17th Airborne Division – (194-GIR) – December 1944 / February 1945


General Summary
Aggressive patrolling and probing of German lines. A complete picture of Siegfried Line defenses was turned over to the relieving unit. 194th Glider Infantry Regiment suffered four casualties – all Wounded in Action. At least 25 casualties were inflicted on the Germans by mortar and artillery fire. 12 Prisoners of war were taken. Regiment was in good spirits – morale was high.

Dec 19 1944
Ogbourne St George, England, 0600, Received movement order for the Division.

Dec 20 1944
Ogbourne St George, England, 0800, Advance party and 1st serial left Ogbourne St George England for marshaling area at Ramsbury Field, England.

Dec 21 1944
Ogbourne St George, England, 2400, Movement temporarily held up by adverse weather.

Dec 22 1944
Ogbourne St George, England, 1600, Second serial left Camp for marshalling area at Ramsbury Field, England. 1600, 3/194-GIR left Aldbourne, England for marshaling area at Chalgrove, England.

Dec 23 1944
Ogbourne, St George, England, 2400, Movement temporarily held up by adverse weather.

Dec 24 1944
Ramsbury Field, England, 1000, First serial left marshaling area for Camp Mourmelon, France.

Dec 25 1944
Ramsbury Field, England, 0800, Third serial left Ogbourne, St George, England for marshalling area at Ramsbury Field, England.

Dec 26 1944
Ramsbury Field, England, 1500, Second serial left Ramsbury Field, England for Camp Mourmelon, France.

Dec 27 1944
Ramsbury Field, England, 0900, 3/194 left Chalgrove Field, England for Camp Mourmelon, France, 1000 Third serial left Ramsbury Field, England for Camp Mourmelon, France, 2400 2/194 left Camp Mourmelon France for Sedan, France.

Dec 28 1944
Tannay, France
– 0630 HQ Co & S-1 arrived at Tannay and set up temporary CP. Departed Camp Mourmelon, France at 0300. Approximate distance traveled 60 miles. 0800, S-4 went to Charleville-Mézières in connection with ammunition and other supplies.
– 0835, 3/194 moved forward from Camp Mourmelon to Raucourt, France.
– 0930, S-2 and S-3 arrived at Raucourt, France from Camp Mourmelon, France.
– 1000, Capt Hunter left Tannay, France with billeting party.
– 1230, Service Co moved forward to Flaba (Raucourt), France from Tannay, France.
– 1330, S-4 moved forward to Raucourt from Tannay, France.
– 1400, 3/194 moved forward from Raucourt to Haraucourt, France, and established CP.
– 1445, S-1 moved forward to Raucourt, France from Tannay, France. Distance traveled approx 10 mi.
– 1545, CP established at Raucourt, France.
– 1730, Col Pierce arrived and called Staff Meeting for 2000.
– 2140, Curfew for everyone in the town of Raucourt. Civilians must have a pass after 2100. If pers authorized only in line of duty after this hour.

Dec 29 1944
Raucourt, France.
– 0815, Capt Hunter left CP to locate and orient attached organizations as to regimental location and combat SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).
– 1110, 5 plane loads not yet reported or located, contain battalion heavy weapons and communications.
– 1110, Arrival of a 3rd French Battalion (3em Battalion Français) in sector reported – contact not yet established.
– 1110, S-4 – 110 cans gasoline released RSO; all trucks released to unit; B baggage, unit CO responsibility; Div QM not yet set up.
– 1131, S-3 – 10,000 mines available at Ordnance Depot Verdun.
– 1147, From 2/194 : 2,000 mines needed immediately.
– 1210, S-4 – Conversed with Mayor, Raucourt, concerning requisitions.
– 1410, Capt Hunter conversed with Mayor of Raucourt concerning billets.
– 1430, RSO personnel arrived from Camp Mourmelon.
– 1700, S-4 held organization S-4 meeting at CP.
– 1930, S-4 Arrived with Col McCarty to furnish 4 trucks to 1/194 daily, 10 trucks to 3/194 daily.
– 2305, Lt Spira reported that Vouziers was bombed at 2030.
– 2355, 1/194, reported that an ME-109 passed. Flying northwest approximately 1/2 mile north of Beaumont at 2355.

Dec 30 1944
Raucourt, France.
– 0005, Sent Intelligence representative to Mouzon to investigate suspects reported by 1/194 (S-3).
– 0800, Gen Phelps here to see Col Pierce.
– 1115, Military Police brought in 6 PWs to be taken on to Division for interrogation.
– 1130, Capt Cohen from 99th General Hospital Detachment at Regimental CP in connection with establishment and services of his men.
– 1130, Capt Kormoyle from Charlie Co, 726th Military Police Battalion, received orders to move to a new sector. Not attached to 194-GIR anymore.
– 1130, Police of Raucourt complained to S-2 that some 194-GIR troopers were removing chairs from Town Hall. Also wants Protestant services to be held in the Chapel rather than the Town Hall.
– 1335, Capt Colyet left for Division. G-2 meeting at 1600.
– 1410, Overlay of positions of 1/194 received. Lt Alcott on Bridge defense (S-3).
– 1445, Battalion and Company Commanders notified of meeting with Col Pierce to be held at 2000.
– 1445, 6 PWs turned over to Division. Captured at Vouziers. 1445, Gen Phelps here to see Col Pierce.
– 1450, Capt Hunter says that the Mayor of Raucourt has complained to CO about our troops town wood supply. This will stop immediately. Detail will report to S-4 tomorrow for purpose of getting wood for our troops. Mayor will show us where to obtain wood. Wood used by our troops thus far will be replaced.
– 1500, Chief of FFI Underground (Forces Française de l’Intérieur) at Regimental CP. RE : Contact 713 MPs to coordinate FFI patrols.
– 1530, 11 Enlisteds and 2 Officers picked up at Charleville who came in on late plane.
– 1615, Capt Connell wants to know if the two unserviceable tires for Ambulance will be replaced. Ambulance now out of action.
– 1615, 2/194 inquired about on complete additional unit of fire for arms. Wants tripod for Machine Gun Browning A4, cleaning materials for weapons, additional 2-1/2 ton truck.
– 2000, Col Pierce held staff meeting. RE : Plans for battle. Col McCarty present, also Maj Dantel of French Infantry Battalion.
– 2200, 6/2 French Infantry Battalion reported by Maj Dantel as having strength of 713.
– 2250, 1/194 wants engineer tools to help with defensive positions.

Dec 31 1944
Raucourt, France.
– 0510, 366th Engineers General Service Regiment reported unidentified plane overhead at 0400. Reported to Division at 0515.
– 0825, 2/194 6 PWs over to CIC.
– 0930, Capt Hunter informed by CO that Regiment might use Somewhere in France on correspondence. Regimental mail clerks to be brought forward and establish post office; will handle outgoing mail. Possible that Division will deliver incoming mail.
– 1015, Maj Davis from 366-EGS here regarding pyrotechnic supplies.
– 1015, Communication Officer requests requisition for 25 phones EE-8-B; 30 miles Wire W-110; Switchboard BD 72 to be used in Regimental Defense area. Requisition made and submitted by signal section. 2-1/2 ton truck furnished.
– 1030, Capt Hunter informed 3/194 that weapons would be carried at all times unless otherwise directed.
– 1045, Col Baily instructed that no vehicles would be parked in front of Regimental CP.
– 1100, A Staff Meeting will be held daily in the S-2 room at 1300 attended by the following : In addition to the regular staff, CO HQ Co, CO Service Co; Communication Officer; Regimental Surgeon.
– 1240, Chaplain Coombs asked for the name of the cemetery in England where the men from the Glider accident were buried – for his Chaplain’s report.
– 1245, Capt Hunter sent for Capt York. RE : Scheduled messenger service. Published in DB #92.
– 1245, Sent officer to Division to pick up 10 trucks for 3/194 in mobile reserve (S-4).
– 1430, Conferred with CO in regard to Engineer tools (S-4).
– 1440, Service Co, RSO, & Motor Pool moved into Raucourt, France.
– 1530, Attached units will submit to us their daily G-1 reports which will be forwarded to Division with our own G-1 daily strength report. Report to be telephoned to Division between 2200 and 2300.
– 1610 Monsieur Noiraux of the FFI at Haraucourt with 2/194.
– 1620, Medics sent Ambulance to Mouzon to evacuate flu case.
– 1804, Suspected enemy agent, Stéphane Heumon, at Muzon. Taken to CIC at Sedan at 1830.
– 1845, From 1/194 : Flares 165° from Beaumont at distance of 4 or 5 miles (S-3).
– 1910, Lt Spira left for Division to obtain Engineer tools.
– 1945, From 1/194 : White star cluster observed by Dog Co at 1745 C Battery Lucky observed same incident at same time.
– 2030, Flares observed at Rouffy by Chaplain Cartee.
– 2030, Ten 2 1/2 trucks arrived from 1/194. Have been replaced by attached trucks on alert.
– 2050, Estimated that it would take 100 trucks to move the regiment tactically. 2225, Gen Phelps instructed that 3/194 would not be committed unless by order of sector commander. Also indiscriminate firing north of Mouzon must be stopped immediately. 2305, Lt Spira reported that Vouziers was bombed at 2030. 2355, 1/194 reported that ME-109 passed. Flying northwest 1/2 miles north of Beaumont at 2355.

Jan 1 1945
Raucourt, France.
– 0100, Mouzon Bridge strafed. No casualties.
– 0830, Indistinguishable type flares sighted, 3 red. Azimuth 295° from coord. 0928, 2, at 0005 at five minute intervals to 0015. Sedan strafed by 1 plane at 0021. No damage noted. Message from 2/194.
– 0930, Capt from 740th here regarding attachment to 194. Eight civilians taken as prisoners by 3/194. From 3/194 : Patrol out, will be back after daylight. Will give report of findings.
– 1130, 606th Medical Clearing Detachment not attached to 194, but under control of CO of this sector.
– 1135, Called Division regarding mail situation. Will let us know when we have incoming mail. May send outgoing mail through Division.
– 1140, 1/194 says that Engineer Map 1:25,000 not accurate.
– 1145, Called Division regarding shower unit. CO wants unit moved to Regimental area. Division says shower unit not to be mobile. Unit will accommodate 150 men per hour – has 12 showers per unit.
– 1300, Capt Hunter left for Division in connection with shower unit.
– 1337, 1/194 reported Mouzon Bridge strafed. No casualties, no damage.
– 1400, To 513 (PIR) : Is anyone at control point at Montmédy ?
– 1410, From 513 (PIR) : Yes, somewhere in the vicinity.
– 1500, 1/194 sent 150 men to Division for showers.
– 1530, Lt Dobey reported in from Camp Mourmelon with Maj Hundley, Lt Jennings, Lt McGhee, and Commo section of HQ Co.
– 1700, Received from Commo : Make plans to move on 2-hour notice. Verification by msg.
– 1700, From Capt Harrison : Regimental payroll will be either Friday or Saturday. Must appoint Class A Agent Os. Co Comdrs may make any man Pfc without regard to T/O. Capt Brady transferred; must submit efficiency rating. General distribution will be held at base. PO will go with CP. Cpl Nyce will report forward as Regimental Mail Clerk.
– 1730, Col Baily instructed to be ready to move out at any time if necessary.
– 1815, CG instructed test msg in slide x. Send to G-3 immediately.
– 1820, Maj Fisher instructed that 24 trucks available now, and 10 additional on need.
– 1910, 3/194 needs 10 more trucks, now have 26 trucks. 20 standing by, 6 of their own.
– 1945, 3/194 reported flashes in their vicinity. Maj Peterson saw the same flashes.
– 2045, 366-EGS changing command, will not be attached to 194.
– 2130, CO, S-2 & S-3 plus 17 Enlisteds left for Raucourt to report to Div CP.
– 2245, 3/194 given movement orders by Col Bailey after TP to Col Pierce.
– 2350, Advance party (Billeting) left Raucourt CP. 2400, 3/194 closed CP at 2400.

Jan 2 1945
Raucourt, France
– 0040, PW picked up by MPs at Vouziers, interrogated, and sent to Division.
– 0100, Lt Evis, VIII Corps, instructed that we will find our maps at VIII Corps (Forward) at 1000 today.
– 0135, 1/194 is instructed to take one extra truck on movement and pick up all guides.
– 0245, 17-A/B instructed 194 to pick up more maps (1:25,000). Leave Local maps behind for unit coming into area.
– 0720, 2/194 strafed between 1930 and 2000. One casualty.
– 0900, Received adm Order No 1 from Division.
– 1100, Advance CP established at [362462].
– 1400, 2/194 reported that Division was furnishing 10 trucks for move.
– 1700, PW captured at Vouziers.
– 2100, Col Bailey decided to delay move until morning.
– 2315, Chief of Staff : 194 will move with least delay possible.

Jan 3 1945
Raucourt, France & Magerotte, Belgium
– 0045, CP at Raucourt closed. S-4 staying behind.
– 1200, CP established at Magerotte, Belgium [P451552].
– 1435, Civilian curfew will be from 1800 to 0700. Must have pass issued by CA Dets if duty to perform.
– 1445, 3/194 will reconnoiter Hubermont for night attack.
– 1500, Capt Foxman reported all clearing will be through 224th Medical Clearing Detachment, except HQ Co & Service Co, which will be handled by Regimental Medics.
– 1605, Complete written orders with overlays received from Division.
– 1640, Msg from 3/194 to CO : CP at [46.6-56.45] opened at 1030.
– 1730, Received overlay from 513-PIR. 1/194 will clear woods.
– 1800, Adm 0rder No 1 cut and distributed.
– 1800, 3 Trucks to be used by Unit for movement of troops.
– 2010, 2 PWs identified as from 600.Panzer-Pioneer-Regiment.
– 2030, Staff meeting called by Col Pierce. Oral field order given. Instructions of concentrated Artillery fire given. Time of attack given as 04-0815. Enemy situation given on all fronts effecting Division. Positions given in relation to other units; 87th Infantry Division on the left; 101st Airborne Division on the right; 11th Armored Division in reserve. 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment will follow at 4,000 yards. Plan for Regiment : 10 & possibly 11 Artillery in support. Two Battalions in assault. 3/194 on the right, 2/194 on the left, 1/194 in reserve. Primary mission given. 3/194 given attached units, 2/194 given attached units. Four Tank Destroyed will be held under Regimental control. Will have air support. Identification given by orange or red panels. Be sure of needing air before calling for it. If called and later accomplishes mission without air support, be sure to cancel the order for support. Get identification, take prisoners, location and strength of own unit given, get location and strength of enemy. Reminders : Keep troops moving after Artillery and Mortar concentrations. Use bazookas. Be sure to get reports back, so support can be given. Smoke situation discussed. Only call for WP when necessary. Men to have full canteens in case of wounds. There will be no fires except in daytime – dig in – jeep lights will not be used, not even cat eyes, forward of Regimental CP. Every unit required to furnish own security. Regimental CP will follow 3/194 up to Missouri. Then follow 2/194. Be sure to get reports back. Report jump off and progress. Instruction given in order to get fire for Artillery support. Seems as though enemy tanks have traveled on roads only. Discussion on use of tanks. Ringer – code name for tanks. Overshoes, overcoats and musette bags will be worn, gas masks will not. Password for January 3/4, [Vigilance-Watchful]. Hang on to grenades, they are very useful. Germans don’t like WP. Send back reports, no matter how. Watch for infiltrations, counterattacks, etc. Maneuver speed not necessary. Artillery will have 10 minute attack. S-2 asked organizations to get information from enemy.
– 2210, Division has identified : 19.SS-Regiment at 5463. 12.-SS-Regiment at 6063. 90 Tanks in town. 2315, Enemy dead identified : 2-928.Grenadier-Battalion, ZVB.

Jan 4 1945
Magerotte, Belgium.
– 0820, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : NRI Two companies in assault. Jumped off at 0815.
– 0950, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Left co contacted enemy at [458592] at 0825. Still moving forward.
– 0950, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Attached Tank Destroyers have not yet reported. From 3/194 to CO : Left Co on road from RJ [457594].
– 0955, Msg received right to [462594]. Right Co on line east to Battalion boundary.
– 0955, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Receiving enemy artillery fire in Hubermont area.
– 0955, Msg received from 3-194 to CO : We are 2500 yards short of Missouri at 0930. Moving CP forward now.
– 1050, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Request location of 2/194.
– 1100, Msg from 3/194 to CO : Leading elements 2/194 at 1000 were left [440595], right [450594]. Still moving.
– 1130, Urgent need of repair of wire line to 3/194.
– 1130, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Request permission to open 3 SCR-694 with you on frequency 4090. Will stand by at 1000. Cannot maintain contact with you by 300. Request reply by messenger. Urgent need of SCR-300 Radio commo with 2/194. 1230, 3/194 moved to [458592] at 1150.
– 1240, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Elements of 2/194 withdrawing. Were they ordered to do so ?
– 1310, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Our front line [47559] to [468597] to [462597]. Left Co held up south of Renaumont. Reserve Co being committed.
– 1355, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Charlie Co entering town of Renaumont. Right Co positions unchanged.
– 1355, Msg received from 2/194 to CO : Send five litter bearers, two aid men, and one medical jeep in vicinity of 2/194.
– 1355, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Right company pinned down and digging in along line [475599] to [368597]. See overlay.
– 1408, Msg to CO 2/194 from CO 194 : Report strength, location, disposition of enemy in your sector. Have you taken any prisoners ? Have you identified any units ?
– 1430, Msg to CO from 2/194 : Send medical jeeps and men. Also Chaplain’s jeep.
– 1430, Msg to 2/194 from CO : Imperative we make prisoners for interrogation. Get us some prisoners and we’ll give you some information.
– 1445, Advance billeting party left for Houmont, Belgium.
– 1450, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Report of one tank in Renaumont area. Tank destroyers moving up. Northeast section of Renaumont is cleared of enemy.
– 1500, Msg received from 3/194 to CO : Baker and Charlie Cos have entered the town of Renaumont. Three tanks seen in this area.
– 1505, Eng supplies loaded on truck and jeep. Advice disposition. TP from Lt Wollom, Lucky.
– 1520, Msg received from 2/194 to CO : Short of objective. Have lost contact with unit on left.
– 1530, Advance CP located at Houmont, Belgium (4657).
– 1534, Msg to CO 2/194 from CO 194-GIR : 3/194 reports elements of your unit withdrawing. Maintain ground gained. Have you committed your reserve yet ? If so, notify of details.
– 1545, Half of 194-GIR Medics moved forward to Houmont.
– 1800, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Need all types of ammo, especially 81-MM Mortar. Also Radio NS.
– 1800, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Forward CP located at Rechimont.
– 1850, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Need snow suits and can hold if can get more Artillery and tanks. Would like to get more observers.
– 1930, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Unable to contact unit on my left.
– 1930, Rear echelon of CP moved forward from Magerotte to Houmont, Belgium.
– 2015, Regimental CP established at Houmont, Belgium.
– 2030, Msg from 2/194 to CO : 40 assault guns, self-propelled located at Flamierge, [473515].
– 2055, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Request additional Tank Destroyers and tank protection. 88 and mortar fire very heavy.
– 2055, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Four 88s reported at [473615]. Unconfirmed information from captured map. Map has been forwarded.
– 2345, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Have 16 men left in Antitank. Require 23 replacements, including 4 drivers, 2 squad leaders, and one complete squad. Must complete. Reorganized platoon imperative. Have these replacements arrive as early as possible.

Jan 5 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0030, Msg from CO 194-GIR to CG 17-A/B : Need tanks badly.
– 0030, Col Sachs (3/194) reported to Regimental CP : Was forced out of Renaumont with heavy casualties. Cleared out snipers, then 4 or 5 tanks would attack with 30 or 40 infantry. A prisoner said the 3.Panzer just came in yesterday. 2/194 and 513-PIR were forced back. Snipers pick on marked helmets.
– 0045, TP to 2/194 : Hold and 3/194 will tie in with you later. Instructed that Div plans will be given later.
– 0050, Col Pierce gave present situation to G-3 : Reported possible armor at [476623]; expect attack today.
– 0110, To all combat teams : Engineers are going to lay mines on flank for protection.
– 0120, POW from 3/194 identified as 29.Panzer-Regiment and 3.Panzer-Grenadier.
– 0135, S-4 sent 5 trucks for ammo. 300 AT mines are to go to 2/194.
– 0215, From Div : Not satisfied that we are faced by 3.Panzer-Division.
– 0225, 2/194 informed of a Panzer Division west of town.
– 0300, Observation Post at Rechrival forced out by 88s and mortars.
– 0330, Col Barnett reported tank movement around 2/194 area.
– 0350, To Col Barnett : Use judgment on situation. If you have to withdraw, come through Regimental CP or where jump off place was. Col Stewart (2/194) to use own judgment. Be sure to notify 3/194 if you withdraw.
– 0410, From 3/194 : Two Companies in town and can’t get out. Krauts have control of town and all entrances covered. (Reported same to Div).
– 0457, From 3/194 : Enemy gave Charlie Co 10 minutes to surrender.
– 0515, From 2/194 to CO : We are withdrawing to Regiment. Present location [462573].
– 0554, From G-3 : Sending 600 mines. Recommend 1 per soldier.
– 0615, Withdrawing troops coming into Regimental CP area. Billets provided.
– 0620, Defensive position being setup.
– 0708, 28194 withdrew to another position. Col Stewart gave report to Col Pierce.
– 0715, 2/194 withdrew to Houmont, Belgium.
– 0730, 3/194 overwhelmed during the night. Withdrew to Houmont.
– 0900, Gen Whitelaw here to see Col Pierce about the situation.
– 1040, Liaison Officer reported 507-PIR digging in.
– 1103, Krauts all over area held by 194-GIR yesterday (Ln O).
– 1116, Artillery beat off tank attack, and beat off infantry (Ln O).
– 1150, Gen Miley here to see Col Pierce. Discussed attack.
– 1235, Bn CO’s and Staff O’s at CP for meeting with Col Pierce.
– 1445, Msg from G-3 to CO 194-GIR : Confirming Order of CG attack of 1400 called off.
– 1500, Hubermont occupied by Krauts wearing US uniforms.
– 1630, Col Pierce met with Battalion CO’s to discuss defensive positions for tonight.
– 1745, 6 man patrols out from 507-PIR every two hours on odd hour, through 1/194 sector.
– 1831, I&R patrol heard muttering of tanks north of Rechrival. Also Machine Gun fire from Rechrival, also received sniper fire from Rechrival.
– 2000, Artillery barrage laid down as scheduled.
– 2115, From 507-PIR : A tank made two trips up to ridge, going west of Rechrival and then back to town. Machine Gun in woods northeast of town.
– 2220, To Liaison Officer : Instructed to lay down fire in woods northeast of Rechrival.
– 2310, From 10-man patrol in woods northeast of Rechrival : Confirmed action in woods.

Jan 6 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0025, From 1/194 : Enemy patrol report confirmed by two Cos who contacted it. No action except small arms fire by sniper.
– 0030, Fire observed northeast of Regimental CP. No reports.
– 0210, Plane passed over. Increase of fire.
– 0415, From I&R patrol : No action, only rifle fire in Rechrival and East of CP. Also motors milling around in Rechrival.
– 0555 Requested Artillery on Rechrival.
– 0555, From runner : Company of enemy coming down road from Rechrival.
– 0600, 2/194 alerted.
– 0600, From I&R : Contacted 6 man patrol, uncertain how many killed.
– 0605, All Battalions alerted.
– 0630, Artillery giving concentrated fire.
– 0635, Artillery coming in too close. Stop.
– 0650, Patrol brought in material off enemy dead.
– 0705, To 507-PIR : Warned of possible flanking attack of enemy.
– 0726, Field Order of the Day found on body of German Lt. He was from 3.Battalion, 28.Panzer-Grenadier Div. FO contained definite positions for the 6th of January.
– 0906, Lt Ball, Liaison Officer, reported that the Germans were well-equipped young men, had rations for a few days.
– 1040, Msg to all 194 organization from CO : Complete organization of hostile Artillery reporting. Give (1) Exact position of observer (2) Azimuth to gun position (3) Strike of shell.
– 1200, Houmont shelled, vicinity of CP.
– 2000, Received Field Order for attack of 7 Jan 45.
– 2020, Plan of attack given by S-3 : 1/194 will move out first. 2/194 will follow. Position of supporting elements given. HQ Co will be prepared to give support when needed. I&R will be available for patrols. No radio contact will be made until 0745. If plans work out, forward CP’s will be established. All flanks will be protected. Enemy situation given by S-2 as follows : Up until tonight, opposing us is the 3.Battalion, 29.Panzer-Regiment. Each Regiment has four companies, strength of approximately 100 men ea. Enemy defending positions given including reserves. Be careful of radio contact. Do not give away information unless urgent. Be sure to get prisoners.
– 2050, Msg from 3/194 to 194 Medics : Need names and diagnosis of 3/194 personnel treated.
– 2200, Sent for 3 truck loads Machine Gun, Mortar, and AT ammo above combat load.
– 2300, Chief of Staff informed that we would get 8 flame throwers.
– 2400, 500 rounds of bazooka ammo released by depot. Drew two truck loads of other ammo.

Jan 7 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0050, Div reported vehicles moving from Givry (5064) toward Flamisoul (P4961) at 0010.
– 0300, Div Reported patrol reported that they saw enemy digging in at [442558]. Located enemy at [442596] (Observation Post) and also enemy Command Post at [442603]. Fired upon at [443593] and [446582]. Believed to be automatic weapons.
– 0400, Received Div Adm 0rder No. 3.
– 0700, Artillery firing barrage for tanks proceeding as scheduled. Called for more Artillery to cover noise of tanks.
– 0723, Reported to 2/194 that 1/194 has white covering over helmets.
– 0815, 1/194 moved out as scheduled.
– 0817, 2/194 jumped off in time.
– 0819, Artillery barrage laid down as scheduled to cover jump off.
– 0820, CO went into attack in a supporting tank.
– 0845, Msg from 3/194 to CO : This Battalion in defensive positions as shown on overlay.
– 0905, Msg 2/194 to CO : Baker Co held up by automatic fire, advance is slow.
– 0907, Msg to 3/194 from CO : Engineers moving into your area. Will coordinate in your defense.
– 0908, Msg from 1/194 to CO : Dog Co, 2/194 is firing on 1/194.
– 0909, Msg to 2/194 from CO : Stop Dog Co from firing on 1/194.
– 0915, Msg from 1/194 to CO : Baker Co now in clump of trees. Automatic fire slowed up company, but pushing on.
– 0919, Gen Miley at CP to review situation.
– 0941, Msg to Div from CO 194 : 200 yards short of George Co.
– 1000, Requested of G-4 two additional ambulances and 24 more litter bearers.
– 1000, Msg from 1/194 to CO : Meeting light resistance, almost to Rechrival.
– 1006, From Liaison Officer : Our troops are in Rechrival.
– 1009, Msg from Baker Co to 194-GIR CO : 1/194 dropping Mortar fire on Baker Co.
– 1011, Msg from CO to Baker Co : Go on to objective.
– 1025, Msg from Baker Co to CO : We are advancing.
– 1045, Msg from 1/194 to CO : We have taken Millemont.
– 1050 Msg from Division Surgeon to S-4 : Litter bearers from Medical Company are not available. Use members of band or any others available. Extra litter bearers are furnished by parent organization.
– 1130, Msg from 1/194 to CO : None of Charlie Co committed yet.
– 1132, Msg from 1/194 to CO : Able Co has taken Easy. Baker Co left in position waiting for attack on Dog. Charlie Co in reserve. Overlay to be sent. (note : Charlie Co was short one platoon that was lost in the glider crash in England).
– 1135, Msg from Baker Co to CO : Send tanks. Hot here. Pinned down by MG fire from Dog. Cannot move forward. Left flanks have heavy casualties. 2/194 not with them.
– 1200, Enemy tanks now at [46084992] reported by Division.
– 1209, Msg from 1/194 to CO : 1/194 having to retreat. Send Tanks.
– 1215, From Liaison Officer : 2/194 has no contact with 1/194.
– 1229, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Reported tanks in vicinity.
– 1257, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Enemy using knocked-out tanks for Machine Gun nests. (Same report from 1/194).
– 1330, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Fox Co dug in south of Rechrival.
– 1350, Msg from 2/194 to CO : 2/194 in part is in Renaumont.
– 1355, Msg from 1/194 CO to 194-GIR CO : Wants disposition of troops.
– 1505, 2/194 CO in to see S-3 in regards to defensive positions.
– 1531, Msg from 1/194 to CO : Machine Gun’s under pinned-down tanks taking heavy casualties.
– 1605, Msg from 1/194 to CO : Reorganized. Will continue on with attack.
– 1605, Msg from 2/194 to CO : Will continue with push.
– 1625, 1/194 needs shovels badly.
– 1730, S-4 obtained 30 shovels for Dog Co reorganization.
– 1730, From I&R : Reports sniper post knocked out.
– 1750, Gen Whitelaw here to review situation.
– 1820, 1/194, 2/194 and 3/194 CO’s at Regimental CP to find out about defensive positions.
– 1925, 2/194 CO gave orders to move into positions in order to tie in with 1/194.
– 1950, G-4 informed S-4 that 110 Engineer shovels available. Notified Lt Spira to pick up.
– 2015, Col Pierce instructed S-4 to get all equipment possible, at least one pair of socks per man.
– 2150, TP from 2/194 : Contact between companies being made. Tying in with defensive plan as much as possible.
– 2155, Col Pierce returned to CP and gave information about attack.
– 2300, From I&R : Contact has been broken between Fox Co and 507-PIR.

Jan 8 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0435, [Cossack] reported at 0405 one of their vehicles reported heavy vehicle movement approximately 4 miles north of George. Also reported bright lights.
– 0515, 1/194 called for Artillery fire.
– 0520, From I&R : Reported Artillery fire falling on Easy Co, but did not hear tanks.
– 0610, From 2/194 Runner : Firing still going on in 507-PÏR area. Heard tanks.
– 0630, Received from G-3 overlay of attack on defensive order. Time undetermined.
– 0645, Artillery was effective.
– 0750, Maj Green confirmed that 507-PIR mission completed.
– 0845, CO 507-PIR requested information on H Hour. Informed that Division was calling the play.
– 1012, From Chief of Staff : Men may build fires in sheltered places. Also should be served hot drinks, food if possible.
– 1014, From Division : Play is off at least until this afternoon.
– 1030, Capt Davis 155th Parachute AA Artillery Battalion received 12 flame throwers.
– 1050, Gen Miley wants Col Pierce to get in contact with him immediately. Col Bailey handled the situation and relayed the msg.
– 1102, Lt Cronin stated that 513-PIR was overrun by tanks this morning.
– 1106, From Col Pierce : 10 enemy tanks spotted at Easy coming south. Reported to Division at 1108.
– 1110, Msg from 3/194 CO to CO : Mines are laid on bridge at coordinates [455587] and on road at [456488].
– 1111, From Col Pierce : Prepare for Tanks.
– 1120, S-4 has in possession 164 Engineer shovels, 130 RR picks.
– 1130, From Liaison Officer : 513-PIR hit heavy. Things on 193-GIR front seem quiet.
– 1130, From Col Pierce : Tanks moved in. Tank Destroyers got three of them.
– 1236, To CO 2/194 : What is going on in your area ?
– 1310, 155-PAAAB would like to have four of their Antitank guns back.
– 1445, From I&R : One tank knocked out 800 yards east of Fox Co.
– 1448, Msg from 1/194 CO to CO : What is going on on my left ?
– 1450, Letter found on German dead. Found at [469590].
– 1450, Tank attack likely in town of Rechimont.
– 1515, From LO : 513-PIR hit heavy. Disorganized.
– 1537, From I&R : Tank attack on 507-PIR repulsed by tank weapons.
– 1700, From Division : CG desires every man to have overshoes. Bn S-4’s will submit list to S-4 for requisition.
– 1910, Col Pierce informed by Col Bailey that it was the General’s order that he return to the Regimental CP.
– 2100, From 1/194 Executive Officer : Tank movement on our right flank.
– 2130, From I&R : 507-PIR is being attacked. Tanks are heard on right flank. Runner instructed to make no unnecessary trips to CP.
– 2130, Overshoes now in, plus 700 to be drawn from QM which will cover requirements.
– 2200, From Chief of Staff : Strong enemy counterattack between 194-GIR and 507-PIR. Our left flank.
– 2230, From CG to CO : Chariot 507-PIR reports strong counterattack breaking through their positions. Be alert.

Jan 9 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0300 From I&R : Tried to contact 507-PIR but was unsuccessful. Patrol from Fox Co was fired upon. Tanks moving around in front of Fox Co.
– 0130, From Division : Report of searchlights. Saw some searchlights from Regimental CP.
– 0150, From 1/194 CO : Tanks moving in front of Able Co reported.
– 0815, Col Pierce called meeting of Battalion CO’s at Regimental CP for 0830. Instructed to make plans to improve conditions of men by bringing them in for a while to warm up.
– 0900, S-4 instructed by Col Pierce to get several items of Class II supplies.
– 0910, From Cossack : Tanks reported at [475595].
– 0915, 507-PIR has laid down concentrations of tanks. Sending out patrols to look over results.
– 1045, Capt Graham here to see Capt Hunter. Re : Try to get estimate of US soldiers captured; explanation of G-1 report; estimated number of Germans killed.
– 1050, Gen Phelps here to see Col Pierce.
– 1105, S-3 called 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion in regards to tanks spotted on hill.
– 1115, Capt Hunter called G-1 in regards to authorize for awarding Combat Infantryman’s Badge. S-1 instructed by S-6 to begin work on awards.
– 1156, From 1/194 : Four tanks at [4761]. Reported same to Division at 1203 From G-2 : Stated to let tanks have it at coordinates [470610].
– 1300, From 346-IR (87-ID) : Sherman tanks fired on at [443603] by 2/346.
– 1320, Observation Post at Rechrival reports tanks as friendly.
– 1625, 139-AEB reported people digging in at [460584].
– 2100, Staff meeting with Col Pierce – review of situation.
– 2330, From I&R : At Observation Officer #1, heard sound of tracked vehicles 1500 yards on left flank.

Jan 10 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0040, From Observation Post, Fox Co : Two rockets (signal) were observed northwest of George at 1230.
– 0200, From I&R : Reported motor vehicles at Roads Junction, vehicles coming from northwest & going in northeast direction. Saw three searchlights beyond RJ. Small arms firing and our Artillery 1500 yards north of Peter. Saw huge flash in area [4362]. No action in our own immediate area.
– 0900, S-4 instructed by S-6 to inquire further about socks and heat units.
– 0945, Gen Miley at Regimental CP to see Col Pierce.
– 1100, Called at Ordnance; picked up three M-4 Sights, making Regiment complete on sights (S-4).
– 1200, Capt Kreider stated that attacking through snow was tough for men.
– 1255, From G-2 : Renaumont bombed. As yet results unknown. Vehicles in town burning. Town itself appeared to be burning. Tank observed 3/4 mile south of Renaumont, moving south.
– 1540, To Chandelier : Go report of Artillery firing on our troops at [473588]. Stop fire at once.
– 1745, Battalion CO’s here for meeting with Col Pierce. Going on defense. Panzers in Bulge may try to break through. No barbed wire in open. Bazookas cover road in depth. Dig in AT guns with good fields of fire. Check all weapons. Do work so as not to attract attention of enemy. Lay mines, use sand bags to supplement protection. Civilians are not to wander around area. Stress patrolling and defense in depth. Mil courtesy where practical, especially around CP, will be observed. No combat suits available. Ask for kerosene lamps. Men did their job well, even though no gains were counted. Artillery ammo must be rationed, as well as mortar ammo. Use it wisely. Patrolling must be effective.
– 2358, From G-2 : Have all front line Battalions ready for tomorrow.

Jan 11 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0225, From I&R : Encountered nothing until reaching woods [462612]. Saw what they thought to be a hay stack burning. No activity, nor tracks to show activity in the vicinity. At woods [462612], ran into telephone wire and several beaten paths. Stopped, could hear enemy walking & talking in woods. Two enemy came out of woods directly toward patrol carrying rifles. Fired at enemy, causing them to retreat. Heard Machine Gun belt work, but no return fire.
– 0825, From Div : Air support in 1/2 hour.
– 1030, S-4 took up matter of fortification materials (concertina wire) with G-4.
– 1130, S-4 checked with Ordnance on replacement of vehicles. Drew 1/4 T vehicle replacement for 2/194 Medical Officer. Left at shop for mount of litter racks. To be picked up about 2000. 3/4 T truck still not available.
– 1230, Check with QM : Exchange of socks for laundry to start tomorrow. Other clothing dirty beyond use take for salvage. Heat units now being obtained daily. S-4.
– 1400, Gen Phelps here to see Col Pierce. RE : Observation Posts.
– 1530, Rechecked with G-4 : Fortification plans being coordinated by G-3 & Engineers, latter will supply materials and supervision (S-4).
– 1650, CP at Houmont received shelling from enemy.
– 1715, From G-3 : Forces on front lines must be increased so that enemy patrols cannot pass through our lines freely. Pick up enemy prisoners.
– 1720, Enemy shelled CP area.
– 1836, From 3/194 : OP’s and roadblocks being doubled. 32 men on alert positions tonight.
– 1900, German march table found along road in 1/194 area.
– 1930, From 3/194 : 10 rounds, either 75-MM or 88-MM, landed in vicinity [462569] at 1650; azimuth 325 degrees. There were no shell fragments available.
– 1955, Enemy heavy vehicles have left. Direction not known.
– 2015, From 35th Engineers : Have laid 1180 hasty mines, field left of Able Co to front of Able Co. Want more mines.
– 2115, G-2 informed Col Pierce that they are going to send down a propaganda unit for 194-GIR use in the morning.
– 2130, Call from G-4 for 12 snow suits. None available, however, will furnish white sheets.
– 2200, From OP : Report sounds of tank movement in area of Rechimont.

Jan 12 1945
Houmont, Belgium
– 0030, Search lights shining on ground at approximately 2400.
– 0115, From I&R : Saw three flares go up. Saw enemy from what may be an OP at [368608]. Saw two men walk from woods [0465610] to woods [470605]. Sounds of vehicles north of road [4761].
– 0600, To Div : Heavy Arty shelling 1/194.
– 0730, Laval occupied by 5 or 6 men with automatic weapons. Hubermont is held by a larger force. Patrol drew heavy fire and was driven out of town. Renaumont is held by a small force, possibly two squads. Heard talking and movement of enemy, they occupied houses, but have defense positions prepared outside of town. Heard movement of heavy vehicles, but didn’t see any tanks. From I&R.
– 0840, Two Liaison planes with skis will be flying over area this morning. 194-GIR notified.
– 0847, From 87-ID : Have lost contact with the enemy.
– 0901, 507-PIR has positions at Flamisoul. Is pushing forward.
– 0930, Battalions notified in case of move to clear area of all salvageable materials & send in truck to RSO or pile in area for pick up by RSO. S-4.
– 0931, Maj Green here to see Col Pierce : 507-PIR is pushing to high ground past Flamisoul. 193-Glider going to push into town area and then on to high ground. 87-ID is sending out patrols for contact.
– 0939, Psychological warfare section here at CP from G-2. Made plans for use.
– 0950, Stand by for a possible movement of CP.
– 1125, From CG : Send Col Pierce to Hill 450 at once.
– 1250, From LO : Town of Flamisoul not taken.
– 1252, From 87-ID : 2 POWs captured. Claimed they were a rear guard at Tillet.
– 1320, From Col Pierce : Patrol has reached high ground. Some firing but not much resistance. Request Ln planes be flown over the area to the front (Renaumont).
– 1351, Went through Renaumont without opposition – patrol, from 1/194.
– 1400, Impossible to get aerial observation. Planes cannot get off the ground.
– 1401, From 87-ID : Have taken Fosset. Pushing on.
– 1416, CG and Col Pierce returned to CP.
– 1436, CG gave plan : Strong to take Hill 510. Dig in and defend.
– 1526, From 1/194 : Have taken 5 prisoners, have IPW pick up.
– 1536, From Col Bailey to S-4 : Make every effort to get mine sweepers, for use with armor. Must have to get through enemy minefields.
– 1700, Capt Hunter informed S-1 to be ready to move CP forward sometime tomorrow.
– 1931, Flares went up around area where Dog Co is supposed to be located. More went up at 2000 at Azimuth 250 degrees.
– 2010, Four or five Artillery rounds fell in CP area.
– 2020, From G-3 : 25 rounds of Mortar (our own make) fell on George Co. All were duds. A little small arms fire when prisoners captured. G-2 gave instructions to investigate duds.
– 2305, Expect air support tomorrow about 0900 or not later than 1100. Get panels ready on all vehicles. G-3.
– 2330, To 1/194 and 2/194 : Gave instructions as to tomorrow’s attack.
– 2340, To 507-PIR : Flamierge is still held by enemy.

Jan 13 1945
Houmont, Belgium & Tronle, Belgium [470624]
– 0255, S-4 made arrangements for supplies to move to forward CP at Tronle.
– 0320, From I&R : All clear up to Bastogne. Road at [456634] saw two medium tanks with guards. At road [440628], there was a road barrier of some kind. Traffic, very heavy, on road going north by northeast.
– 0430, From G-2 : Nothing South of Salle. About 50 men were unloading something in Salle. The two searchlights seen are in Salle. Observation 500 yards northeast of Salle reveals tracks and tracked vehicles traveling east. A few vehicles were traveling in the opposite direction.
– 0445, From 507-PIR : Patrol observer reported a few men (5 or 6) working in Flamierge – probably setting booby traps.
– 0755, To 1/194 : Mines to your front will be cleared by noon.
– 0800, From 2/194 : CP closed at 0745 to move forward.
– 0930, From Executive Office 1/194 : CO 1/194 is about out, needs relief. Report to Div CO immediately as to replacement.
– 1000, Moved mobile ammo dump (3 trucks 2.5 T) to Rechrival.
– 1015, From 1/194 : 1-194 500 yards north of Flamierge.
– 1015, From 2/194 : Communications cannot keep up with troops.
– 1030, From 1/194 : Very little resistance encountered.
– 1036, From Chief of Staff : Stated one battalion at Salle. Confirm report.
– 1050, From 1/194 : Charlie Co occupies 500, Baker Co in Flamierge, Able Co astride highway. Hold until Dog Co drives abreast.
– 1051, From Div : Red on 500 – north of Flamierge. 2/194 on left.
– 1120, To G-3 : 2/194 on 1st phase line. 1/194 past Hill 500 on 1st phase line. Reserve on Hill 500.
– 1135, From 507-PIR : 12 enemy in vicinity of Frenet.
– 1140, From 3/194 : Bn CP located as ordered by Regiment.
– 1158, Hold at phase line one until ordered to move forward.
– 1200, From 2/194 S-4 : Reconnoiter route forward on right flank.
– 1215, From Division Artillery : Troops on bend in road southwest of Salle at south to road intersection. Bastogne and Salle unoccupied. Troops in South edge of woods south of Frent. Gives and Givry bombed.
– 1240, CO talked to Div Comdr about readiness to go on to 2nd phase line.
– 1255, To 2/194 : Gun at [471653]. Do not know what type.
– 1131, From 3/194 : Can you give location of 1/194 ?
– 1315, S-1 and advance CP detail left Houmont to establish forward CP.
– 1328, Notified CO Service Co to pick up 11 soldiers at G-1 at 1500. Hold at Service Co until notified.
– 1330, From 3/194 : 3/194 in vicinity Hill 150 coordinates [467608] Bn CP located at [46355985].
– 1335, From Div Cmdr : Dig in on phase line two.
– 1430, Instructed Battalions to move rolls, entrenching tools, hot drink, K rations, forward to 2nd phase line.
– 1440, From Able Co, 1/194 : On phase line 2.
– 1443, To G-3 : 1/194 reached phase line 2 at 1425.
– 1450, From LO Div Arty : Iron men going to Bertogne.
– 1509, From 3/194 : 3/194 in position at [469608].
– 1545, Rear CP echelon told by Regimental Executive Officer to be ready to move forward at any time.
– 1545, From 3/194 : Found German radio code book for November.
– 1625, Get set to move to Flamisoul.
– 1630, Lt Dobey contacted Division regarding evacuation of 1/194. 1700, CP to move. Lt Dobey to remain with rear CP. Service Train to move later.
– 1720, To Division : Is POW cage still is same place ? Ans : It is.
– 1730, Arrived at Tronle and establish CP.
– 1732, Phoned GS report – No change from yesterday.
– 1830, S-4 moved to forward CP at Tronle.
– 2145, From Sgt Kessler, S-2 : Les Trois Monts [479637] : 5 tanks passed through here about 1900, had muzzle brakes, headed off to Bertogne. Germans reeled in telephone wire. Civilians in Givroulle state that 100 or more Germans in armored vehicles passed through Bertogne. One German column consisting of about 25 motor vehicles was observed moving toward Salle [4764] by the same civilians. Civilians believed that these Germans moved into the woods northwest of here. Also reported German Artillery moved into positions here, fired, and moved west about 2200, 12 Jan 45. German troops originally stayed in Givroulle, but moved east during daylight 12 Jan 45. Troops from west moved in afternoon. Left town about 2200, 12 Jan 45.
– 2200, From Sgt Kessler : Anyone who wants CO is to call 1/194.
– 2215, From G-3 : Bertogne is in German hands but is being contained.

Jan 14 1945
Tronle, Belgium
– 0200, From I&R : Observed no enemy until northeast of Wigny. Approx 2500 yards of Wigny heard 5 or 6 enemy Machine Gun bursts, temporarily pinning down patrol. A flare went up at [490668]. Bridge out at [489658]. Stream is approximately 8 feet wide, 2 feet deep. Very steep banks and very swift. There is a roadblock in curve in road at [486647].
– 0215, To Division : Reported findings of patrol as given above.
– 0745, Called Division to find out current situation. Didn’t find out anything.
– 0755, From Division : Supposed to advance to phase line three.

(End of Report not available !)

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