EUCMH-007 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-2)


April 1945, Italy. 10th Mountain Division medics watch as Pfc Earnest Marshal, Charlie Co (?), lashed to a litter and belayed from above, is lowered joylessly over steep rock. This rock climbing school was organized under the direction of Capt John Weaver Jr. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(001)

April 1945, Italy. Pvt Leon Whritenour (left) and Pfc Peter Guletto (right) carry Pfc William C. Woods down a slope by means of a tramway, an old Indian carry adapted by the French to mountain operations. Litter is belayed by a man farther up the slope (not shown in picture). This rock climbing school was held in Italy under the direction of Capt John Weaver Jr. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(002)

April 1945, Italy. A soldier is lowered to the ground in a litter basket by two others. A rock climbing school for the 10th Mountain Division medics was held during the Italian Campaign in April 1945. This photograph was probably taken at that time. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(003)

April 1945, Italy. Pfc Robert Schutte is lowered to the ground over leafless trees in a litter basket during a rock climbing school for the 10th Mountain Division medics held during the Italian Campaign under the direction of Capt John Weaver Jr. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(004)

April 1945. Rocca di Roffeno, Italy. Men examining the ground for mines, or taping out a new road; bulldozer is in background; possibly the 10th Mountain Division’s 126th Engineers building a bypass road in an area believed to be heavily mined. According to Cpl Joe Firkins drove across the field in his jeep. Nothing blew up, so the engineers taped the area to construct the bypass of Road Junction 711. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(005)

April, 1945, Castel D’Aiano, Italy. View of Castel D’Aiano, Italy, scene of a major 10th Mountain Division battle. The village lies in hilly country with larger mountains in the distance. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(006)

April 1945, Lago di Garda, Italy. Gen George P. Hays, commander of the 10th Mountain Division, stands with arms crossed as he crosses Lake Garda in an amphibious US Army boat-truck called a DUKW. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(007)

April 1945. Gen Mark W. Clark, CG 5-A, stands with Gen George P. Hays, CG 10 Mountain Division; in the distance a sloping mountain-side, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(008)

April 1945, Rocca di Roffeno. Arial view of Rocca di Roffeno, Italy, and the Apennines behind including Monte Mantino (far right) and Sette Croci (near right) with the town of Cereglio in the distance (right). This area was the scene of a drive on April 14-16 spearheaded by the Mountaineers Division. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(009)

April 1945, Monte della Spe. High explosives hit a German-held positions at the bottom of the Monte della Spe, which is hidden by smoke. Taken during the 10th Mountain Division’s third major battle on either April 14th or 15th, 1945. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(010)

April 1945. Mortar sight, the invention of the 10th Mountain Division artillery Sgt William “Bill” Kennedy as an improvement over those issued by the Army. It was used independently during the Italian Campaign by a few units in the Division. Sgt Kennedy was later killed by a shell during the assault on the Monte Della Torraccia before a small shipment of the independently-manufactured sights reached Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(011)

April 1945. A Platoon of the 126th Engineer (10th Mountain) clears a wine-cart trail of mines as artillery blasts the slopes of Rocca di Roffeno, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(012)

April 1945. Gen Hays, CG 10th Mountain, looks at a map while Gen Clark, CU 5-A, points to something in the distance as they confer before the start of a big offensive during the Italian campaign. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(013)

April 1945. View over the rooftops of the town of Lizzano-in-Belvedere toward Monte Tresca. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(014)

April 1945. The Mountaineers drove the German troops ahead of them along the east shore road of Lake Garda and harassed enemy truck convoys moving north along the west shore road with their 75-MM pack howitzers. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(015)

April 1945. House at Bocca Di Ravari, just beyond Torre Iussi at the base of Hill 903. German troops held the houses and maintained a sweeping line of fire from there. The field to the right of the image was filled with mines. It was extremely difficult for troops of the 1/87 Regiment to overcome the resistance and secure the objective : Hill 903. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(016)

April 1945. The 10th Mountain Division troops begin a long march through the Po Valley. Nearing the town of Manzolino, word is being passed calling for the bazooka teams to attack German tanks in the town. Resistance along the way was usually met by one company while the battalion column waited, not knowing what was happening ahead. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(017)

April 1945. Staff conference at north end of Lake Garda, Italy (86/10). (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(018)

April 1945. Hell on Earth : Torre Iussi controlled the approaches to Hill 903 and was strongly defended by German troops. It was a major objective for the 1st Battalion of the 87th Regiment. The battle lasted all day April 14. On the 15, a few German troops continued to harass the troops moving past the town on their way to Monte Pigna. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(019)

April 1945. The tunnel at Corno di Bo was one of seven tunnels at the north end of Lake Garda. They were difficult objectives for the Mountaineers as the German resistance was strong. The tunnels had built-in gun ports like the one visible to the left of the group of trees and this made it possible for a few men to defend a tunnel easily. Additionally, the Germans could fire their 88-MM artillery accurately at the entrances of the tunnels from secure positions in Riva and Torbole. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(020)

April 1945. The town of Tole was captured in April 1945. The town was a German stronghold and is at the edge of the mountains and the boundary of the Po Valley. Monte Serra, the rise of ground in the distance, was a difficult objective for Fox Co 87/10-MD. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(021)

April 1945. One of the seven Tunnels at north end of Lake Garda. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(022)

April 1945. Destruction at Torre Lussi, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(023)

April 1945. Mountaineers examines the tunnel fortifications along the Lake Garda road. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(024)

April 1945. Paisan collecting copper wire near Le Costa Ridge, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(025)


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