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Acknowledgments & Friendships
My definition of Friendship !

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more peoples. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. Friendship has been studied in academic fields such as sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. Various academic theories of friendship have been proposed, including social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles. A World Happiness Database study found that people with close friendships are happier. Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many types of friendship. Such characteristics include affection, sympathy, empathy, honesty, altruism, mutual understanding and compassion, enjoyment of each others company, trust, and the ability to be oneself, express one’s feelings, and make mistakes without fear of judgment from the friend. While there is no practical limit on what types of people can form a friendship, friends tend to share common backgrounds, occupations, or interests, and have similar demographics. I am, was always and will always be open for a new friendship. I am also always keeping an eye open of my friends activities as well as I am always ready to exclude someone from my friends circle. For me, friendship is something sacred.

Soldier paying Respect to the Flag. For Civilians, especially those who are the children of the inhabitants of the devastated countries during World War One then World War Two, beside the fact that they usually do also pay a lot of Respect to the American Flag, they are involved in a very important Memory Duty while transferring the knowledge inherited from our parents to our own children. I am the proud descendant of a Belgian family and since 1975 I am working in this area on my own costs.

In Some ways, the story of the European Center of Military History started in Jalhay, Belgium, in 1980. With the apparition of William C. C. Cavanagh who was introduced to me by Charles B. MacDonald, half of the Army Shop Jalhay moved to Malmédy, William taking over the Forty-Four Shop and Museum in Malmédy, me remaining in Jalhay. In this time the name of the organization was the USVCPICE – US Veterans Contact Point and Informations Center. We both then worked with the Belgian OPT, the Embassy of the USA in Bruxelles and even the Embassy of the Russian Federation (CCCP). I decided to move half of my organization in Malmédy because of the many help promises done by the Mayor himself (Robert Denis). As nothing came in, as the Town Council even worked against us because we suddenly became – in Malmédy – more important and accurate to the visitors which deserted the official accommodations to get their info by us, the 44 Mil Shop and Museum became the number one target and 6 months later we had to run away from the city because the Veterans Center and Museum couldn’t face ‘well arranged’ visits with the Belgian Police, EOD … in one word, all what you need to put out to shot down something or someone. Malmédy having crashed I took then the Organization back to Jalhay where the entire business what then shot down my friends or their friends, the VAT Administration. On September 9 1986 is was officially executed and declare bankrupt. That’s the way it goes in Belgium.

Being today in December 2017 this make 31 years that I try to keep my head out of the water and it is often pretty difficult. Anyway I keep it running and have to give credit to the many peoples who helped me in many ways. It’s been a long time and many of my friends and contacts have already made their last transfer. It’s hard and sad to see them fading away and sometimes this even hurt. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do against this. None should be forgotten and that’s the reason I have done this page and keep it online. I will not forget a single one of them. The list changes every year because I keep eliminating friends who have strange behaviors like : Gatherers Corpse, Liars, Thieves and all this kind of trashes.

Peoples I met is the USA, in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Holland and Germany

The President of the USA, Ronald Reagan and Mrs Nancy Reagan
Mrs Mildred Patterson (US Ambassador in Brussels)
Sen. Robert Dole (Senator)(Veteran Italian Campaign)
Gen Matthew B. Ridgway (US Army) (CO XVIII Airborne Corps)
Gen James M. Gavin (US Army) (CG 82nd Airborne Division)
Gen Bruce C. Clark (US Army) (CO CCB 7th Armored Division)
Gen William M. Miley (US Army) (CG 17th Airborne Division)
Gen William T. Ryder ((US Army)(CO 1st American Parachute Test Platoon)
Gen William P. Yarborough (US Army) (CO Parachute Test Platoon)
Gen George M. Jones (USMC) (CO 503rd Marine Parachute Regiment)
Gen Edward W. Westlake (USMC) (31st Infantry Division)
Col Charles B. MacDonald (2-ID)(Mac, I miss you)
Howard S. Bedney – (104-ID)
William C. C. Cavanagh

Will, I just found out (March 2015) that you passed away. In Fact Fiona told me. No one has had time to let me know. I suppose that this is the way things goes today. Rest in Peace, my dear Will and if you find Mac in the paradise make sure he doesn’t again mess up the damn whole area, especially if Mac has located that Jim Beam guy up there. (Will you may be a really strange guy but you are and will always be the Best Military Historian in our Battle of the Bulge History. I do really want to thank you for all I’ve learned while you were working for/with me)

Theodore B. Wilcox – (104-ID)
Louis S. Wise Jr – (7-ID)
Alvin E. Thomas – (70-ID)
Robert F. Little Jr – (1-CAV)
Roger V. Foeringer – (99-ID)
Lew Conant – (3-ID)
James E. Tracy – (3-A)
John S. Linz – (C/394/99-ID)
Pat J. Murphy – (456ABA/82-AB)
John B. Merril – (308MED/83-ID)
Ed Sierjeij – (17AB/D)
John W. Mill – (USN Avia)
Thomas Huff – (A/414/104-ID)
Thomas F. Stack – (291-ECB)
James S. Steiner – (USN)
Peter L, Coppock – (UK Army)
Don L. De Donato – (290-FAOB)
Hans Sänger, (German 79.Infanterie-Division)
Richard D. Carlson – (409/103-ID)
Clarence C. Lauer Jr – (6-CAV)
Wayne Colwell – (278SP/XIII/9A)
Leo E. Thompson – (I/117/30-ID)
Johnny T. Goldston – (AAA-AW/552-PIR)
Earl W. Deitz – (1121G-HQ)(Gen Gerow’s Cook)(1A)
Robert B. Willon Jr – (I/38/2-ID)
Robert W. Tribe – (A/307-AB-Engr)
Robert A. Houston – (405/102-ID)
Robert L. Brander – (G/41/AIR/2-AD)
Elmer J. Otting – (309FA/78-ID)
Vincent P. Kramer – (Recon Off/18/1-ID)
Carter H. Colembe – (HQ/289/75ID)
Robert V. Benz – (26/1-ID)
Owen C. Miller – (A/506/101-AB)
Ralph E. Walter – (3373SI/2MONI/10A)
Stewart T. Moran – (XII Manitoba Dragoon)
Hugo Segat (Mil-Surp, New York) (Canal Street Militaria Nov 1984)
Jean-Jacques Lesceux – (Great Falls, Va)
Patrick M. Hubai – (Henri-Chapelle Mil-Cem)
Robert J. Stewart – (87RCN/7-AD) (Our Adopted Soldier in Henri-Chapelle)
Dennis M. Davies – (Salem, NH)(A great guy)
George P. Clark – (373/17/AAF)
James Bramuck – (USN)
Howard Bawen – (D/394/99ID)
Bernd X, (1. SS-Panzerdivision – LSSAH)
Fritz X, (1. SS-Panzerdivision – LSSAH)
Werner X, (1. SS-Panzerdivision – LSSAH)
Jordan M. Reifel – (3AAF & 14AD)
William Byrnes – (I/254/63ID)
Jim L. Kelly – (C/120/30ID)
Jack Bender (USA)
Melvin D Goebel – (I/254/63ID)
Leon Mourer – (I/254/63ID)
W. E. Luipler – (A/263/63ID)
J. Kagan – (808FAB/9A)
Henry V. Robut – (D/254/63ID)
Paul Kliger – (1ECA/1A)
Earl S. Parker – (E/423/106ID)
Mike Holmstock – (B/504/82AB)
C. R. Coxon – (USA)
Arthur J. Schwartz – (USA)
John C. Grady – (542PIB)
Harold Walsh – (Publisher)
William R. Embrey – (USA)
William H. Dean – (551PIB)
Al Pfeiffer – (11AD)
Ralph A. Watson – (101AB)
Andy Beck – (S-Co/103ID)
Philip van Eckeren – (Honorary 508PIR)
Bob Van Houtem – (President VBOB-USA) (Thanks for the VBOB Medal)
Fred Waring – (82AB)
Dan Morgan – (551PIB) (Thanks Dan)
Saul Solow – (30ID)
Jim Allardyce – (508PIR)
Alvin E. Thomas – (70ID)
Bernard W. Rogers, (SHAFE-CG)
Richard Neal – (D/393/99ID)
Charles Klouda – (1MED/309/78ID)
George V. Ewald – (67EVAC-HOS)
Erwin O. Hayes Jr – (A/23/2ID)
George Wise – (581AMB-Co)
Van String – (H/291/75ID)
King B. Rock – (285FOB)
Rey Rauvie – (D/5FA/1ID)
William D. Lake – (AT-Co/377/95ID)
Helen Jordan Phillips – (USA/Baugnez)
Hans Jaeger – (553VGD-1119SFKP)
Bill Waller – (Belgium)
Robert H. Ishom – (B/194/17AB)
F. W. Clipper – (214FAB)
William Dodge – (M/424/106ID)
Paul J. Folis – (628QMB)
William H. Mueller – (M/424/106ID)
Frank Bordely – (M/424/106ID)
Edward A. Lampere – (M/424/106ID)
Clement F. Piscitello – (4ID & 9ID)
Karl Willems (272 VGrDiv)
Sidney Pell – (HQ/415/104ID)
Robert R. Rankin – (USAF)
R. E. Stone – (B/523/AIB)
Sparky Tewalt – (H/33EB/7AD)
Thomas B. Lenaban – (2AD)
Bernard Rebarchak – (H/3Bn/110/28ID)
Charles S. Failamb – (551PIB)
Lou Regens – (2ID)
Richard F. Keller – (HQ-3ID)
J. B. Virgil – (VFW-USA)
Bobby R. Hurst – (HQ-USIC-Benning)
Michael Moss – (West Point Museum)
Denis M. Davies (Salem NH)
Gerard “Gerry” Devlin – (Historian-USA)
J de Cartier d’Yves – (PA-ABL-HA)
Daniel S. Campbell – (82AD)
Paul Kemp – (Imperial War Museum)
Terril M. Aitken – (Oregon Mil Museum)
David Gettman (relative to Shorty Gettman 99ID)
James Christian Haahr (101/26 Yankee Div)
Larry Crivello Jr (son of Larry Crivello Sr 4-AD)

Willis S. Cole Jr – (Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum)
Greg Tongue – 06484 CT-USA
Bill Rezzey, New York
Henri Rogister, Belgium
Eddy Lamberty, Belgium
Warren Watson, USA (30-ID)
Erik Brun (99-IBS)
Howard Yamagoshi (Proud Merrill’s Marauder Descendant)
James ‘Jim’ Haahr (101/29-ID)
Erwinn Verholen
Pacal Hainaut
Marion Jeanette Poniedzialek Chard
Larry Crivello
Robert Brooks

You could be the next and if I forgot to cite you make sure to drop me a note

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