Forever is Not for Everyone – Betsy Durkin Matthes (507-PIR)


This book was in the mailbox today. I will read it and review it but having checked some pages already I can tell you that I am gonna like this story about a man, another exceptional man from the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment.
Dear Betsy, thank you for the book and the dedicate in it.

As a World War II historical biography and present-day memoir, Forever is Not for Everyone illuminates the story of one daughter’s search for the forgotten life of her deceased father, a war hero she never got a chance to know. Fatherless at the age of three and armed with a life-long desire to uncover the past, a telephone conversation with a total stranger propels her forward on a journey to the invasion beaches of Normandy, France, to a picturesque hill town in Belgium, and to a fateful crossroad in a remote area just over the German border. Encountering along the way heroes of the past and the present, she ultimately finds herself in the midlands of England, as her father s representative, addressing attendees at memorials honoring regiments of the 82nd Airborne who were billeted there during war. This is a story of loss, self-renewal, and undying love. It is a source of genuine inspiration to all those contemplating such a journey for themselves.

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