EUCMH-012 – Photos – AEF Action – World War One


Blercourt, France, October 14 1918. Members of the 90th Division show off their dapper canes. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(001)

Heudicourt, France, October 31 1918. Pvt William H. Roedel, dispatch rider of the 103rd Ammo Train, 28th Division. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(002)

Varennes en Argonne, France, October 5 1918. A tank and motor vehicles repair shop. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(003)

Prüm, Germany, January 8 1919. E Battery, 304th Field Artillery, 89th Division, fires a 21 gun salute in honor of President Roosevelt. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(004)

Paris, France, 1918. American soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force march in a 4th of July parade. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(005)

France 1919. US Marines soldiers from Michigan on their way home from France. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(006)

New York, USA, September 10 1919. General John J. Pershing, commanding general of the American Expeditionary Force, leads a parade of World War One veterans in New York City. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(NHD)(007)

Montigny, France, March 12 1918. Major R.D. Garrett, 42nd Division, observes a soldier working on a Signal Corps switchboard. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(008)

Breteuil, France, May 11 1918. US Soldiers from the 26th Infantry, 1st Division, watch a French Schneider Tank. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(009)

September 1918, France. US Army Dog carrying messenger pigeon in travel case. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(010)

1918. Cutaway of the first modern American defensive and fragmentation hand grenade, the MK-1. Created using the French Defensive F1 Fragmentation Hand Grenade, this projectile will soon be renamed MK-2. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(011)

June 22 1918, France. 94th Aero Squadron, 1/Lt Eddie V. Rickenbacker and his Nieuport 28-C.1 Airplane. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(012)

Langres, France, September 5 1918. US soldiers wear German body armor showing the effects of rifle and machine gun fire. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(013)

Chateau Thierry, France, August 13 1918. Mutt, the YMCA dog (Young Men’s Christian Association) ready to deliver cigarettes to the troops. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(014)

Badonviller, France, May 18 1918. Snipers from the 168th Infantry, 42nd Division, sanding for the photograph. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(015)

St Maurice, France, May 3 1918. Soldiers from the 166th Infantry, former 4th Ohio Infantry, 42nd Division, return from a raid. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(016)

Meuse Argonne, January 16 1919. US Navy Sailors poses on a 14 inch railway gun (355-MM) with MK-1 mount used to support US troops during the campaign. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(017)

Fort Monroe, Virginia, USA, April 1918. Coast Artillery Corps personnel receive training on a 3 inch gun (76.2-MM). (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(018)

Menil la Tour, France, March 14 1918. Soldiers from Charlie Company, 508th Engineers. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(019)

Duluth, Minesota, USA, 1917. British tank Britania, crushes an auto to demonstrate the efficiency of the Armored Forces. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(020)

1918. Twin Lewis machine guns on a Scarff-ring-mount. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(021)

1918. Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) cutaway and parts list. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(022)

Avocourt, France, September 26 1918. Men from the 112th Field Signal, 37th Division, enjoy their chow. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(023)

Limey, France, October 14 1918. Renault FT/TSF Radio (Telegraphie sans Fil)(Cordless Communication) command tank with the 78th Division. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(024)

American Expeditionary Force Distinctive Cloth Insignias 1919. (NARA)(Erik Villard)(EUCMH)(HD)(025)


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