EUCMH-006 – Photos – 10th Mountain Division (P-1)


Leghorn, Italy, January 24 1945. Uniformed artillerymen, members of the 10th Mountain Division, descend a gangplank from a transport ship in the city of Livorno, Italy. The men wears uniforms and carry packs, duffel bags and rifles. Open army trucks are filled with soldiers on a quay near a retaining wall and bombed out buildings. A sign on the ship reads : Ships dispensary. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(001)

Pisa, Italy, January 1945. 10th Mountain Division encampment at King Victor Emmanuel’s hunting grounds near Pisa, Italy, surrounded by leafy trees. Soldiers unpack supplies and equipment from large crates. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(002)

Mediterranean Sea, January 1945. Eleven unidentified 10th Mountain Division soldiers sit for a group portrait at the stern of the USAT Meigs. All but one wear life vests. Another ship sails behind them on the right. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(003)

January 1945. King Victor Emmanuel’s Hunting Grounds, Pisa, Italy. 10th Mountain Division encampment at King Victor Emmanuel’s Hunting Grounds near Pisa, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(004)

Mediterranean Sea, January 1945. 10th Mountain Division soldier Fritz L. Kramer rappelling on the USAT Meigs on the way to Italy.(NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(005)

Pisa, Italy, January 1945. A 10th Mountain Division soldier bends with back to camera near a trash fire; he holds a gasoline can. Other soldiers are visible throughout the rest of the image as they do chores around their tents or the stacks of packing crates in a large encampment in a flat open field surrounded by trees, at King Victor Emmanuel’s hunting grounds, near Pisa, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(006)

January 1945. Troops boarding the Meigs. Three 10th Mountain Division soldiers board the USAT Meigs on their way to Italy loaded with gear and carrying meal tickets. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(007)

Eight trucks in a 10th Mountain Division encampment at King Victor Emmanuel’s hunting grounds near Pisa, Italy. In the background neat rows of tents fill an open field surrounded by leafy trees. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(008)

View of San Marcello Pistoiese near the 10th Mountain Division headquarters at Campo Tizzoro, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(009)

Vidiciatico, Italy, February 1945. View of Monte Belvedere from Vidiciatico, Italy taken the day before the attack. Shows the ridge, which extends from the summit on the right and ends at Rocca Coronetta on the left. The mission to take over this point was assigned to the 87th Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(010)

February 20 1945, Corona, Italy. 10th Mountain Division troops in the early morning of February 20, 1945, securing the battered stone houses of Corona, Italy, which had been captured from the Germans during a night attack on Monte Belvedere. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(011)

February 20 1945. Monte Belvedere. Night view of an M-10 Tank Destroyer firing on enemy positions in the area of Monte Belvedere in the Province of Bologna, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(012)

February 21 1945. Tramway on the Riva Ridge, Italy. View of the tramway (loaded with supplies, an Army officer, an Army photographer, and Sgt Paul Long) on the Riva Ridge, during the Italian Campaign. Also pictured, a group of approximately 10 other soldiers stand on the landing deck or man the controls of the tramway as the carriage launches out over a steep valley covered with brush and snow. Behind the men is a stone building and in the background a rugged snow-dusted mountain. According to the caption, the tramway was built by the 10th Mountain Division (Dog Company, 126th Mountain Engineers), in nine hours using supplies including wire cable 1-inch in diameter. The carriage was capable of carrying loads of up to 350 pounds. The tramway was used to evacuate casualties quickly; it made its 1600 feet trip in four minutes. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(013)

February 21 1945. The first casualty of World War II are being evacuated by a tramway. Medics and soldiers move towards a dead man on a stretcher hanging from a small temporary aerial tramway built by the members of the 10th Mountain (Dog Company, 126th Mountain Engineers) at the Riva Ridge in the Bologna Province, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(014)

February 21 1945. Dog Company, 85th Mountain Regiment, 10th Mountain Division. Members of Dog-85, 10th Mountain Division wind their way up the Mount Belvedere in the Bologna Province, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(015)

February 22 1945. Engineers of the 701st Tank Destroyer Battalion (10th Mountain Division) search for mines buried near a damaged M-10 Tank Destroyer on the slope of the Mount Della Torraccia in the Bologna Province, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(016)

February 1945. Pfc Raymond L. Roux (Fox Company, 87th Mountain Regiment, 10th Mountain Division, gives food to the children in Vidiciatico, Italy. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(017)

February 1945. Able Company, 85th Mountain Regiment, moves out across a ridge on the Mount Belvedere while a larger group of roughly twenty 10th Mountain Division soldiers wait in reserve. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(018)

February 1945. Mount Belvedere, Italy. Bogged M-10 tank. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(019)

February 1945. Deborah Bankart of the American Red Cross making doughnuts for the men of the 10th Mountain Division. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(020)

February 1945. Deborah Bankart of the American Red Cross making doughnuts for the men of the 10th Mountain Division. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(021)

February 1945. (You Found a Home in the Army) Swing shift on Mount Belvedere. A 10th Mountain Division infantry man naps in a fox-hole with his rifle and rucksack nearby after being relieved during the fighting on the Mount Belvedere. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(022)

February 1945. 10th Mountain Division troopers lead German Prisoners of War to the rear. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(023)

February 1945. American Red Cross aide Dorothy “Dot” Nielson, sits playing a guitar for three members of the 10th Mountain Division’s Quartermaster Company, T/5 Arnold Carpenter (left), T/Sgt Wilbert Rittmueller (kneeling), and T/5 Bennie Levine as they eat doughnuts. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(024)

February 1945. View of the town of Vidiciatico, Italy, where soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division prepared for their first battle, the attack on the Mount Belvedere. (NARA)(Amyatishkin)(EUCMH)(HD)(025)


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