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    April 2 2019 : The Chat System (Red Button on the left) is reinstalled. I have checked is and it is working but I am still waiting to have someone from the outside to test this system. Your on !

    March 22-31 2019 : Categories – Pacific Theater – North African Theater and Mediterranean Theater are all checked and back online.

    March 21 2019 : Category China Burma India is also back online.

    March 19 2019 : The old Statistic counter from 2007 has been removed at the range of 1.595.921 (hits & page views) and replaced by the new statistic and counter at the range of O.

    March 18 2019 : The US Army Air Force archives are also back online. Note that all the China-Burma-India Air Forces archives has been moved to this chapter. This mean that all related texts to what’s flying is in this category.

    March 13-15 2019 : The huge Category German Documents has been also checked and is back online.

    March 12 2019 : Definitive elimination of Facebook, Watsap and Instagram. All links to as well as from Facebook will be removed because EUCMH, EUCMH’s Members and EUCMH’s data are in no way for sale. We have had enough of Zuckerberg apologies meanwhile all our private data are disseminated all over the Internet. I strongly believe that Zuckerberg just want to become the Inernet’s Prima Dona and I am in no way one of Zuckerberg’s fan.

    I have migrated my FB account to My personal MeWe Page
    I have migrated my FB Group to Military History 1933-1945

    March 10 2019 : The Category Royal Canadian Army is also finished, checked and online. Note that this category will probably be era&sed during the year 2019 because it seems that no a lot of peoples are interested in the Canadian Army participation in World War Two. (Its a shame)!

    March 6 2019 : A new plugin has been installed, checked and it is working : Ad to Any. Now you can share an entire archive to your own account or favorite place over the Internet.

    March 4 2019 : The Category Personal Historic Accounts is also finished. All has been checked and it’s back online. New diaries or donated stories will be added as soon as I get them.

    March 3 2019 : The Newsletters system is back online, tested and it is even working perfectly. You can now subscribe without any trouble.

    March 1 2019 : Category Photos Archives if done and back online.

    I am busy ! I mean I am re-doing this website (finally) to his last version. To make sure that you don’t start yelling around because of dead links or non-showing images, I want you to notice that to allow you to follow the evolution of the Website, chapter under work will be presented with a flag image as a background and the featured image the archives will be presented in full colors.

    Please notice also that I am searching for some help (free) in graphic design (I need a great logo), as well as I am still looking for personal archives (soldier’s stories & diaries). I am also planing to accept guest writers who want to publish their researches or works. I am still looking for photos (NARA) and any other kind of help that peoples can provide me to keep this monster website running. Donations (20$ or so) would be great but …

    Thanks for reading

    Doc Snafu

    For all purposes :
    European Center of Military History
    Gunter ‘Doc Snafu’ Gillot
    rue des Thiers 8
    Francorchamps 4970
    Email : gunter [at]

    Thank You for your support !

    PS : Feel free to use this page if you have something interesting to say.

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