Donation ! What a Joke, at least for me !

Because it really doesn’t work, I surfed to a specialist website to read about the way to ask for donation without ripping peoples off. I will follow their advices with you : [(1) Make it painfully easy to find the ‘donate’ option : As marketing guru Seth Godin once blogged, our target markets are often ‘lazy people in a hurry’. (No offense to our lovely, unexpected donors!) Let’s face it : People are getting savvier by the day, ad banners are blending into the background, and cluttered layouts are turning people away. Big, bold, beautiful buttons are what we’re after. (When we at Network for Good put our button front and center on our homepage, we brought in 30 percent more donations!)]

My answer : click the little yellow paypal button below! More easy, it doesn’t exist.

[(2) Show where the moolah goes : Belts and purse strings are tightening, and folks are becoming increasingly skeptical of charities. Now’s the time to be completely transparent about where contributions and gifts are going. The more honest and open your organization is, the more trustworthy you’ll become. Illustrate this with testimonials, endorsements, and badges from groups such as Charity Navigator or the Better Business Bureau. Explain the how of your mission (not just the what) : Nonprofits often put a lot of stock into their mission statements as if these short explanations are the lifeblood of a good organization. Sure, they’re important, but they’re not compelling in and of themselves; just because you’re out to ‘end poverty’ or ‘save animals’, etc., doesn’t differentiate you from the other anti-poverty or animal-friendly charity down the street. Paint the picture of how your nonprofit is getting the job done in addition to explaining what the job is. Be specific!]

My answer : do you remember when Obama said once ‘Muslim are the very fabric of our country’? That’s exactly again what I am working. I am willing to build a references website for children, school teachers, researchers, etc. You don’t believe me? Just go outside and as a 20/30 years old guy or gall from the actual generation about Iwo Jima or Corregidor and listen to their answers. Is There anything more I need to say?

[(3)Appeal to donors’ ideas and values : Put yourself in your donor’s shoes : What’s most important to me? Am I looking for convenience, a happy feeling, or a sense of accomplishment? Do I want to affect a certain group of people’s lives? Your mission won’t tug at the heartstrings of every single person—but make sure it hits home with your target audience(s).]

My answer : It happened twice during the last decade that I had received more money than the amount I need for the Hosting costs. I did two donations of 10$ for US Veterans. See what I mean?

[(4) Show your connection to or presence in the local community : This element is key to making the ask : Do your best to make a connection to the people and places from which you’re soliciting donations. Whether your program work is in Africa or your soup kitchen is on Main Street, be sure to include language to bring a sense of relevance to your website visitors. (According to a recent study, an organization’s presence in the user’s own community was the second most important deciding factor after the organization’s mission and work.)]

My answer : my community is worldwide (80% of my traffic comes from the USA).

[(5)Don’t forget to ask : This is not the time to be shy about actually asking for donations. Now that you’ve made it easy and compelling to become a part of your nonprofit’s work and impact, be sure to make the call to action.]

My answer : here! below! I am officially requesting you to make a donation. Note I am asking in a very gentle manner because I am a great guy. The problem is the guy on the roof. He has a connection to your webcam and see exactly what you are doing. So it’s up to you.

Hey listen! I am also jobless and I know what hard time is. 1$, 10$, 100$ and over are all donations. I don’t consider a same to donate (when I can) 1 or 5$ for some cause. Finally, the deal is to help achieve something! or ?

For all purposes :
European Center of Military History
Gunter ‘Doc Snafu’ Gillot
rue des Thiers 8
Francorchamps 4970
Email : gunter [at]

Thank You for your support !



  1. Thank You to James Jimbo Haahr (WW-2) Veteranf 101/26-YD for the 100 euros donation in January 2018. That will sure help me going ahead with the website.
    Thank You to Robert Brook (no other information) for the 10 USD donation in January 2018. A lot of little streams create a great river.

  2. If fact I have to say that A World War Two Veteran is the only one that send EUCMH money for the new hosting and the new site. Since more than a year this man is sending me 100 euros every month and this pay for the hosting and allow me sometime to buy some small little things (militaria) to be added to the site. I have to say that it was not my idea of donation but he keeps EUCMH alive and online. I will not cite him because he doesn’t want but I want him to know that EUCMH is also his website.

  3. And again a big thank you goes to S/Sgt James ‘Jim’ Haahr (101/26-YD 1944-1945) for his 16th donation. It is a terrible thing for me to think that a veteran of WW-2 is the first donator of EUCMH.

  4. I have to thank you another American citizen who did a donation but I need to check the EUCMH Paypal account to find his name out. I just wanted him to know that I didn’t forgot him.
    Thank You


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