EUCMH-001 – Photos – US Army Actions World War Two


Before starting to scan my photos collection, I will first publish the photos I have on CDs, DVDs and HDDs. Please notice the tag (NHD) which means that I don’t detain a copy of this photo in High Definition (at least 2600 pixels). Ih you have the photo in HD you can send it to me and I will replace the small version. Note also (as we talked in our #Facebook Group – #History_Chat_Board), if you have the original caption of a photo published without information I will be really happy to get it from you and I will – of course – credit you in due form. (To comment use the photo N°)

Last note : These photos are (NARA) National Archives & Record Administration. This means Public Domain and Free Fair Use. These photos are also (EUCMH) which mean that you don’t have to but you can credit EUCMH if you re-use a photo from this publication.

Location : Zellenberg, France. December 9 1944. An American Mortar Squad fires at a German target in Mittelwhir, in the Colmar Area (France). One of the mortar men covers his ears against the coming blast as another one drop a 4.2″ shell into the muzzle of the piece. (SC-197578)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(001)

Location : Vaguna Island. July 4 1943. (2nd Battalion, 103rd Infantry Regiment, Medical Detachment) Men of the Medical Corps are pictured before a captured Jap Flag on Vaguna Island. (Front : L to R) : Pvt James Miles and Pvt Bill Frates; (Center) Pvfc Wm. Flakes, Pvt Elmer Fairbanks, Pfc Charles Pinola, Sgt William Flemming, Capt Abraham J. Perley and Pvt Leroy Dickey. (SC-185864)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(002)

Location : Scherwiller, France. December 2 1944. US Army Tanks assemble in the town of Scherwiller, France, to await to punch ahead for an attack on the next town. (SC-197339)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(003)

Location unknown but Germany. Date unknown. Caption unknown. (anyone ?)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(004)

Location Villedieu, France. August 2 1944. (12th infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division) This little French girl shakes hands with a Yank Infantryman passing trough the town of Villedieu, France, in the pursuit of the retreating Germans. August 2 1944. (SC-192423)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(005)

Location : Niederborn-les-Bains, France. December 2 1944. (3rd Battalion, 175th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division) American Seventh Army Infantrymen crouch low between Tank and Building as they sweat out an enemy shell, heard coming toward them. The action toke place in the French town of Niederborn-les-Bains newly taken in the northward drive but is still under German artillery fire. (SC-197256-S)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(006)

Location : Epinal, France. September 24 1944. Seventh Army, Epinal, France, Gendarmes sneak up on German snipers. Although Nazis hold part of the town, liberation flags are displayed. (SC-195721)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(007)

Location : Chalons-sur-Marne, France. August 29 1944. Retreating Germans blew up this bridge in Chalons-sur-Marne causing the French to pick their across the Marne River. (SC-193-446)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(008)

Location : Bouvrelieures, France. October 29 1944. Several American tanks move down main street in France to engage enemy as others take cover after being spotted by Jerry and halted by a barrage from German tanks. Bouvrelieures, France. (SC-195876)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(009)

Location : Bourg, France. September 4 1944. Seventh Army Combat Zone, France. Tanks loaded with infantry of the 45th Infantry Division enter Bough in hot pursuit of retreating Germans who left the town 4 hours earlier. The Germans stole most of the bicycles in the town. (SC-421410)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(010)

Location : Pesco, Italy. September 9 1943. Troops of the 45th Infantry Division arrives on the outskirts of an Italian town. (SC-181215)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(011)

Location : Bourg, France. September 4 1944. Seventh Army, Bourg, France. Populace of Bourg cheers as troops of the 157th Infantry Regiment (45th Infantry Division) march trough the town. (SC-194990)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(012)

Location : Bourg, France, September 4 1944. Tanks and infantrymen of the 45th Infantry Division find it difficult to make their way through the hilarious throng while passing through the town of Bourg, France, September 9 1944. (SC194988)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(013)

Location : Salernes, France. August 18 1944. Seventh Army, north of Salernes in southern France. Troops of the 45th Infantry Division hot on the heels of the retreating Germans. (SC-193394)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(014)

Location : Saint-Raphael, France. August 16 1944. Seventh Army, an Engineer Patrol crosses a bridge west of St. Raphael, France, which is heavily mined and have a road block. (SC-193395)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(015)

Location : Tuffe, France. August 21 1944. The Mayor of the French town of Tuffe leads the citizens of that town in a procession over a Swastika Flag, symbol of their former oppressors. This town was liberated by American advancing forces. (SC-193434)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(016)

Location : Pertuis, France. August 21 1944. Seventh Army, Pertuis Area, France. Troops of the 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, rest in Pertuis after a six day trek trying to keep up with the retreating Germans. (SC-193464)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(017)

Location : France. September 28 1944. Close up of 2/Lt Van T. Barfoot, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, of Carthage, Missouri, wearing the Congressional Medal of Honor, awarded to him by Lt Gen Alexander Patch, Commanding General of the Seventh Army. (SC-195392)(NARA)(EUCMH)(HD)(018)

Location : France. September 28 1944. Lt Gen Alexander Patch, Commanding General of the Seventh Army and 2/Lt Van T. Barfoot, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, of Carthage, Mississippi, stands in formation before an Infantry Honor Guard. Lt Barfoot has just received the Congressional Medal of Honor. (SC-195391)(NARA)(EUCMH)(NHD)(019)

Location : France. September 28 1944. Wins of Medal of Honor. 2/Lt Van T. Barfoot, 25 years old infantry officer of the 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th infantry Division, who has won the Medal of Honor, the highest military award in the United States. Alone, he wiped out three German machine gun nests, captured 17 prisoners, and disabled an enemy tank on the Anzio Beachhead, Italy, last May 23. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Simm Barfoot, R.F.D. 5, Carthage, Mississippi. (SC-144522-S)(NARA)(EUCMH)(HD)(020)

Location unknown. Date unknown. (?) (NARA)(EUCMH)(HD)(021)

Location unknown. Date unknown. (?) (NARA)(EUCMH)(HD)(022)

Location unknown. Date unknown. (?) (NARA)(EUCMH)(HD)(023)

Location unknown. Date unknown. (Wartime Pinups) (NARA)(EUCMH)(HD)(024)

Location unknown. Date unknown. (10th Mountain Division)(NARA)(EUCMH)(HD)(025)


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