EUCMH-009 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-4)


1943. 10th Mountain Division ski trooper. Photo mechanical reproduction of a painting shows a ski trooper with the 10th Light Division (Alpine), later renamed 10th Mountain Division, kneeling in snow and holding a rifle. He has on skis and wears dark snow goggles and a winter jump suit with a fur lined hood. He has a whistle attached to the front zipper of his suit and a map sticks out of his pocket. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(001)

1941. A ski trooper from the 15th Infantry Regiment poses in test equipment at Paradise on Mount Rainier in Pierce County, Washington. The soldier has a cartridge belt and holds an M-1 rifle. He wears a loose fitting jump-suit with a hood, and booties tied with rope at the ankles. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(002)

1941 / 1942. Sherman L. Smith, a member of George Co, 87th Mountain Regiment (10-MD), poses outdoors on skis during training at Paradise Lodge on Mount Rainier, Washington. He wears a backpack and goggles. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(003)

1941 / 1945. Torger Tokle, a member of Able Co, 86th Mountain Regiment, (10-MD), poses with skis at a ski jump near Aspen, Pitkin County, Colorado. He wears a cap and sweater. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(004)

1942. Group Portrait of Able Co, 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion (Reinforced), taken at Fort Lewis, Washington, 1942. This was the first mountain troop unit. The men sit on bleachers with barracks behind them, two groups wear white camouflage uniforms, two mules flank the group on either side.
L t R : top row : 17 Whittemore, 18 Walsh, Harry
L t R : second row main section : 13 Bates, Gilbert or William? 14 Sigman, Eugene, 24 Galson
L t R : front row main section : 1 Jones, 2 Erickson, Brigadier General
L t R : third row main section : 25 Hoyt, David. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(005)

1942. Richard A. Rocker, Headquarters Co, 87th Mountain Regiment (10-MD), poses outdoors during training at Fort Lewis, Washington. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(006)

1942. Dog Co, 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion (Reinforced), taken at Fort Lewis, Washington. Men pose on bleachers with two mules on either side and barracks behind them. Few identified.
L t R : top row, Jones, Jamesen
L t R : forth row, Gott
L t R : third and second rows : unidentified
L t R : front row : (24) Pickeving. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(007)

1942. Charlie Co, 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion (Reinforced), taken at Fort Lewis, Washington, 1942. Some identified :
L t R : top row : De Peyster, Hansen, Deland, Hoffman, Hartwell, Collins, Menkin, Brown, Esterholm, Novak, Engart, Daily, Olding, Jensen, Hessler, White, Benedict
L t R : forth row : Hunter, Moffitt, Hautamaki, Povolitis, Miron, McClintock, Farron, Nordquist, Parr, Perry, Thorn, Larsen, Weber, Phegley, Khulman, Carter, Harkey, Brown, White, Potter, Kearns, Howard
L t R : third row : Stillwell, Richards, Riggs, Pakka, Behr, McCrary, Guidi, Dryer, Stevens, Stangland, Gonzolos, Lewis, Campell, Blaker, Brown, Leaver, Benmer, Harnett, Sharron, Maupin, Mitchell, Maynew, Geer, Nokleby
L t R : second row : Nicholson, Dole, Bradbury, Cronk, Connolly, Lovell, Overmon, Midget, Gage, Rasor, Winters, Stuart (or Mackin), Dilly, Railsback, DeMarco, Burkhart, Walker, Campell, Johns, Allison, Armstrong, Shannon, Haus, Thompson
L t R : front row : Francis, Wilson, Eckern
L t R : (left) back row : man with mule: Vogel, Coursen (or Carson), Schiemer, Pollock, Smith, (right) back row : O’Day, Conger, Mackin, man with mule : Buhler (or Brown)
L t R : (left) front row : Stevenson, Baird (or Hartwell), Hubbard, Liss
L t R : (right) front row : Rudziak, Vorm, Malmin, and Holt. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(008)

1942. Baker Co, 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion (Reinforced).
L t R : main section top row : (19) Van Abkoude
L t R : main section third row : (8) Duncan; (14) Loewy; (20) Powers; (22) Miller, Scuria
L t R : main section second row : (2) Floto
L t R : first row main section : (1 to 4) Ekern, Roche, Hampton, Allen
L t R : side sections: none identified. Right side section back row and right side section front row : none identified. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(009)

1942 (November). Soldiers, probably the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, hike over a firebreak on a hill on the Hunter Liggett Military Reservation (now Fort Hunter Liggett Military Installation) in Monterey County, California. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(010)

1943. Mountain obstacle course at Camp Hale, Colorado. Two soldiers, members of the 10th Light Infantry Division (Alpine), free climb a rock cliff on the obstacle course at Camp Hale in Eagle County, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(011)

1943 (August). Jim ‘Wyoming’ Penton, a member of Service Co, 87th Mountain Regiment, stands on a bluff over Broad Beach on Kiska Island in Alaska, USA. British flags is nearby. The 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment was in the Aleutians as a part of Amphibious Task Force 9. Boats and amphibious vehicles are in the water in the distance. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(012)

1943. Members of I&R Platoon, 87th Mountain Regiment identified as : L t R) Josef ‘Joe’ Frankenstein, Otto Korban, Len Landry, Bob Parker, Ole Risom, Peter Pringsheim (Pringham), and Kurt Koenigsberg sit near a table in a nightclub in San Diego, California. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(013)

1943. Members of the 87th Mountain Regiment pose on and near a captured Japanese artillery gun bunker on Kiska Island in the Aleutian Islands. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(014)

1944. Lloyd ‘Bud’ Gordon, Able Co, 86th Mountain Regiment, poses near skis in the snow at Camp Hale (Eagle County), Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(015)

John D. Magrath, George Co, 85th Mountain Regiment, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, poses outdoors with skis and poles at Camp Hale (Eagle County), Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(016)

View of the tables set with white ceramic plates for a meal in a mess hall at Camp Hale, Colorado. One 10-MD soldier is setting a table in the center of the image. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(017)

1943 / 1944. Snow Weasel and members of the 10th Mountain Divison, march behind a Weasel snow-track (snowcat) vehicle (an M-29 cargo carrier) at Camp Hale (Eagle County), Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(018)

1943 / 1944. A group of Mountaineers poses for a picture along a snow-covered trail. They are wearing White Camo Suits. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(019)

1943-1944. A group of Mountaineers on snow shoes climbs up a snowy hill toward the camera. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(020)

1943-1944. Two Mountaineers at a self-made mountain camp washstand using two pine trees as the vertical posts and branches as the horizontal supports for six white enamel basins and towels. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(021)

Group of Mountaineers Ski Troopers standing on the snow in the mountains. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(022)

A large group of Tenth Mountain Division soldiers descend a mountain road via two switchbacks. All of them have skis attached to their knapsacks. They are all wearing caps, anoraks, pants, and boots with gaiters. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(023)

Hal Burton (10th Mountain Division), poses with skis and poles at Camp Hale in Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(024)

1944 (March 28). Pvt Barney Lane, Battery C, 727th AAA Machine Gun Battalion, poses in the snow next to his Cal .50 Browning Machine Gun. Camp Hale, Eagle County, Colorado. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(025)


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