Happy New Year

This will be the sole message for the year 2019 on this page since I have decided to work in a differently manner I did before. I’ve told that several time for the past 15 years : running an History website in Belgium is a real endeavor. Their is no help to become to support the work and the costs for the web server. It has to change. I conducted a test during the period 2007-2010, placing the entire site under a Payed Membership only website, got about 85 members at 2.50 USD / month. It allowed me to buy archives, do a lot of work and improve the site constantly. 300 USD + a month is not a lot of money but it was great.

Because donation made by my visitors are about the be zeroed. They reached once 100 USD, their is no way for me to keep going and keep putting money into the site just for the happiness of peoples that aren’t even able to comment and archive or to send a couple USD for the really hard work I have done.

So – and to be clear – as I need 30+ USD / month for the web server, and this is the absolute minimum, if donations doesn’t make it, I will, on January 1 2019 place the entire website under the S2 Paid Membership only at 4.95 USD / month.

Gunter – Doc Snafu

Dear reader,

For all purposes :
European Center of Military History
Gunter ‘Doc Snafu Gillot
rue des Thiers 8
Francorchamps 4970
Email : gunter [at] eucmh.be

Thank You for your support !

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