Marble’s Compass – Gladstone – Michigan (WW-2 Brass Compasses)


teddy-roosevelt-3Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt (October 27 1858 – January 6 1919), the 26th President of the United States of America, carried a Marble’s compass on many of his famous hunting expeditions all over the planet. Admiral Matthew Calbraith Perry (April 10 1794 – March 4 1858) and Admiral Richard E. Byrd (October 25 1888 – March 11 1957), both in the United States Navy, also used Marble’s manufactured compasses during their trips to the North and South Pole. Even Charles Lindbergh carried Marble’s a pocket knife, compass and matchbox during his Transatlantic Solo Flight. Our compasses have been routinely pinned on Air Force Bomber and Flying Jackets in every American conflict since WW-I. Lot of our small compasses were even carried by Paratroopers and Rangers during World War Two. Most of our turn-of-the-century compasses are still in service today. There are very few items that can make that claim.



The Marble Timeline

1887, Webster Marble moves family to Gladstone, Michigan
1890, Marble founds Gladstone Exchange Bank and is President
1892, Manufactures Universal Rifle Sight and incorporates as Gladstone Mfg Co
1893, Makes first Pocket Axes; recession causes Panic of 1893
1894, Marble returns to surveying and timber cruising
1898, Patents Safety Pocket Axe and incorporates as Marble Safety Axe Co
1899, Exhibits first products at Sports Expo in Madison Square Garden
1902, Introduces Improved Front Sight; UK Army adopts Marbles #3 Safety Pocket Axes
1903, Patents Automatic Flexible Joint Rear Sight
1909, New 24,000 square foot factory completed and lauded as “Finest of its kind in the world.”
1910, First Game Getter Guns shipped from the factory
1912, Magazine advertising reaches 20,000,000 readers world wide
1913, Teddy Roosevelt carries Marble’s compasses during Expandicao Scientifica exploration of Brazilian wilderness
1914, WW 1 US Army trucks equipped with Marble’s compasses
1916, British government buys Marble’s hunting knives for Army issue
1927, Charles Lindbergh carries Marble’s knife, compass, and matchbox on first solo transatlantic flight
1930, Founder, Webster Marble dies. Son William becomes President; son Floyd is President of subsidiary Marble Card
1957, Marble Arms is purchased by Bell and Gossett Inc
1958, Marble Arms Corporation sells 500 Pilot Survival knives to US Navy and releases proprietary manufacturing specifications
1966, New plant built at present location
1984, Marble Arms purchases Poly-Choke
1998, Marble’s Peep Tang Sight is reintroduced with windage adjustment
2000, Marble’s adds Fiber Optic front, rear, and shotgun sights to the line
2003, Poly-Choke sold
2005, Marble’s #95 sight is reintroduced with windage adjustment
2007, Marble’s introduces the Improved Peep Tang Sight with interchangeable uprights Safety Axes





Collection GGGJr / EUCMH

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