July 29 2019 : I decided to remove the old ‘Page Views’ Counter (turned off at 1.874.894) because to many digits and not enough information. It’s bee replaced with a Flag Counter for Page Views and it looks better.

    July 18 2019 : I have added a Feedback Script to allow the visitors to ask for particular archives, questions, say hello to me, or comment on the site.

    May 1 2019 : For all those who have made already a +25 donation and the other who will do the same until December 31 2019 to help growing the site, you will receive a full member access to the site till December 31 2020. This is my way to tank you for your support.

    For the others, the site will turn into a Membership Regulated Website on January 1 2020 without any other message. This mean also a total reset of the registered members as well as all the registered emails in the system. January 1 2020 will be the start for the real finished website and new archives will be added daily.

    Thank you for reading.
    Doc Snafu


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