EUCMH-010 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-5)


January 29 1941. 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment. Ski troops during rifle training, Fort Lewis, Washington. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(001)

1941-1942. 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion. Approximately one hundred men of the 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion in white camouflage suits, carrying knapsacks and rifles and wearing skis stand in columns in the middle of a snow covered field with Paradise Lodge, Washington, and nearby mountain peaks in the background. According to the album caption, the men put on this demonstration for Gen Joyce, a visiting dignitary. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(002)

1941-1944. 10th Mountain Division. Cpl Richard Cochran bends over his skis as though adjusting his bindings.(NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(003)

1941-1944. Charlie Co, 87th Mountain Regiment. Olaf Rodegard, performs an aerial maneuver on snowshoes. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(004)

1941-1945. Ralph Hulbert, Fox Co, 86th Mountain Regiment, poses outdoors with a backpack. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(005)

1942. Walter Prager during rock climbing instruction, on Mount Rainier, Washington. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(006)

1942, June. (87th Mountain Infantry) John B. Woodward (foreground) and Peter Gabriel (background) practice ice climbing techniques on the Nisqualli Glacier, Mount Rainier, Washington. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(007)

1942. Glee Club. (87th Mountain Infantry Regiment) Mountaineers sing on stage at Paradise Lodge, Washington. (L t R) Charles C. Bradley, Luick, Look, John Jay, Dick Witemore, Ralph Bromaghin, Arnold Alexander, Charles B. McLane, McMahon, and Glen Stanley. According to the caption : Lt John Jay, a sour tenor himself, expanded the original ‘Latrine Quartet’ into the 87th Glee Club. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(008)

1942. Radio debut of the Latrine Quartet. Four members of 87th Mountain Infantry (L t R) Bradley, Glen Staney, Charles B. McLane, and Ralph Bromigan. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(009)

The above original Latrine Quarted songs come from The 10th Mountain Division Proud Descendants and a Facebook friend, Patrick Kiser, whose great-uncle was in the 10th Mountain Division, gave me the information to find them.

1942. View of Camp Hale, Eagle County, Colorado, the training headquarters of all the American Mountain, Ski, Cold Weather troops. (Note : the Denver and Rio Grande Western freight train). (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(010)

1942. Camp Hale. A view the railroad depot and box cars at Pando, Eagle County, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(011)

1942-1944. Members of the 10th Mountain Division, (L t R) Roger Langley, Charles Minot Minnie Dole, Paul Lafferty, Camp Hale, Eagle County, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(012)

1942-1945. View of a Denver and Rio Grande Western troop train entering Camp Hale. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(013)

1942-1945. View of a Denver and Rio Grande Western train near Camp Hale, Eagle County, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(014)

1943 (September). Dr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Arctic explorer near an igloo, at Camp Hale, Colorado. He taught lessons in snow-craft to the Tenth Mountain Division. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(015)

1943 (November). Pando Station, Colorado. Leaving Camp Hale. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(016)

1943. Fox Co, 87th Mountain Regiment. Nathan Morrell (Able Co, 10th Medical Battalion), Robert Morrell, Fox Co, 87th Mountain Regiment, pose outdoors. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(017)

1943. Pvt Jay H. Brower, Baker Co, 87th Mountain Regiment, poses with a baby near a residential street in Denver, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(018)

1943-1944. Brig Gen Onslow S. Rolfe, Commanding Officer of the Mountain Training Group (MTG), reviews horse mounted Recon units on the parade grounds at Camp Hale, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(019)

1943-1944. Ski troops parade at Camp Hale, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(020)

1943-1944. Stuart Mace stands behind his dog sled with eight dogs harnessed to it in a snow covered field at Camp Hale, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(021)

1943-1944. Still from the Warner Brothers film : ‘The Fighting Mountaineers’. Fifty Mountaineers during training practice forming a column of twos. One line of men occupies a hill in the foreground; another group occupies a hill in the background. Men are visible climbing the farther hill, skiing down to meet in a “Y”, and joining with a partner from the other group. On the near hill, men at the back of the line “snowplough” to a stop and await their turn. Eagle Ridge, Camp Hale, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(022)

1943-1944. Still from the Warner Brothers film : ‘The Fighting Mountaineers’. Men of Love Co, 87th Mountain Regiment, execute an about face on skis under the command of Lt William J. Bourke. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(023)

1943-1945. Still from the Warner Brothers film : ‘The Fighting Mountaineers’. Ski troopers stand at the bottom of a small hill watching as a skier practices what appears to be the side step. According to the caption this is a lesson in herring bone, side step and traverse. Other skiers are arrive at the top of the hill from a trail visible on the right side of the image. Camp Hale, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(024)

1943-1944. Still from the Warner Brothers film : ‘The Fighting Mountaineers’. A Platoon of George C, 87th Mountain Regiment, stand at attention with their skis balanced on ski poles. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(025)


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