and received further training in English language.

The main plan was to train men who would be able to work behind our lines. An attack would be made on a small front. The Americans would be disorganized, and English-speaking Germans, now clad in American uniform, would retreat with the retreating American troops, destroy communications, knock out Command Posts and occupy and secure strong points until the main bulk of the German forces could catch up to them. The were supposed to be followed by very strong forces.

Everything was to be done that would facilitate the success of the mission. If it more practical to kill captured enemies than evacuate them then they must be killed. The Prisoner of War found four killed American sentries ‘with the same hole in the head’, but denied having been present at any of these atrocity acts himself.

The Prisoner of War claims that this plan will still be tried and he thinks there is a great possibility it might succeed. he was taken from his place of capture to the interrogation point by jeep. He claims that despite the fact that this jeep was challenged quite frequently on this trip, it would have been possible for a plan to be executed as outlined above. Challenging sentries asked for pass-word only, and after same was exchanged, the vehicle was permitted to proceed. This is just what this Fifth Column unit is looking for. They have English-speakers with them who sometimes know the pass-word and thus can travel through our lines. If the sentry would get suspicious, they would simply annihilate him, and again be able to proceed with the mission to get behind our lines. The Prisoner of War claims that they were told about the procedure of our challenging by men who trained them at Grafenwoehr who had previously been in the American Army.

The German troops are realizing that this is the big thing, and everything is being put into it. If it fails everything will be lost. The are given to believe that the chances are excellent for them. The Germany Army realizes the fact that the Americans believe themselves safe and are sure to knock the Germans out due to their, the German, inability to make any large counter offensives. They realize that we are materially superior, but that we could be defeated by deception and the reserves which the Germans still possess.

The Prisoner of War claims he has seen a tremendous amount of equipment coming up in the rear area. This equipment is to be used in the push which is to follow the deception. The ultimate goal is to clear the Americans ‘out of the West’. The Germans believe that if our forces which are here now are liquidated we will hesitate very much to send new forces abroad.

The Prisoner of War repeated the rumor that Skorzeny, who had freed Mussolini was on his was for General Eisenhower.


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