REGISTRY NUMBER S-133 : COPY NO.11711/JOURNAL : Confidential, Signal Operations Instructions, Telephone & Teletypewriter Directory, Item N° 26-8, 30th Infantry Division, August 3 1944. Effective : Upon Receipt – Note : In compliance with letter date July 20 1944, FUSA, file 676.12 (Sig) the following will be introduced and become effective at all echelons. The use of code name ‘CREST’ designating the 30th Infantry Division Rear Echelon is dropped and henceforth 30th Infantry Division Rear Echelon will be designated as ‘CUSTOM-REAR’. When Displacement of a CP is made, the forward location will be designated as ‘ADVANCE’ for example : “‘CUSTOM-ADVANCE’, until the hour of opening when it becomes ‘CUSTOM’, and the switchboard at the old location becomes ‘CUSTOM-SWITCH’


30th Infantry Division

30th Infantry Division Headquarter : CUSTOM
30th Infantry Division Rear Echelon : CUSTOM-REAR

117th Infantry Regiment : CROYDON
117/1st Battalion : CURLEW
117/2nd Battalion : CREW
1117/3rd Battalion : CRANK

119th Infantry Regiment : CRISIS
119/1st Battalion : CROP
119/2nd Battalion : CULTURE
119/3rd Battalion : CURRENT

120th Infantry Regiment : CUSTER
120/1st Battalion : CUPBOARD
120/2nd Battalion : CUFF
120/3rd Battalion : CURVE

Headquarters Battery Division Artillery – 30/ID : CRACKER
Headquarters & Headquarters Company – 30/ID : CRANE
113th FA Battalion : CURTIS
118th FA Battalion : CREEK
197th FA Battalion : CRUNCH
230th FA Battalion : CROW
730th Ordnance Company : CRASH
30th Signal Company : CRITICAL
30th Reconnaissance Troop : CROFT
30th Quartermaster Company : CROWD
105th Medical Company : CRYPTO
105th Engineer Combat Battalion : CUDGEL
531st AAA A-W Battalion : AVOW
823rd Tank Destroyer Battalion : ANZAC
743rd Tank Battalion : VERIFY

Note : The phonetic equivalent of a Company, Battery or Troop designation added to the Battalion concerned will be used to indicate units within a Battalion. For example, CURTIS ABLE is the code designation for A Battery, 113th FA Battalion.

Note : (XXX) = Typewriter Call

First US Army : MASTER (FAH)
Third US Army : LUCKY (VBC)
Ninth Tactical Air Command : FOOTBALL (IVN)
V Corps : VICTOR (FVC)
XX Corps : COMET (AKE)
1st Infantry Division : DANGER (UNB)
2nd Armored Division : POWERHOUSE (ADO)
2nd Infantry Division : IVANHOE (LAC)
3rd Armored Division : OMAHA (HCD)
4th Armored Division : OLYMPIC (AIZ)
4th Infantry Division : CACTUS (EOC)
5th Armored Division : VOLCANO (FBN)
5th Infantry Division : DYNAMITE (VBT)
6th Armored Division : BAMBOO (KGM)
8th Infantry Division : GRANITE (DVB)
9th Infantry Division : NOTORIUS (RZD)
28th Infantry Division : HOLIDAY (LAB)
29th Infantry Division : LATITUDE (TID)
30th Infantry Division : CUSTOM (CEA)
35th Infantry Division : JUSTICE (VBW)
79th Infantry Division : BISHOP : (PEP)
83rd Infantry Division : BLACKSTONE (ACW)
90th Infantry Division : UNICORN (AKN)


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