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    Please help me to keep this monster website online
    and particularly free of cost for everyone because
    I do strongly beleive that no one should ever be
    allowed to forget the past!

    Hosting & Archives


    European Center of Military History
    Gunter ‘Doc Snafu’ Gillot
    rue des Thiers 8
    Francorchamps 4970
    Email : gunter [at]

    is my non profit & my non sponsorized digital endeavour!


    1. I have to thank you another American citizen who did a donation but I need to check the EUCMH Paypal account to find his name out. I just wanted him to know that I didn’t forgot him.
      Thank You

    2. And again a big thank you goes to S/Sgt James ‘Jim’ Haahr (101/26-YD 1944-1945) for his 16th donation. It is a terrible thing for me to think that a veteran of WW-2 is the first donator of EUCMH.

    3. If fact I have to say that A World War Two Veteran is the only one that send EUCMH money for the new hosting and the new site. Since more than a year this man is sending me 100 euros every month and this pay for the hosting and allow me sometime to buy some small little things (militaria) to be added to the site. I have to say that it was not my idea of donation but he keeps EUCMH alive and online. I will not cite him because he doesn’t want but I want him to know that EUCMH is also his website.

    4. Thank You to Sgt James Haahr (WW-2) Veteran of 101/26-YD for the donations he has done for over one year, January 2018 January 2019. That will sure help me going ahead with the website. I will never understand why these men who were a part in the Battle of the Bulge as well as others which are today World War Two Veterans are the one who sends donations without hesitation while today readers simply don’t care but don’t hesitate to suck all the blood out of a website without even saying it or – and this would be a minimum – saying thank you !

      Thank You to Robert Brook (no other information) for the 10 USD donation in January 2018. A lot of little streams create a great river.

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