Making a donation is something anyone can do. Your donation will not pay me nor my work. Your donation will keep this website alive and make it better because I am always searching for new documents and photos to publish online. Of course equipment donation (small item only) are really welcome because I plan to change all the Featured photos with Military WW-2 Items. This will be a real nice place to add original equipment, but also to name someone or dedicate the archive published under the image to someone particular. It also seems important to emphasize that it’s not the amount of money you send that counts. What matters is that it’s the small streams that make the big rivers.

Thank You
Doc Snafu

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There is no question of doing, as many people do, money on the memory of our elders. This page is only intended to allow those who wish to make a donation to the European Center of Military History (non-profit organization) in the name of someone particularly. It can be a Soldier, a Nurse, a Battle, whatever you want. The other important thing to say is as follows : money donated will be used solely for the EUCMH Project, which means : the Website, the Virtual Museum, or the Permanent Exposition I am working on. (Should you need one, you can request a Tax Certificate (regular mail) for the amount of your donation.)

Today, a donation to the European Center of Military History has been made by M. Larry Crivello in Honor of his father 1/Sgt, Lawrence Crivello, 51st Armored Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division, US Army, World War Two. (Feb 2017)

My Dad, Lawrence Crivello, whose Army service in World War II earned him the Silver Star, died January 24 2005 of complications from a stroke suffered earlier last year. Dad’s four years in the Army marked him for the rest of his life. In 1941 – at age 22 – Dad was drafted into the Army, serving with the 51st Armored Infantry Battalion, which was attached to Gen George S. Patton’s 4th Armored Division. Although Dad’s service eventually took him to the hedgerows of Normandy, he spent his first few days in a frigid tent in Yap-hank, a tantalizingly short distance from his parents’ apartment in Borough Park. Dad earned a Silver Star for his actions on October 1 1944, when he (as a platoon sergeant) and his men took out a group of German infantry near Arracourt in France. He also was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster for having been wounded twice in action. One month later, Dad was seriously wounded when a bullet tore through his throat. He worked on a tugboat and guarded German prisoners of war until his discharge in April, 1945.

In Memoriam

Capt Robert J. Stewart
US Army, ASN 0101039
87th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
7th Armored Division
New Jersey, USA
Killed in Action : December 20 1944.

My friend, Patrick M. Hubay, Superintendent, Henri-Chapelle, American Military Cemetery and Memorial, in a letter sent to me on February 15 1984, proposed my family to take over the Grave of this Hero which has done the ultimate sacrifice for our Liberty. Since that day, we bring flowers to Capt Stewart and spend a little time with him.

Gunter G. “Doc Snafu” Gillot and Family

Today, a Facebook Friend, a World War Two Veteran (101st Infantry Regiment of the Yankee Division), and an EUCMH Registered Member had made a donation to the EUCMH Projects. This will help a little more to achieve the goal. Thank You, Jim.
James Haahr
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
United States 302-312-8892

Sometime you encounter strange peoples on the Internet. With Dawn, it’s like having found a sister. She asked me to do this for her Grandfather Hero, S/Sergeant Clifford L. Eldredge, China-Burma-India Theater, OSS Detachment 101, Galahad (5307 Composite Unit) Merrill’s Marauders, and Air Command resupply. Dawn wanted something short but well made to honor her Grandfather and here it is.

Dawn, you told about such a place during a discussion. I thought that you as well as Clifford deserved it. So I have done this one just for you and him and I am feeling really privileged to have done this for you.


  1. Thank You to James Jimbo Haahr (WW-2) Veteranf 101/26-YD for the 100 euros donation in January 2018. That will sure help me going ahead with the website.
    Thank You to Robert Brook (no other information) for the 10 USD donation in January 2018. A lot of little streams create a great river.

  2. If fact I have to say that A World War Two Veteran is the only one that send EUCMH money for the new hosting and the new site. Since more than a year this man is sending me 100 euros every month and this pay for the hosting and allow me sometime to buy some small little things (militaria) to be added to the site. I have to say that it was not my idea of donation but he keeps EUCMH alive and online. I will not cite him because he doesn’t want but I want him to know that EUCMH is also his website.

  3. And again a big thank you goes to S/Sgt James ‘Jim’ Haahr (101/26-YD 1944-1945) for his 16th donation. It is a terrible thing for me to think that a veteran of WW-2 is the first donator of EUCMH.

  4. I have to thank you another American citizen who did a donation but I need to check the EUCMH Paypal account to find his name out. I just wanted him to know that I didn’t forgot him.
    Thank You

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