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Dear members of the European Center of Military History,

My name is Arthur Coppee, I’m a young fan of the Battle of the Bulge based in Belgium and I’m looking for some very specific information that I hope to get thanks to you. I’ll list some units and soldiers that fought in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge and explain what I need to find about it. If you have any information that will help me further on or you know somebody that could answer my questions, please let me know! This is my email : [clik here]

Thank you!

I added pictures to prove the information I have are correct. I’m very close to the owner of the Château de Roumont (near Champs, Libin, in Belgium).

The following German and US units all stayed at Roumont and are mentioned with the dates they stayed there. They are chronologically listed. The things I seek for are stated below the units.

Germans :

VIII.Fliegerkorps (May 17 1940 – May 20 1940)
Senior Luftwaffe officers (May 22 1940)
(Unknown (???)) German units (May 12 1940 – October 7 1940)

Request :

veterans or family of these units who I could have a talk with
pictures of these units from the mentioned dates
books or documents mentioning their stay at Roumont

US units :

893rd Tank Destroyer Battalion (September 9 1944 – ???)
102nd Evacuation Hospital (October 4 1944 – November 21 1944)
107th Evacuation Hospital (December 17 1944 – December 22 1944)
81st Infantry Division (Third Army) (December 26 1944 – January 12 1945)
87th Infantry Division (Third Army) (December 26 1944 – January 12 1945)
3515th Ordnance M.A.M.Co (January 13 1945 – January 26 1945)
1306th Engineer General service Regiment APO403
– Fox Co, 1st Platn Easy Co, 1st Plat George Co
– (January 26 1945 – February 16 1945)
1317th Engineer General Service Regiment (February 22 1945 – March 19 1945)
(Pow Cage – with about 500 German POWs February 27 1945 – March 10 1945)

Request :

veterans or family of these units who I could have a talk with
pictures of the units taken between the mentioned dates
objects or letters/documents about Roumont from between the mentioned dates
G-2 (periodic reports) from mentioned dates
Unit journals (war diaries) from mentioned dates
morning reports from mentioned dates
enlistments (except from the 102nd Evacuation Hospital)

Note : I already have spoken with the following veterans :

Lt and Chief of Motor Division Malcolm E. Strom (102nd Evacuation Hospital)
Lt Meads, and Capt Physician and Supply Officer Byron L. Mauck ((102-FEH)
I’m still looking for : Chief Warrant Officer Clarence (“Woojie”) H. Schmittdiel (102-FEH)

I already have considered the following archives and websites :
893rd Tank Destroyer Battalion, after action report
102nd Evacuation Hospital, historical report
107th Evacuation Hospital, historical report

The second thing I have questions about : enlisted soldiers. What I miss about them is mentioned after the name of each soldier.

(1) Pfc George C. Powers, ASN # 1401 1021, 20-AIB, (10-AD), born in 1920, Dyer County, Tennessee, died at Roumont December 21st, 1944, while the 107th Evacuation Hospital was at Roumont. I never found anything about his wife, Louise Powers

Picture of him? Did he write a diary or memories?
What has Louise Powers become? How can I reach her/her family?
Where was he wounded? How did he get killed?
What Company was he in?

(2) Pvt George L. Ledbetter (driver of the 102nd Evacuation Hospital) (I found his name written somewhere)

Picture of him? Did he write a book or memories?
How come he isn’t enlisted? I can’t find his ASN because he was part of the Medical Corps, and not of the Army? Where are the men from the Medical Corps enlisted?
Did he die during the war or after the war, where and when?
Has he got family (children, grandchildren…) ?
When I seek from him in the enlistments, I can find two results : a black soldier (which he wasn’t, because I have a picot of him) and a guy without his middle name, so I can’t be sure it was “L”… He was from the south, like Texas, Kansas, Alabama…

(3) Pvt G. P. Saldana (ASN # 3845 5999), 102nd Evacuation Hospital. I found his name written on a pair of Gloves as you can see on the picture.

Picture of him? Did he write a book or memories?
Why is his ASN matching another soldier? Because he was from the Medical Corps?
What is his first and middle name? His last name sounds Mexican.
Did he die during the war or after the war, where and when?
Has he got family (children, grandchildren…) ?

(4) I just have the middle and last name from this soldier because his dog tag was burnt, as you can see on the picture. It is “L. Burnell” (ASN # ??41 4568, vaccinated against Tetanus : 1942 – 1943, blood group “O”, address : 2300 L Avenue, Bay City, Texas, and he was a Protestant)

Picture of him? Did he write a book or memories?
How come he isn’t enlisted? He was probably a patient from the 102nd Evacuation Hospital or from the 107th Evacuation Hospital at Roumont.
Did he die during the war or after the war, where and when?
Has he got family (children, grandchildren…) ?
What is his first name and his full ASN?

Well, this is it. Please also have a look at the pictures I joined. Contact me if you know any answer to one of my questions or something else that might interest me. Thank you!

Best regards,

Arthur Coppee

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Doc Snafu

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