WW-2 – SOE Codes – Operations in the European Theater


SOE Codes – Operations in Europe

A particularly rare thing in this world often reserved for men is the fact of being able to put women in the honor. And God knows if they deserve it because they took an active part in the fighting during the Second World War and often paid with their life their activities in the Intelligence, Spying, and even killing valuable enemy targets. Special Operations Executive Summary of Operations in Western Europe. This summary refers only to those operations with the fullest material in the files. For reasons of space it does not refer to every operation mentioned in the records. Similarly, the newly released records do not contain evidence on every operation which was mounted by the sections.

A(e)neas, Belgium, May-June 1944 : field name Nicole Graumont
Arboretum, Belgium, 1944 : agents executed
Aemilius, Belgium, August 3 1944 : field name Lucie Rochefort – Marche-en-Famenne
Agamemnon, Belgium, January-February 1944 : field name Suzanne Tournai liaison mission with Cufflinks mission
Agrippa, Belgium, March 5 1944 : field name Brooch
Aileron, Italy : brief report only available in the files of an agent sent to Siena March 1944
Alarbus, Belgium, June 3 1944 : field name Locket Ciney – Marche-en-Famenne
Alcibiades, Belgium August 5 1944 : field name Ida Halle – Nivelle (instruction in sabotage)
Almouth, Italy, February 1944 : plans for blowing up of railway bridge over the Taro River
Aloes, France, 1944 : code name for resistance headquarters Brittany
Alsation, Belgium, 21-22 April 1943 : Briquet Mission members killed on impact Aimed at encouragement of resistance in industry
Ampthill, Italy, March 1944 : rail sabotage Pedaso
Andromache, Belgium 2-3 June 1944 : field name Valerie Graimont liaison with resistance reception committees and sabotage
Antenor, Belgium 1944 : field name Tiepin Gembloux
Apemantus, Belgium, February/March 1944 : field name Monique for Beauraing
Armada, France, November 1943 : sabotage Le Creusot electricity power also transformer stations and fuel depots
Armadillo, Belgium, 6 August 1944 : field name Gavotte Ardenne
Artichoke, Holland, June 1942 : destroy VLF stations at Kootwyk Com. Center U Boats in North Sea, an agent was to be ex-filtrated
Association, Belgium : infiltration of agent to Belgium through Lisbon paid off after attempt at usage 1941-1942
Atlow, Italy, April 1944 : sabotage against railways in Siena Asciano
Aufidius, Belgium, 1 April 1944 : field name Colette Ciney – Marche-en-Famenne, liaison mission with chief of zone IV, for organization of zone instruction in arms and explosives
Autogyro, Belgium, 1941 : few details in files mission canceled after several failures

Baboon, Belgium, 17 November 1942 : PID mission to encourage peasant resistance
Badger, Belgium, February 1943 : Liège région reception committees communication with Secret army agent deemed ‘irresponsible’
Balaklava, Belgium, September-October 1941 : W/T support to Outcaste at Neufchateau discovered by Germans
Balloonet, Italy, 1944-1945 : political and military mission to the east Tyrol and Violet south-west Carinthia
Balthazer, Belgium, 1942-1944 : field name Louise aimed at paralysis of river traffic in Hainault region later expanded to cutting of railway routes and destruction of communications in preparation for D-Day working to Nelly
Bandon VII, Italy, 1945 : continued political and military liaison mission in Turin Appears to have had the task of facilitating supplies by safeguarding Rivoli airport
Bassianus, Belgium, May 1944 : field name Violette to work to Nelly sabotage instruction, including derailment of trains
Bergenfield, Italy, 1944-1945 : political and military liaison mission to the Tabella partisans Udine area
Bernardo, Belgium, 4-5 July 1944 : Brussels région messenger to chief of Secret Army field name Nina
Bianca, Belgium, 28-29 June 1944 : field name Diane sabotage instruction
Blue-Toffee, Mission
Blundell, Italy : general name used to denote the various liaison missions to the Italian partisans in the north 1944-1945
Blundell, Italy 1944 : political and military liaison mission to Violet Piacenza partisans working in Spezia region The relevant files contain reports by leaders Captain T. D. Gregg and Major Lett
Borzoi, Belgium, 20 December 1942 : Brussels and Tournai extend Flemish clandestine press reception committees agents escapes to Geneva, March 1943
Boykin, Italy : plan for kidnapping of suspected double agents who were thought to be compromising the north Italian resistance Although successful when carried out in February 1945, interrogation of the agents later suggested that the suspicions were unfounded
Brabantio, Belgium, July or August 1944 : field name Odette principal delegate to occupied territory for organization of sabotage
Braddock I, Germany, 1944 : dropping of incendiary devices by air for possible and its use by POWs in an uprising
Broadbean, Holland, February 1943 : to collect mail from resistance groups in northern Holland arrange transportation
Buckhound, Belgium, 1943 : W/T support military zone IV Brussels
Bullfrog, Belgium, May 1943 : contacts with secret army and organization of GOFER reception committees

Caius, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Stephanie sabotage instruction to Huguette Brussels and Liege region captured escaped
Calf, Belgium, January 1943 : aimed at the creation of links to secret army Hainault but a possible security breach
Calpurnia, Belgium July-August 1944 : field name Courante W/T support to Huguette group Hainault region
Calvados, Germany, 1943 : attempt to start a sabotage organization Hamburg and Bremen using a German deserter Kurt Koenig
Canidus, Belgium, June 1944 : W/T to Delphine mission
Canticle, Belgium, March 1942 : with Duncan, Mastiff, Incomparable courier W/T support arrested later agents reported to have been beheaded
Caphis, Belgium, January 1944 : field name Herminie probably a stage mission captured
Carical, Belgium 1942-1944 : PID mission based in Liège, Charleroi, Brussels destroy records of the Office National du Travail undermine the use of skilled labor by the German occupiers
Casement : A deception plan aimed at creating the belief that Germans were fleeing to Eire or Argentina to form a free German government. Suggested by the Spanish section during 1944, it did not go ahead through the lack of evidence of the Spanish escape connection considered necessary for its success
Cato, Belgium, July 1944 : field name Celeste provide a messenger link for communications from the Minister of Finance
Cawdor, Belgium, February-March 1944 : field name Roland accompanied by Necklace to provide a courier service
Cayote, Belgium, (?) May 1942 : for organisation of motor sabotage Brussels accompanied by W/T mission Duncan
Celeste, Belgium, July 1944 : carrying messages from the Belgian Minister of Finance
Cherokee, Italy 1944-1945 : political and military liaison mission to partisans in ANTI-SCORCH northern Piedmont
Chicken, Belgium, August 1941 : field name Tante Caro creation of organization based on passive resistance and sabotage Antwerp area
Chiron, Belgium April 1944 : field name Sash W/T mission arrested
Cimber, Belgium August 1944 : field name Yvonne transmission of microfilmed messages
Cisco, Italy 1945 : political and military liaison mission Modena-Reggio aiming to create a secure base on the northern Apennines
Citronelle, France, 1944 : to assess Maquis Strength Ardennes région
Civet, Belgium, 1942-1944 : also known as mission Stanley report on strength of secret armies request of Pierlot
Claribel, Belgium, March 1941 : preparations for possible use of Belgium by enemy forces as a springboard for the invasion of Britain
Claudius, Belgium, July 1943 : contact resistance groups – FIL, MNB, Group G offer financial support
Clowder, Austria, 1943-1945 : establishment of an advance post to make contacts in central and eastern Europe exploiting resistance movements looking especially to work in Austria and Germany
Coal/Turtle, Belgium January 1943 : abortive mission to steal German fighter aircraft Brussels
Codford, Name for all operations designed to prevent enemy states from seizing assets of neutral foreign countries
Colan, Germany 1945 : sabotage of railway between Stuttgart and Heilbronn reports of success by agents
Collie, Belgium, March 1942 : mission for SOE and Belgian Surété contact resistance organize reception committees exfiltration of leader of Legion Belge, but caused a subsequent quarrel between SOE and the Belgian government in exile over interrogation of leader of Legion Belge
Collossus, Italy February 1941 : Landing of sabotage of bridges
Cominus, Belgium March-April 1944 : field name Mitten Huy, Ardenne region
Conjugal, Belgium, September 1941 : organize sabotage and contacts, but captured
Coolant, Italy, 1944-1945 : political and military liaison mission to the partisans
Coolant Blue, north east of Udine
Cordelet, Belgium, 1943-1944 : mission to social and democratic trade unionists encourage resistance organize a go-slow of Belgian workers in Germany
Coriolanus, Belgium, April-May 1944 : field name Handbag
Corona, Italy 1944-1945 : political and military liaison mission Piedmont
Crowd, Austria, 16 March 1945 : investigation of general conditions of the underground socialist movement in the Sudetenland; fate unknown but thought to have been captured
Curling, Holland, 1944

Danbury, Austria, 13 August 1945 : sabotage of enemy lines of communication in Drau Valley, based at Klagenfurt
Daranus, Belgium April 1944 : field name Agnes investigation of Tybalt/Claudius mission information gathering on the efficiency of various groups, re-evaluation of sabotage missions
Defiance, Spain, 1942-1943 : attempt to build up ‘traditionalist’, probably Catalan, support in the Barcelona area
Denver, Austria, 8 May 1944 : contact with resistance groups in Sudentenland establishment of communications
Dicing, Holland, April 1945 : Jedburgh team to represent special forces and act as liaison between resistance and paratroops in the Assen, Meffel and Coevorden area
Dingo, Belgium, 1943-1944 : PID mission stimulate slow down in production in the industrial areas of Charleroi, possible security breaches by agent
Dolabella, Belgium, July/August 1944 : field name Ursule work in organizing reception committees with Simone
Donaldbain, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Foxtrot W/T mission accompanying Odette mission
Donum, Italy, 1944-1945 : political and military liaison mission in east Piedmont
Dowend, Germany, 1944 : agent sent to create a sabotage organisation in the Ruhr and Frankfurt area based on a nucleus of contacts with the ISK
Draughts, Holland, January 1945
Draughts-Backgammon, Holland, : organizing mission 1944
Dressmaker-Bezique, France, 1943 : sabotage of tanneries at Graulhet (Pau-Toulouse) and Mazamet (Carcassone) unsuccessful
Drybrook, Austria, 13 August 1945 : establishment of W/T links in east Tyrol dropped in error to Germany and returned to UK
Duncan, Belgium, October 1942 : attempted infiltration of agent to Belgium via Portugal through a staged desertion; contact eventually lost
Duncery, Austria, 24 April 1945 : preservation of Zeltweg Aerodrome for the Allies, in the event unnecessary through work of local anti-Nazi groups
Duval, Austria, 16 February 1945 : contact underground organisation in Salzburg assist in sabotage party captured

Ebensburg, Austria, 8 February 1945 : organisation of local sabotage with Maquis capture of Bad Aussee four days before US arrival
Echalotte, France, 1944 : wireless bases in Moselle and Vosges area to augment existing radio circuits and to provide information to London from rear of German line
Electra, Austria, 23 March 1945 : contact the underground socialist movement Vienna
Emelia, Belgium, August 1944 : Mrs Olga Jackson field name Babette independent propaganda mission for undermining of morale in Brussels, Ghent, Liège, Antwerp, Charleroi organisation of prostitution circuit aimed at German officers
Enorbarbus, Belgium, 1944 : field name Polka W/T support to Constantine mission
Envelope, Italy, 1945 : Reggio Emilia region political and military liaison
Eros, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Reel
Eucalyptus, France, 1944 : derived from Union liaison mission Vercors
Euphronius, Belgium, May 1944 : field name Arlette sabotage instruction to Nelly in field region Bierene
Evansville, Austria, 7 February 1945 : support to movement in Graz arrangement for agents in Italy believed killed and underground organisation crushed
Evaporate, Italy 1945 : political and military liaison mission to Modena and area

Falaise, Tangier, 1941-1942 : destruction of an enemy wireless station used for providing locations of Allied submarines in the Straits
Ferret, Belgium, 1942 : plan to evacuate seven agents from Belgium including Arboretum, presumed captured by Germans
Ferret, Italy, June 1944 : land three A force agents north of Bonassola on the Ligurian coast attempt a meeting with an existing ferret party
Ferrula, Italy, 1944-1945 : Val d’Aosta political and military liaison mission
Flaminus, Belgium October 1943 : field name Jacqueline arrested mid-1944
Flap/Fin, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission to southern Piedmont dispatched August 1944 also appears to be known as Temple mission
Flavius, Belgium, 1943-1944 : field name Bib Red
Fleckney, Germany, 1944-1945 : establishment of an organiser for sabotage in Breslau region
Floodlight, Italy, 1944-1945 : political and military liaison mission consisting of Major W O Churchill, to act as British Liaison Officer to General Cadorna at the request of the CLNAI in northern Italy
Fordwick, Germany, 1944 : establishment of a line for agents and information between Germany and Denmark
Fortinbras, Belgium, 1943 : field name Bracelet
Foxley, Germany, 1944-1945 : plan to assassinate Hitler pressed by SOE and supported by Duff Cooper a full implementation and intelligence report was drawn up but was not taken forward Hitler’s military strategy and decisions favored the Allies and there was no desire to create a martyr cult however, plans to deal was Hitler’s subordinates, including Goebbels, found favor but were not implemented (Operation Little Foxley)
Frilford, Germany, 1944-1945 : sabotage railway track Hintshingen to Oberlauchringen

Gambling, Holland, 1945 : Jedburgh team to Veluwe region
Gela Blue, Italy, 1944-1945 : political and military liaison mission to partisans in Vittorio Veneto
Genesse, Italy, 1945 : military and political liaison mission to Oltre-Po, Pavese and partisans of Ligurian zone
Gibbon, Belgium, 1942-44 : PWE mission, organisation of carrier pigeon communication systems
Glamis, Belgium, April 1944 : field name Josephine, Huy, Andenne region, adjunct to Hotton sabotage group
Gratiano, Belgium, January, 1944 : field name Ping Pong, W/T operator for Samoyede II, based Brussels
Greenleaves, Austria, 2 April 1945 : group based at Klagenfurt
Greyhound, Belgium, 1942-45 : organisation of escape routes through France to Spain (also known as WOODCHUCK and ANTOINE)
Griffon, : Belgium, February 1943 : field name Genon, sent in with W/T mission Badger to Huy region; 2me Bureau agent sent to liaise with secret armies, eventually captured and sent to Dachau
Guineapig, Belgium, October 1943 : field name Wig, with Flaminius
Gypsy, Belgium, September 1941 : to organise reception committees, VERMILLION courier routes

Hail, Italy : led by Petrucci, shot by the SS in March 1944
Hamster, Austria, 21 April 1945 : arming of small resistance groups for attacks on road and rail transport – Klagenfurt
Hangman, France, 1942 : sabotage of pylons
Hapale, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission to the partisans, southern Piedmont; signals investigation mission
Hapeville, Italy, 1945 : liaison mission to the partisans at Bergamasco
Haras, Austria, 30 July 1945 : to join Communist underground in Innsbruck, establish radio links.
Harrisburg, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission to partisans
Hecate, Belgium, mid-1944 : W/T mission to Huguette group, Brussels
Hector, Belgium : Hector 2 captured
Helenus, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Jeannine, Brussels, sabotage instructor for Nola
Herring, Italy, April 1945 : small parties of agents of Italian origin dropped to harass and disorganize enemy transport routes
Herrington, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission, northern Lombardy, to the partisans of Bergamasco
Hillcat, Belgium, August 1943 : sent with Tybalt, W/T missioni to Hector group
Hireling, Belgium, September 1941 : arrested shortly after landing, escape, investigation by MI5
Historian, Austria, 24 April 1945 : attack against communication lines in Klagenfurt
Hollowshoes, Spain, 1942-45 : building up of a network by Emilio Varas Canal. The group took its name from the latter’s girlfriend who proved her ability to create hollow heeled footwear
Hommestad, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission, northern Lombardy
Horatio, Belgium, January 1944 : field name Glove, Brussels, W/T mission for Hector II and Nelly, arrested May 1944
Hortensius, Belgium, January 1944 : field name Valentine, sabotage of waterways, Wanneberg and Brussels region, arrested in April 1944
Housekeeper, France, 1943 : sabotage of canal lock at Lesdains

Iachino, Belgium, 1944 : field name Noemie, to contact resistance groups of MNB
Iago, Belgium, January 1944 : field name Scipio, provision of counter scorch organisation in Antwerp; investigation of security of Hector organisation under recent arrests
Imogen, Belgium, July/August 1944 : field name Alice, courier for Odette
Incisor, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission to the Val d’Aosta area
Incomparable, Belgium, March 1942 : PID propaganda mission, to contact and obtain influence in sabotage organisation
Indelible, Italy, 1945 : military and political liaison mission to partisans in the COTULLA Savona province
Independence, Belgium, April 1941 : via Gibraltar; to contact any existing organisations and assess progress, advise on needs
Insulin, Italy, March 1945 : political and military liaison mission, Piacentina area
Intersection, Belgium, January 1942 : captured shortly afterwards, investigation on use by Germans and possible arrest of other agents
Izarra, Italy : proposed exfiltation of General Gustvo Pesenti

Jerboa, Belgium, April 1943 : Ghent, Sûreté mission, to limit industrial production, some sabotage of waterways
Junius, Belgium, May/June 1944 : field name Parasol, W/T mission, possibly arrested

Koala, Belgium, June 1942 : to stimulate a go-slow action to Beringen coal mines to reduce output, also to prepare sabotage on railways and Albert canal
Kuyper, Holland, October 1944 : Lieutenant Dubois of Dutch army sent to organise reception committee and locate evading service personnel. Captured

Labrador, Belgium, January 1943 : 2em mission, to organise reception committees; later doubts as to security
Lacquer, Belgium, September 1941 : sent to liaise with Conjugal organisation
Lamb, Belgium, April/May 1942 : W/T mission, to the secret army
Lavinia, Belgium, March/April 1944 : field name Victorine, organisation mission, sabotage against river traffic and locks
Lear, Belgium, August 1943 : to assist Stanley mission in cooperation with the secret army
Lemur, Belgium, November 1942 : British officer sent to try to resolve. current impasse, to organise reception committees, Ghent region
Lepidus, Belgium, May 1944 : field name Waltz, W/T mission with Huguette, eventually captured
Leyton, Italy, July 1944 : to block enemy transport and communications on the coast road, Fano to Pesaro
Ligarius, Belgium, June 1944 : field name Margot, liaison with Delphine, sabotage training; arrested July 1944
Lodovico, Belgium, May 1944 : Namur region, field name Rosalie, sabotage instruction mission
Lucullus, Belgium, January 1944 : field name Gauntlet, Nivelles
Luculluss, Belgium, March 1944 : field name Jeanette, shot down
Lynx, Belgium, June 1942 : Neufchateau area

M-11, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission, Asti and Piedmont (existed under different leadership before this date)
M 12/Tiber, Italy, 1945 : political and military liaison mission; a sparse file suggests activity in Liguria and Genoa
M 6, Italy 1944-45 : political and military liaison mission in Biella area
Macduff, Belgium, May 1943 : with Ibex and Seal, to find reception committees for Civer, to act as an adjunct to mission Stanley
Majordomo, Belgium, January 1942 : with Mandamus, reports on arrests, including Laquer agents
Mallaby/Neck, Italy, 1943 : with a second mission 1945, the first W/T mission dropped by parachute to Lake Como, but was captured on landing. The agent, Richard Mallaby, also known as Olaf and Richard Tucker, provided a W/T link during the final surrender of the Axis forces in Italy after being captured during his second mission
Man Friday, Belgium, January 1942 : contact existing secret organisations, collect political and propaganda information
Mandamus, Belgium, January 1942 : to organise sabotage, passive resistance, arms dumps, possibly crashed after take-off
Mandrill, Belgium, 1943 : PID mission to contact Cordier mission for the demoralization of German support, reception of propaganda, Liège, Brussels, Ghent
Manelaus, Belgium, October 1943 : liaison mission to chief of zone 1, field name Berthe
Marcius, Belgium, February/March 1943 : field name Necklace, W/T support to chief Osric; presumed arrested
Mardian, Belgium, July 1944 : field name Mathilde, to work with Celeste
Market, Holland, September 1944 : liaison missions for Arnhem operations, EDWARD, provision of W/T contacts with England during airborne operation CLAUDE, Market Garden. The four Jedburgh teams were Edward, Claude, Clarence and Daniel
Marmoset/Daniel, Belgium, January 1942 : sabotage organisation for Periwig
Marmot, Belgium, September 1942 : support to existing sabotage movement in Mons, Scheldt region
Mastiff, Belgium, March 1942 : W/T mission with Incomparable
Menas, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Eugénie, to contact Samoyède II and Stentor organisation
Mencrates, Belgium, April/May 1944 : field name Hortense, sabotage mission to Nelly
Menenius, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Simone, organisation of reception committees; arrives too late to fulfill mission
Messala, Belgium, June 1944 : to regain direction in field of railway dislocation, replace Nelly and organise sabotage structure, field name Huguette
Mink, Belgium, 1942 : chief steward in Belgian merchant navy, escaping to form sabotage organisation in Anvers region and await W/T
Mongoose, Belgium, June 1942 : to contact secret armies, arrange reception committees; established but no reports received
Montano, Belgium, March 1944 : reports on group G activities, investigation of Yapok, Fabius and Hector II missions, creation of PWE structure and sabotage central Brussels
Moselle, Italy 1943-45 : wireless operation, agent captured in Sardinia and AVOCAT possibly played back against SOE
Mouse, Belgium, March 1942 : drops unoccupied France, arrested shortly after landing
Mule, Belgium, April/May 1942 : Free French recruit, to organise transport and sabotage in Antwerp
Musjid,Belgium, September/October 1941 : contact organisations in east and west Flanders, creation of reception and sabotage organisations, organiser Aboretum, to be dispatched

Newsagent, Belgium, May 1943 : with W/T operator Vampire, to organise reception committees and sabotage groups in Antwerp and Limburg
Nicanor, Belgium, January /February 1943 : field name Therese, support to chief Belgian organizers

Opinion, Belgium (?) 1941 : mission to cultivate contacts in ecclesiastical circles, including the king’s entourage
Othello, Belgium, June 1943 : mission to organise agricultural resistance, develop clandestine press and the encouragement of the sale of produce direct to the population, thus undermining occupation controls
Outcast, Belgium, September/October 1941 : to work also into Luxembourg to contact existing groups or set up new ones, plan sabotage of power stations, industrial targets
Outhal, Belgium, set for June 1941 : did not take place, little information as to purpose in available file

Pandarus, Belgium, March 1944 : field name Cufflinks; to supply 90.000 dollars to secret army and aid building up to wireless network
Panicle, Portugal, 1941 : planning for delay of any enemy advance into Portugal
Patroclus, Belgium, April/May 1944 : with Velutus and Publius, field name Bracelet, works to Osric, Brussels, but arrested June 1944
Patron, Belgium, 1944 : proposed exfiltration of Prince Charles of Belgium, brother of the King; no progress by August 1944
Periwig, Belgium, 1941 : sabotage mission, captured by Gestapo (few details in the file)
Periwig, Spain, 1944-45 : a plan for the planting of evidence on captured Germans (who would presumably be allowed to escape) which would lead to the belief that the real German underground resistance movement was being organised from Britain. There is no evidence in the file to suggest that it went ahead
Philotus, Belgium, August 1943 : establishment of organisation for reception and distribution of propeganda, attacks against pro-Fascists, and obstruction of work of collaborators
Phrynia, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Liliane, to Osric, communications, information and reconnaissance for the chief of the area
Pilchard, France : sabotage of Matisse works, Versailles, and BREWER Radio Paris at Allouis
Platypus, Belgium, August 1942 : with Man Friday, mission with Belgian Surété and PWE to influence Belgian industry towards go-slow tactics, collection of economic data; status of mission questioned by ‘C’
Pointer, Belgium, July 1943 : with Claudius, later W/T to Claudius, contact with escape organisations; but questions over contact with German agents
Polonius,Belgium, January 1944 : field name Belt, to Tybalt, north of Nivelles
Pompey, Spanish section plan for deception to suggest that the Allies intended to attack southern France or Greek islands
Pool I and II, Italy, May 1944 : Pool I was a landing on Elba near Capo San Andrea, with Pool II being the exfiltration of agents from the same place
Potato, Italy : sabotage of the railway line from Siena to Empoli and subsidiary roads, June to July 1944
Priam, Belgium, May/June 1944 : field name Hubertine, sabotage instruction mission
Publius, Belgium, April/May 1944 : field name Muff, W/T mission to Colette
Pyx, Austria, 13 June 1945 : Klagenfurt to Vienna; for creation of safe houses, contact with the resistance locally, sabotage organisation; delay imposed by partisans and capture of information; eventually return of the party to Bari

Rankin, Codeword for planning of operation in the event of German withdrawal from occupied countries
Rat/Goat, Belgium, April 1943 : organisation of courier line for escapees and mail
Regan, Belgium, February 1944 : field name Lining, W/T mission to Scipio
Relator, Spain, 1941-43 : name given to the training of a party of area commanders to be used in Spain; also appear to be known as Ali Baba and the 20 thieves. Their purpose was to delay the enemy in any advance into Spain
Reproach, Spain, 1941-43 : general name for attempts to build up support among Spanish ‘traditionalists’ in the event of an invasion of Spain, in the Navarre area
Reynaldo, Belgium, August 1944 : field name Gabrielle, to contact chief of the secret army
Rhombold, Belgium, October 1941 : Chevron area, W/T and sabotage
Ricco, Italy, 1944-45 : political and military mission to partisans; road party in the La Spezia area

Oderigo, Belgium, May 1944 : field name Paulette, sabotage instruction to Nelly organisation, Lessines region

Rosencrantz, Belgium, September 1944 : W/T mission, overtaken by Allied advance
Rudder, Italy : codename for telegrams received from Rome through a code specially infiltrated immediately after the armistice
Ruina, Italy, 1944-45 : political and military liaison mission to partisans, west Veneto. The file contains a detailed sabotage diary
Rummy, Holland mid-1944, to contact underground movements and report on security aspects after recent German successes against the circuits

Sable, Belgium, April/May 1942 : east of Blois, to establish sabotage group near Antwerp, part of mission known as ‘the Toughs’, to disorganize transport, railways, communications
Sainfoin, France, September 1944 : Pantarlier region, working behind enemy lines in advance of Allies
Saki, Italy, 1944-45 : political and military liaison mission Liguria region
Samoyede, Belgium, May 1943 : PID mission, for pre- and post- liberation work, jamming of German wireless installations, aim of helping Allies from D-Day in use of press, cinema and radio
Savanna, France, 1941 : sabotage of Vannes aerodrome, and transformer JOSEPHINE B substation at Pessac
Scullion, France, 18 April 1943 : independent French mission to sabotage Les Telots shale oil refinery
Seafront, Austria, 12 October 1945 : establishment of safe route to Salzburg and encouragement of resistance in Salzburg; dropped to Germany by mistake
Sempronius, Belgium, February/March 1944 : field name Ernestine, assistance to chief of sabotage, organisation of reception of material, using business cover; no reports received from mission in surviving file
Siamang, : Val Maria area, helping to coordinate anti-scorch measures to protect hydroelectric plants in the region
Silkmerchant, Belgium, May 1941 : organisation of passive resistance through liberal and social parties, eventually leading to sabotage
Sling, France, 1944 : attack on Paris electricity supplies by systematic destruction of pylons on three main lines; successful
Socrates, Belgium, 1943-44 : to organise financial aid to resistance organisations
Sophie, France, June 1943 : dispatch of assistant to de Gaulle’s commissaire for France

Temple, Austria, 13 August 1945 : establishment of contacts in frontier area; fate unknown
Terrier, Belgium, March 1942 : Rochefort area, W/T mission suspicions of possible use of W/T sets by the enemy
Tiddleywinks, Holland, August 1944 : to re-establish propaganda links, send messages to the underground press on behalf of the Queen; agent injured on landing
Turdus, Italy, 1944 : Lunese area, political and military liaison mission to partisans
Tybalt, Belgium, 1942-44 : organisational mission to contact resistance CLAUDIUS groups, secret armies and FIL, the largest sub group in Belgium, and bring these within SOE coordination

Union, France, January 1944 : to investigate Maquis strength, Savone region

Varro, Belgium, 1944 : field name Delphine, mission to investigate arrests in Tybalt organisation
Vergillia, Belgium, February 1944 : field name Nelly, chief sabotage organisation working to chief of staff, SOE and Belgian Sûreté, with the aim of dislocating rail and road transportation on D-Day
Vivacious, Germany, 1944-45 : agent (2nd Lieutenant Baker Byrne) sent to sabotage the Bruno Hintze precision engineering works in Berlin, active in the production of V2 rocket components. Not successful, but agent managed to return to Britain

Warden, Spain, 1941 : plan for the sabotage of eight enemy ships in Las Palmas harbour; no evidence that this was carried out

Yapok, Belgium, February 1944 : with Montano and Volumnia missions, field name Shoelace; arrested and escaped


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