17th Airborne Division (193-GIR), Vaux sur Sure, 1944-1945


Action Against Enemy Report

to the Commanding General
17th Airborne Division

from : Headquarters 193rd Glider Infantry
Subject : Action Against Enemy Report
to : the Commanding General of the 17th Airborne Division
Chalk CT Journal Time Incidents
Messages, Orders, Action Taken.

(December 19 194)
1200 : our Regiment (193rd Glider Infantry Regiment) received verbal alert orders at 1130 from Division thru the Aide de Camp to CG to prepare for air-landed operation to the Continent. Meeting of all staff Officers and Bn Commanders at 1145 Meeting with Companies Commanders at 1300. Note : Because the Regiment was divided into separate elements for departure, a chronological report of the activities of each to include arrival at destination has been recorded. Thereafter entries are recorded in proper sequence.

Seaborne Element

(December 21 1944)
0745 Departed Camp Chiseldon – 1800 Arrived Wyemouth, England. Embarked at 1930.

(December 22 1944)
0800 Anchored off at Le Harve, France.

(December 23 1944)
1300 Proceeded up the Seine River to Rouen, France.

(December 24 1944)
1100 Arrived Rouen – 1130 Disembarked – 1530 Left Rouen by truck convoy for Mourmelon.

(December 25 1944)
0415 Arrived Mourmelon. Set up CP.

(December 26 1944)
2200 Placed on alert for reported enemy Paratrooper landing.

(December 29 1944)
1400 Moved forward to Charleville-Mézières, France


(December 20 1944)
2000 2/193 departed Camp Chiseldon for marshalling area, Camp Membury in preparation for flight. Weather unfavorable for flying. Flight cancelled. Bn rested up. Held calisthenics. Care & cleaning of weapons.

(December 22 1944)
2000 Orders received thru liaison officer to unload all planes. Planes being used for supply missions. Complied with. Planes unloaded by 23/0130.

(December 24 1944)
1400 Bn reloaded all planes. Made ready for flight – 1700 Bn less 30 men Easy Co., 20 men Fox Co., took off as scheduled – 1950 Landed airfield vicinity of Prunay. Proceeded to Mourmelon.

(December 25 1944)
0400 Bn closed in at Mourmelon. Housing facilities prepared for balance of Regiment. Housed by 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment – 2000 Warning order issued by CG, Commodore. Bn moved to vicinity of Boulzicourt.

(December 26 1944)
0800 Field order recd from Commodore constituting 193rd Regimental Combat Team : (2/680-FAB; Able 139-ECB; 1st Plat 224-MED; 2 French Battalion) – 1030 Advance party consisting of Col Schorr, Col Balish, Col Oswald, Capt Cross and Capt McCrary departed Mourmelon – 1700 Arrived HQ 392 ECB, Charleville – 1800 Chalk CT rel’d for attachment to 392 ECB. 382 ECB was atchd to Chalk CT

Billeting Party

(December 21 1944)
0800 Capt Jarrard joined group at Div HQ as Billeting O for the 193-GIR – 1530 Departed Camp Chiseldon for marshalling area, Greenham Commons. Unfavorable weather. Flight postponed.

(December 24 1944)
1604 Departed airfield – 1820 Landed at Orleans.

(December 25 1944)
1000 Left Orleans – 1140 Arrived at airstrip A-79 near Prunay – 1600 Moved to Camp Mourmelon. Rejoined unit.

(December 21 1944)
1830 Departed Camp Chiseldon for marshalling area in preparation for take-off. Weather conditions unfavorable for flying. Care & cleaning of equip.

(December 26 1944)
1430 Bn departed for destination. One plane failed to take off due to mechanical defects – 1730 Arrived at airstrip A-79 – 2100 First echelon arrived at Mourmelon.

(December 27 1944)
0300 Charlie Co closed in. Upon completion of move to Mourmelon, Bn moved to Boulzicourt as directed by orders to advance party who accompanied 2/193 – 0300 1/193 moved out – 0830 Arrived at Boulzicourt. 1-193 was guided by Lt Piper who was liaison Officer from Commodore to Charleville-Mézières. Placed in Regtl reserve and billeted in the Mil. Bks – 1545 Able Co on orders from Col Schorr proceeded to a point 2 miles East of Mouzon to assist 194-GIR in the apprehension of 50 German Paratroopers reported dropped at 1500. No enemy encountered. On orders from Commodore 2nd Plat Able Co supplemented bridge guard at Mouzon. Retired at 28/0900.

Regimental HQ and HQ Company

(December 22 1944)
1400 Departed Camp Chisledon for marshaling area in preparation for flight – 1630 Established CP. Weather unfavorable for flying.

(December 27 1944)
1220 HQ & HQ Co with remaining staff personnel departed for destination – 1400 Arrived airfield vicinity of Prunay. Moved via truck to Mourmelon. Men were fed and prepared to move out for Charleville Staff personnel left in advance – 2040 From G-3, Radio silence will be observed except for 610, 300, 536’s (SCR) – 28/0300 Arrived Charleville. Temporary housing was set up.

Note : Entire Regiment now closed in to Charleville, France – Dec 22 1944. 0855 G-3 Liaison Officer reports information rec that destination airfields have been strafed. On arrival all weapons will be loaded and troops deployed with utmost speed. All troops not actually employed in unloading will move to assembly areas off field and disperse. Foxholes and slit trenches will be dug. Air guards will be posted at field, assembly areas and on march to concentration area. Extended interval will be maintained between vehicles. Planes within range of any weapon will be fired upon. Dispersion between troops will be one hundred yards. Bn CO’s, Comdt, Pers Adj and Med Det CO called to CP S-2 instructed to obtain all possible knowledge of field. Troops will be given this info only when definite knowledge of flight is known Jeeps to proceed to cp destination immediately upon landing.

(December 27 1944)
0855 White S-3 reports 5-man enemy patrol encountered at (7980-3590) by 3-man patrol Easy Co. Our patrol leader a casualty. Action took place at 0400 – 1626 Order recd from CG No Meuse Def Sect to send one liaison Officer to HQ located at Rocroi 0-693520. Complied with – 2050 Order recd from CG – No Meuse Def Sect to send one Plat to rept to HQ in City Hall Bldg of Rocroi, reporting to Capt Lawler to be used as security for Hq. Complied with – 2130 From CG Commodore : An Officers from your unit will be stationed at each bridge in your sector regardless of weather. An Officer from some other unit is also stationed there. The Officers from your unit will be responsible for executing the plan. Bn CO’s notified 1500 50 enemy paratroopers reported dropped near Mouzon at 1130. Ordered to dispatch one rifle Co, motorized, to investigate. Able Co dispatched at 1615. Retired approx 2200. Neg. report.

(December 28 1944)
1400-H FO #2 : Order issued to CT CO’s Chalk Red and White to have 3 jeeps alerted to move as a patrol in either direction (Red to South, White to North) to help 392 ECB. To have patrols set up in each Co. with one squad held for this purpose. Anyone in defense positions will be dug in. French to be used out front and on flanks. Chalk Red to send patrols as far as Duncherry to recon. Routes S3 has blocked out entire area as a point system. Security at bridges. French to assist at bridges. Find location for sleeper patrols to front and report to us. Report information of change of status etc. Comm : Wiring laid to all bridges. Concealed fires are authorized.

(December 28 1944)
0230 French MP’s report enemy Paratroopers drop in vicinity of Duval. Muscle notified. Report unconfirmed.

(December 28 1944)
0400 Patrol from Easy Co contacted a (Feld)Gendarmes, firing took place. Sgt Long, patrol leader killed.

(December 28 1944)
0800 White Bn. relieved 392 ECB at the 5 City bridges – Nos. 10, 11, 14, 15, and 16 – 2110 Orders received regarding patrolling of rear areas. Chalk Red notified to keep one Company motorized to move on half hour notice – 2245 Msg. Received from Commodore to have 13 truck drivers report to Commodore at 1000 29 Dec 44. Motor officer notified – 2250 Report from Fox Co that one enemy paratrooper dropped at grid coord (878-389) at approx 2100 – 2300 Patrol investigating reported drop of 2 enemy paratroopers at grid coord (878-389) – 2300-H Manning roadblocks. Msg. Sent to CO’s Chalk Red, Reg. HQ Co, CO Chateau, Muscle Love – 2310 Green flares at grid coord (847-342). Evidently Aircraft signal. 15 min after flare was seen enemy aircraft was heard. Investigated.

(December 29 1944)
FO #3 : Issued by group Hqs. Enemy situation. We have the job of defending the river line. The 392-ECB plus 2nd French Bn to defend River with 193-GIR generally in reserve. Hope to have every critical point tied in by wire and radio. No movement of troops on the river line 2/193-GIR must have withdrawal plans prepared and assembly areas selected. 1/193-GIR submit requirements for movement by truck in any mission in any area but our own. 680-FAB to duplicate 1/193. All units phone in number of trucks they can spare except for adm needs. At critical points along river we have sent an Off. To look over our positions and make recommendations. Placement of weapons : Dig in camouflage, conceal. 2/193 will take over road blocks w/charges. Orders to blow craters to be given by 2/193. CO 680-FAB contact CO 115-FAB in regard to including us in their plan. Move E Co. into town. Mission of 2nd French Bn given to Liaison O, in regard to defense of river line and establish 3 new road blocks in our Southern sector and comm. Set up to all units. Msgs. Sent

1300 Meeting of Staff Officers, Bn Commanders with Col Stubbs. Special meeting of Staff Officers with Col Schorr – 1430 Lt Hanse with 5-man patrol reports two men challenged, fled into woods at grid cord (86-35) – 1720 Muscle 2 : Six suspects picked up by FFI (Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur) at (870-395) – 1845 Report lights at RR A-31 (from MP’s). Investigated by French found to be fire in a bucket – 1930 Air alert Warning given by patrol who heard MG fire due to jammed weapon – 2240 Muscle Love now in communication with Chalk Red and Chalk White – 2330 Chalk 5 dispatched a patrol from Chalk Red to bridge at Thilay. Mission to determine status of bridges – 2400 Situation overlay showing disposition of mine fields sent to Muscle Hq.

(December 30 1944)
0510 Footbridge blown 1200, 29 Dec 44, Highway bridge blown at same time. Bridge at Vauz-s-Sure (507-342) also blown. No information available as to authority for destruction of these bridges. Town of Vauz-s-Sure unguarded. Sgt of Charlie 507-PIR contacted in town of Monthermé : stated CIC had contacted him as of 29 Dec 44, told Civil French Contractor that bridge was to be blown. Patrol sent to Aiglemont at La Granville. Negative report. Msg phoned to Commodore 3. – 1630 Memo from Col Schorr : A rehearsal movement of 1st Bn (Motorized) 193rd regtl res was conducted – 1338 Bn CO recd orders to move immediately to Les Mazures and await further orders. Adv guard left billets at 1357. Main body departed at 1400. Reached RJ (785-460) at 1432. Distance of 7 1/2 Miles – 2100 From Muscle Love : Man shot through arm at (883-253). Investigation ordered – 2130 Memo from VIII Corps stating Unit under Corps jurisdiction. In case of withdrawal on Corps order will require 24 2 1/2 ton trucks with trailers from Commodore. Info disseminated to staff – 2245 From Muscle Love : Considerable small arms fire S of daisy bridge.

(December 31 1944)
0015 From Muscle Love : Firing reported from direction of river at (883-253). Muscle Love investigating – 1000 Daily periodic reports, overlays atchd. Turned in to Commodore & Muscle – 1500 S-3 and Gen Whitelaw inspected South Sector dispositions of CT – 1600 Easy Co moved into CP area of Chalk White – 2100 From G-4 : Request No of trucks to move regt less “B” bags and duffel bags. Report made to Commodore – 2110 MP report : Plane dropped bomb at Youzier at approx 2040. Reported light suspended aloft believed to be attached to balloon. Balloon hauled down and found to contain a light. Turned over to G-2 (Armour). Investigation begun – 2120 From Muscle Love : Patrol of 2 or 3 French accompanied by 2 men of Easy Co reports signal light on hill between F1 and 2. Signal with 2 lights on and off 4 times/Commodore and Group notified – 2355 Enemy plane strafed Chalk White & Fox Co Tracer ammo used. Direction of fire N to S. No casualties. Air alert sounded approx 2337. Commodore & Muscle notified

(January 1 1945)
0354 engined plane circled hill at grid coord (873-345) NW – Investigating. Road guards doubled – 0040 Two persons ran low across road between La Grandville & St Jauret. Fired upon. Commodore notified – 0120 Two civilians claim that they saw 4 parachutes drop near Georgia Bridge. Investigating – 0125 Report that Prchts Dropped within vicinity of Mézières. Information came from civilian authorities. Investigation being made by 40 man French patrol – 0137 All clear signal given – 0105 Air alert – Bomber heard overhead – 0120 All clear signal given – 0800 Enemy plane strafing area. Alert given. No casualties – 1430 Gen Whitelaw & S3 inspected Northern sector & checked on reports regarding Prcht drops – 1805 Memo fr Div. Discretion will be used on AA fire. All units notified – 1815 CT less 392 ECB, 1st Platoon 224 MED Co received notice to be ready to move out upon 2 hr. notice. All notified. Preparation made – 1925 Make plans immediately to assemble your CT & be prepared to move on 2 hr. notice. Complied with. Quartering party formed – 2115 Report from Road block 2. Small arms fire in that vicinity (See overlay). Investigation being made – 2200 Received movement order – 2330 Quartering party moved out to new location, Sibret, arrived at destination approx 0400 2 Jan 45 – 2345 1st Bn departed Charleville. Col Schorr accompanied by Lt Weaver departed along with 1st Bn. Arrived approx 0330, 2 Jan 45. Trucks released at 0600. Battalion assembled in woods at M.

(January 2 1945)
0700 Established Chalk CP in Village. Awaited arrival of balance of Regt. 1750 Orders received fr Commodore. Move 2/193 to woods 52-56 SW Bastogne. Send Liaison Officer report to Gen Taylor. Rest of Regt. May move. Chalk White notified & order out into effect – 1800 Lt Caffy Liaison Officer to report to 513-PIR at 2200. Take 2 motor scooters, 1 radio operator, & 1 runner – 1800 Enemy broken through at Monty. Tanks observed. Investigating.

(January 4 1945)
1100 Established new CP at grid coord (526-585) – 1430 Arty shell hit Chalk CP. 3 injured. Injured evacuated – 1700 Recd orders from Commodore that we be released from 101-A/B Command and be prepared for movement orders. Alert orders recd from Commodore to move CT to area west of Bastogne and set up defensive positions in support of 513-PIR Released from 101-A/B Bns notified – Movement orders given – 1800 Closed out CP, moved to new area – 1400 Established Chalk CP at new area awaited further orders – Dug in.

(January 5 1945)
0500 Regt moved to new location near Bastogne. Bns dug in, prepared for defensive action. 1/193 on MLR with 2/193 in reserve – 1000 1 Jeep hit AT mine on Hwy (Monty-Bastogne). 1 Killed, 6 injured. Orders given to remain off shoulders of Hwy – 1030 Personnel of Regtl Hq & Hq Co dispersed into nearby woods for temporary concealment – 1240 Regtl CP established at (524-583) – 1245 Dispositions of attached units requested by walk Hq – 1300 No enemy activity as yet. Patrols sent out. Negative reports turned in by patrols – 1905 Order Recd from Commodore 6. Col Stubbs to report to CG’s office at 2000 – 2100 Chalk Red 6 reptd to Chalk CP with disposition of Bn. Plotted on map.

(January 6 1945)
0700 From Commodore 6 : Tanks rept moving from W heading E in Div Area. All units notified. – 0730 S-3 called Kangaroo 3 requesting Engrs clear section to Monty in order that we might move tanks to that area. Complied with – 1200 Tank Officer rept to Chalk CP-will take 1 plat of tanks up to Monty and will assist Engrs in a road block at (512-589) – 1220 Gen Whitelaw visited Chalk CP to discuss preparations for the 193-RCT to take over the town of Monty – 1240 Gen departed CP, Col Stubbs accompanied him – 1530 Col Stubbs returned with plans for offensive action. Meeting of Bn & Unit CO’s called. Plans announced and discussed – 1615 Commodore 2 : PWE locations requested. Charlie Co receiving Mortar fire. Charlie Co to retaliate – not to let up fire – 1710 Mr. Cianci departed CO to locate new setup for establishment of forward CP – 1735 Col Oswald arrived CP – given time and types of fire by Chalk 6 – 1745 Enemy Arty fire coming into vicinity of CP. No damage – 2045 Meeting of all Bn CO’, Atchd Unit CO’s, Sp Unit CO’s and all S-3’s with Col Stubbs. Review of plans – preparations were discussed. 1/193 objective – Town of Flamisoul. 2/193 objective – Woods E of Monty.

(January 7 1945)
0800 Arty opened fire on time. Lifted 0815. Col Stubbs, Maj Lee, Capt Guerry, Mr Cianci, plus Em pers moved to fwd CP located in town of Monty. Attack jumped off as scheduled – 0815 Dog & Fox Cos reach first phase line. Plotted on map – 0900 1/193 reports tanks failed to move up in front of their position. Tanks ordered to move forward – 0902 326-MED desired information on whereabouts of 1/193 – 0903 1/193 reports no change in position – 0905 1/193 reports crossed LD – 0908 2/193 reports Dog Co had no trouble reaching phase line “A”. Easy Co in trouble. Both Co’s on 1st phase line. 1/193 now on 1st phase line. Able Co reached phase line “A”. No word from Baker Co – 0913 Chalk 6 telephoned Chalk 5 giving situation forward to Commodore – 0913 Both Bns have reached first phase line. Moving forward slowly – 0922 Report Dog Co reached phase line “A” OK. Easy Co had trouble but succeeded to reach line. Able Co reached 1st phase line. 88 fire held up tanks – unable to locate 88s. Point A-16 recd sniper pistol fire – 0925 513-PIR jumped off on time – had little opposition – 0929 Tank Officer reports tanks moving with 1/193 (4 tanks) – 0932 1/193 reports capture of 10 prisoners – 0938 2/193 still on phase line A – cannot advance due to MG fire. Concentrating Arty fire laid on MG’s position – 0949 1/193 requested tank aid. Tanks ordered to move on – 0959 2/193 nearly to phase line B. Recorded – 1000 4 prisoners captured by Able Co Taken to PWE – 1008 Request for Arty fire on points (16-14-23). Chalk 6 from Keepsake. Chalk 5 requested same from Keepsake – 1008 Able Co driver reports approx 1 platoon lost. Chalk White approaching phase line B. Commodore 3 notified – 1015 From Chalk White : Easy Co 100 yards from phase line B, struck by heavy automatic fire and mortar fire. Estimate losses one platoon. Directed to have reserve Co proceed to Dog Co sector and outflank their positions. Keepsake advised as to situation and agrees to put down fire on phase line B – 1020 Listening radio pick-up statement that one Co of 1/193 has taken objective. Found to be Able Co – 1028 Arty fire requested on edge of woods South of point 13 – Keepsake Chelsea notified – 1042 German Co., reserves, coming from A31 to A30. 101 Arty now registering fire on them. 513-PIR reports one platoon SE edge of Flamierge – 1050 Tank attack on Bastogne road near (480-523) – 1050 Baker Co has reached 2nd phase line – 1055 4 Prisoners taken in Able Co sector, 2 taken 6 Jan and 2 this date. Enemy found to be from 104.Reg, 11.Co, 15.Grenadiers-Regiment was reinforced by 100 men last night. Brings Co strength up 25 men. They have assault guns, exact number unknown. Commodore notified at 1100 – 1114 Reported that tanks have arrived with troops – 1115 1/193 pinned down due largely to 88 fire. Charlie Co replacing Able Co. Both Bns have committed reserves. Information given to Liaison Officer at 1125 – 1120 Able Co being withdrawn into defensive position in vicinity phase line A – 1140 Arty fire hitting town – 1142 Baker Co 1/193 receiving light counterattack – 1147 8 German prisoners taken from Charlie Co sector. Found to be from 3. 10. & 11. Cos of the 104.Regiment. Enemy in 1/193 objective – 1155 513-PIR have captured town of Flamierge.

1210 Gen Miley visited Chalk fwd CP – 1215 Receiving mortar fire near CP – 1240 Reports that 513-PIR firing on Baker Co Gen Miley ordered the 513-PIR to cease fire immediately – 1245 Arty fire requested on the following points : 10, 11, 12, 13, and 16. One platoon Able Co reported with 2/193 – 1310 Mortar shell hit near CP. Several casualties – 1320 Points 5 and 6 clearing. Request repeat of MSG. Reply : Clearing woods – 1325 Requesting fire by the defensive phase line at grid coord : (486624-489625 4906) – 1330 Easy Co in trouble, Fox Co committed. This is all I have. MSG came from 2/193 – 1410 Tank support being sent to 2/193 – 1410 Commodore 6 visited rear CP. Made arrangements for Arty concentration on pts. 19 and 22. Concentration fired – 1435 From 2/193 : Dog & Fox Co abreast Easy Co in rear as reserve – Pinned down by Arty fire. Suggest withdrawal – 1450 Col Stubbs orders 1/193 to withdraw to Charlie Co positions – Set up defensive positions – 1500 Direct hit scored on forward CP. Casualties as yet unknown – 1515 Second concentration of Arty fired on pts. 19-21 – 1515 “Screaming Meemies” hit fwd CP – 1530 Gen Whitelaw visited CP stated that Gen Miley directs withdrawal under cover of darkness. 27 Prisoners being sent to Div – 1535 Col Stubbs departing fwd CP to join rear CP. Fwd CP to join rear CP, joining in sections – 1545 Col Stubbs returned to rear CP. Plans for the withdrawal of troops being planned – 1620 Chalk White withdrawing. Arty and Mortar fire extremely heavy. Chalk Red occupies position it held prior to attack this AM. Commodore 6 notified. Keepsake to fire Arty at pts. A12, 13, 25, and 37 – 1700 Arty concentration asked for on pts. A13, 14, 15 & 16 – Concentration fired – 1730 4 men, 3 Officers Captured in Charlie Co area – 2100 Able Co recd MG fire – requested Arty fire – 2230 11-AD Gen Holbruk, CCA, informed us he was in position shown on operations map to support counterattack, such action only with permission of Corps. Liaison Officer Ross CCA reported for duty at CP. Gen Holbruk shown our situation – 2300 Lt Sames given instructions for 2 night patrols. Patrols leave at 0130-H return at 0430-H. Fox Co to fill in gap between Chalk Red and Able Co 327.

(January 8 1945)
0500 Chalk Red : Patrols unable to penetrate enemy positions – Went out 500 to 600 yards, stopped by MG fire – 0515 Chalk White 2 observed orange prcht flare to their right flank, also tracer fire 300 yards to front in woods – 0600 Chalk Red 2 : Arty fire hitting into woods over Charlie Co from direction of Red CP. Burst followed by whistle. – 0745 Chalk Red recd Arty fire and MG fire. Situation unknown. Line at forward CP knocked out. Col Schorr alerted Chalk White – 0830 Ordered all units to search out MG fire – 1000 513-PIR being attacked by tanks and infantry Withdrawing – 1005 Commodore 5 : Chancellor being hit hard in their sector from N and NW. Chalk Red notified to have tanks and TD’s ready – 1009 Chalk 6 held meeting of all Bn CO’s, SP units, and Atchd Unit CO’s – 1012 Chelsea Liaison Officer : Enemy MG fire located at (507614) – 8-truck enemy convoy spotted moving between Fays and Rouette – Arty fire placed on enemy position. 3 trucks known to have turned back – 1150 To Chalk Red : Units of Chariot in woods – make contact with them. Contact us when same is made – 1215 2/193 alerted to move through Monty between Chalk Red and Chariot – 1220 Baker 193 receiving Mortar fire. Gen Whitelaw visited CP – 1230 63ID – 11-AD moved Able Co into woods near Bois des Valets – 1730 2 Patrols being sent out at 1930-H to return at 2100 – Negative report – 1730 Upon request fire to be concentrated on the following points : 4910 – 6010 – 4912 – 6610 – 4918 – 6000 – 4932 – 5982 – 1800 Order from Commodore : Be prepared to take over from Champs to present positions. Chalk 3 & Chalk White 3 sent to investigate area, observe positions, etc – 1900 Col Harper (Keepsake) visited CP – Planned with Chalk 6 method & manner of relief.

(January 9 1945)
0200 Chalk Red reports Monty being shelled by mortar fire – 0205 Chalk Red 3 reports searchlight at 330° from his forward CP – 0500 5 rounds Arty fire at Regtl CP – 0600 Order received from Commodore as to plans and preparations to be put into effect – 0615 2 Co’s reptd at Pt A2 and 3 – 0655 5 Tanks parked at (495-607) – 0655 Unknown number of tanks at (486-614) – 0845 Red 6 told to reconnoiter woods at (522-611) for possible reserve position, also OP which will have to be dug in – 0925 Gen Whitelaw visited Chalk CP – 0935 Ordered Chalk White 6 to have all AT guns in their present positions until further notice – 1020 Advance party of Chariot arrived at CP of Chalk Red – Chancelor taking over Chalk White positions – 1115 Commodore 5 and 6 visited Chalk CP – 1200 Col Coutts outlined positions of area being taken over by Chancellor – 1305 Charlie Co under Arty fire – 1315 Chalk White moving out. Regtl Hq foot elements moving out to new location – 1400 Elements of 602-TDB Atchd to Chalk CT. Elements divided between Bns – 1415 Chalk White cleared old area – 1430 Advance CP party departing Chalk CP for new area – 1450 Chalk 5 departed CP for new location – 1500 S-1 Section departed CP. Arrived new location 1630. New CP established at Hemroulle – 1845 Keepsake Red reports that enemy building up in Givery – amount unknown – 1845 Keepsake 2 reports vehicle traffic going SW from Givery to Frenet. Number unknown – 2130 Chalk White reports contact made with elements on right flank. Plotted.

(January 10 1945)
0900 Chalk White 2 reports mortar fire in vicinity of CP – 0900 Chalk White 2 reports men digging in at (51756280) – 1030 Gen Whitelaw visited Chalk CP, consulted with Chalk 6 – 1045 Meeting of Bn, Sp Unit, and Atchd Unit CO’s – 1050 Chalk 3 : Requested Commodore to send detail of mine sweepers, demolition men to clear area of 2/193 – 1100 Chelsea reports an estimated Bn of enemy troops in woods in grid square 50-61. Requested Arty fire on area – 1145 Commodore reports that Flamisoul will be bombed this morning – 1146 12 Fighter Planes of US Forces heard over Chalk CP – 1245 Commodore 2 reports town of Renoumont bombed. Also woods 2 miles N of same town. Town also appears to be evacuated. Burning vehicle observed in town. No troops observed in wooded area. Recorded on Situation Map. Commodore 6 notified – 1245 Unidentified tank 3/4 mile from Renoumont heading South – 1430S1 & S4 moved to new CP – 1500 Established new CP in center of town. No activity during the night. Patrol reports, negative.

(January 11 1945)
0330 Chalk White 5 reports an enemy patrol was inside our lines. Patrol from Chalk White reports 4 half tracks at (507627) moving North – 0720 Chalk White 2 reports about 8 rounds of 155 Arty falling around Chalk White CP – 0809 Chalk Red reports enemy infantry activity at Cross Roads (508609). Commodore notified – 0955 Report from Chalk White that enemy Scout Car sighted at (506626). Moving N – 1042 OB Chalk White observed Rocket Launcher at (498626) – Arty Fire requested – 1315 Charlie Co. receiving 88 fire. Arty Fire requested. Observation Plane to check area in vicinity of (487-623) – 1500 Capt Hart AT Officer given positions to place AT protection around the Regt – 1600 2 patrols to be sent out after dark for recon work – 1810 From Chalk White 6. Tanks moving down SW of Givry. He requests Arty fire. Supporting Arty notified – 1830 Unknown number of tanks moving from Rouette to Givry – 2115 Planes dropped leaflets in Chalk White area. Leaflets sent to Div – 2130 Chariot captured 30 men, 1 Officer, at (48456078). Left to reorganize the 9.Panzer-Division. Prisoners were in Flamierge & were to move to (48456078) – 2320 Chalk Red patrol reports : Heard vehicle movement in woods.

(January 12 1945)
0415 Easy Co sent combat patrol to locate enemy using sound power telephone. Illuminating shells or flares every 15 or 20 minutes – 0714 Chalk White observed green and amber flares – 0745 From G3 Commodore : Warning order to turn over 3 TDs. Chalk 5 called G3, asked for return of our AT outfits – 0930 1/193 relieved of their positions by 513-PIR at approx 2000 11 Jan – 0930 Chalk White 3 reports small arms fire coming from Givry. Lights observed in houses. Arty fire requested – 1135 Chalk White sent out daylight patrol at approx 1100. Patrol has met up with something in woods west of positions. Chalk White will notify Chalk as to results – 1155 Chalk 5 alerted Hqs & Hqs Co to be prepared for movement – 1250 Chalk White reports capture of 2 prisoners. Turned over to unit IPW team for interrogation – 1320 Chalk White captured 3 more prisoners. Being interrogated – 1320 Prisoner No. 1 captured by Chalk White comes from 5.Co 77.Reg, Volksgrenadier Div. Prisoner’s Co has between 90-100 men. One of the stronger Cos of the Volksgrenadier Div. He had been in woods for 4 days – 1415 60 to 100 men reported to be moving NW at (511630) – 1700 Chalk Red reports that 12-15 rounds of Arty fire fell nearby their positions – 1800 Det Of 12 men atchd to Chalk CT from Able 139-ECB Atchd to 1/193 – 1820 Easy Co reports motor movement at (501623). Movement from S to N – 2330 Warning order received from Commodore thru Capt Lyerly, 193-RCT has mission of clearing Flamisoul and follow 507-PIR N clearing all woods in vicinity. Chalk 6 held meeting with Bn. COs. Briefing plans and preparations were installed. 1/193. to be prepared to leave at 0830.

(January 13 1945)
0110 Chalk White patrol reports; did not reach objective. No movement in Givry. Outposts investigated – None – 0815 Arty barrage opening up in support of attack – 0830 I&R Platoon to precede 1/193. Keep contact with 513-PIR and 1/193 – 0840 155-FAB released from Chalk and attached to 513-PIR – 1000 From Liaison Officer Chariot : Ans to questions NR1 Cpl Pierson now checking route will report. Ans to question NR2: No; suggest Engrs assist Chariot. Chariot White reached 1st phase line 0930 – 1005 Chariot Red and Blue still occupy town and woods X respectively. All Chariot N Bastogne Hwy, will report further – 1025 Liaison Officer : Charlotte reached 1st phase line without opposition. Chancellor moving in support – 1030 Gen Whitelaw visited CP – 1040 Chalk Red moving out – 1110 Reg CO, Ex O, and S3 moved to Monty – 1051 From Liaison Officer : Chariot Red now moving to pass through Chariot White. Continue to phase line 2. Blue still occupies woods X. Am now moving to town P with Chariot 6 – 1230 Rear CP moved forward at 1230.

(January 15 1945)
Reg CP established at Frenct. Received orders from Div. To move to Bertogne. Atchd to Batman. Reg moved into assembly area SE of Bertogne approx 1600, where Chalk Red was immediately moved by truck to defensive positions N of Noville in CCA sector. Reg atchd to CCA 193-GIR (less 2-193), 2nd AT Platoon N of Noville under Task Force Stubbs. Reg CP est. in Withimont atchd to Task Force Bell in position 0800. At 1000 Task Force Bell to attack with Task Force Stubbs assisting with fire through the attack – 1107 Task Force Bell reports that they have reached Western Edge of objective. No resistance – 1111 From CO Chalk Red : Patrol reports negative for 1st quarter hour – 1124 From CO Chalk White : Objective taken – 1136 From CO Chalk White : Request IPW team be sent me. Team sent – 1145 From Chalk Red : My patrol has reached halfway point without incident – 1245 Fwd echelon CP moved out to new location. Est fwd Chalk CP at grid coord (557646). Rear CP notified – 1343 From Chalk Red: Patrol reports enemy activity at Fazone (stream) grid coord (758900) – 1345 Now firing Arty on Area A. Objective hit – 1400 From Chalk Red : Two prisoners captured. Returned to PWE at one at Bloodstains location – 1405 From Chalk Red : Patrol reports enemy MG fire to their left rear. Arty fire to be placed on area – 1410 Arty fire on woods east of Area A. Chalk Red 6 notified – 1415-H Monarch directs movement of big stuff towards objective to be expedited. Notified Batman of same and to contact Chalk Red immediately – 1420 2 prisoners brought to Chalk CP by EM of Baker Co. Questioned by S2 – 1425 Continuing and mopping up as we go. Picking up prisoners. Report from Chalk Red. Request No. of prisoners. Reply : A few – 1445 Chalk 5 reported to CP – 1455 From CO Chalk Red : Now engaged in mopping up & taking prisoners – 1458 2 prisoners brought to Chalk CP. Questioned – 1503 3 more prisoners brought in. White phosphorous 200 yards SE edge of obj. Questioned – 1515 From CO Chalk Red : Pinned down by MG fire on my right – Bn S3 reports front line at (567668). Now pinned down. Reported that town of Compogne has been taken – 200 prisoners captured. “B” men questioned as to Baker Co position – 1540 Arty ordered to fire smoke on area for Red. Shells falling to left of target – 1555 Tanks moving in to support Chalk Red – 1615 Chalk Red held up by slight resistance but now moving forward. About 800 yards from objective – 1630 Chalk White now back with 193 – 1635 Total No. of prisoners brought to PWE 20 – 1730 Chalk Red holding up for the night. Sending patrols into town. Patrols found town vacated.

(January 16 1945)
0800 Chalk Red objective taken during early morning. Awaiting further orders – 1000 Quartering party sent out to locate new CP – 1045 Forward element of Chalk departed for new CP location – 1130 Arrived and est. new CP in town of Compogne – 1300 Rear elements of Chalk CP plus Reg. HQ Co arrived at new CP location – 1330 Col Stubbs departed CP for Recon – 1500 Quartering party departed CP to locate new location – 1600 Est. new CP in Mabompré at approx. 1545 – 1700 Rear elements of CP arrived at approx. 1730 – 2000 TF Stubbs organizes defensive in sector, establishes Bn. with CCB on right flank, coords patrols with CCB and Task Force Bell. Established road blocks and obstacles as required, especially at Vie (Rachamps-Noville) Cowan (Vissoule) 0400.

(January 17 1945)
Reports from prisoners taken vicinity of road block. 15 prisoners captured. Est. 80 Germans located in Cowan (Vissoule) with strong point west of the town. Unable to put in proposed road block as yet. Sporadic fighting in SE sector, of Chalk Red. CCB reported to have outpost along Hwy 2. Contact was made with same at (610700) – 1000 Mr. Cianci departed CP to reconnoiter area for housing of 193. Regt Found section crowded, departed for Bertogne – 1115 Report from S2 Chalk Red that Charlie Co has received small arms fire and Mortar fire. Arty fired in direction of fire falling upon Charlie Co – 1245 CCA visited CP. Departed at 1305 – 1530 Regt being relieved by 507-PIR. Reverted back to Div. Control. Mission at present time : AT Defense on main road EW leading to Vouge (?)

(January 18 1945)
0800 Regt Remained in rest area.

(January 19 1945)
1100 Meeting of 1/193 Co & Co Comdrs with Col Stubbs at 1300. Meeting at 1300 of same officers only from 2/193 – 1400 Regt still in rest area. Reports of S2 and S3 submitted throughout the day and night to Div.

(January 20 1945)
1100 Received FO #6 from Commodore thru Lt Weaver. Mission for Div, is to attack H Hour January 21 1945 to capture objective and defeat enemy in Z. 193-GIR is to move to position shown on Div. O (overlay). Sent various Officers to reconnoiter areas – 1300 Capt Lyerly, Liaison Officer, brought change in Forward Observers 193-GIR position changed slightly. Assembly area further south. Move upon Div orders – 1330 Chalk 6 held meeting with Bn. COs prepare for movement – 1400 At approx 1200, Col Marshall, Deputy Historian Theater of Operations in ETO interviewed Col Stubbs, Col Schorr, Col Balish, and Col Ashworth on events that occurred during recent operations.

(January 21 1945)
0800 Submitted negative reports to G2 and G3 throughout the night. At approx 0400 received orders from Commodore giving H-Hour, time of departure, etc – 1015 Quartering party consisting of representatives from each Bn and Reg Hq Co to locate new CP and assembly area – 1430 Advance CP party arrived approx 1400. Est. CP in woods at grid coord. At approx 1500 remainder of troops arrived at CP locations – 1545 Main body of troops arrived. Troops dug in.

(January 22 1945)
0800 A quartering party consisting of representatives of each Bn, Reg Hq. Reg Hqs Co departed for new location – 1130 Established new CP at Rouvroy Farm – 1309 2/193 to occupy the woods, NE sector, 1/193 to follow and occupy northern section of woods and set up positions. 2/193 to outpost the woods to the east. Reg. Hq. to follow both Bns. Bn. COs given order to depart for areas as soon as possible. AT platoon ordered to move out and set up respective defensive positions. 2/193 vehicles to move along with respective Bns. Forward echelon of CP to leave current CP at 1345 – 1400 Gen Miley came to CP. Instructed Col Schorr as to disposition of troops. Arty Liaison Officers and TDs being atchd – 1415 Quartering party departed CP to locate new area with I&R patrol and 20 man patrol from Easy Co – 1430 Rear CP plus Hq Co moved forward to new location, town 1/2 mile S of Limerlé – 1500 Reg. CP est. in town of Halt, name given in lieu of actual name of town – 1600 Advance CP group arrived ahead of quartering party – Est CP in town of Halt. Bn quartering parties reconnoitering their locations – 2300 Lt Piper and Lt Mullet to be awakened at 0430. Officers will receive instructions for patrols starting at 0530 January 23. 6 I&R men plus two radio operators to be alerted at same time.

(January 23 1945)
0200 All tanks of 761 have been atchd to 513-PIR. They are not available to support us – 0300 G3 states that Arty will be available to us for direct support – 3330 Chalk Red Patrol investigated town of Hautbellain (LUX). Found to be empty at approx 2030 – 0700 Order of movement : 2/811, 1/193 Orders to 1st Bn from Chalk 6. Follow about 300 or 400 yards. If visibility is good, fall back as far as 500 yards. Time of departure 23/0830. 257-FAB is direct support. Code names given the following towns : Hautbellain to be called Mexico; Huldange to be called Peru; Woods to known as Desert – 0710 Report from Lt Mullet; Reached Mexico, Arty falling to my South – 0745 MSG from Patrol; Mexico OK advise trip there – 0750 MSG from Patrol: Have checked Mexico; our friends left last night at 2200 – 0830 Advance CP group departed for new location in Mexico – 1000 Mexico received heavy Arty fire. 2/193 held up. Told not to enter under those conditions – 1100 Chalk Red ordered to hold up and send Liaison Officer to our temp. CP located at (725745) – 1120 Col Stubbs left for town. Will keep contact with us.

1125 Chalk Red 6 arrived at CP. 2/193 ordered to send one Co into Mexico to clean up – 1415 Moved temp. CP back into the town of Mexico. 2/193 moving into town of Mexico. No Arty shelling for some time. Ordered to put out extensive patrolling – 1420 Maj. Lee departed to look over Mexico for possible CP location – 1540 Chalk 3 does not advise us to move CP location fwd. CP to remain as is. Both Bns in woods, 2/193 has progressive patrols out beyond Mexico – 1730 Lt Piper returned to fwd CP. Reported findings to Chalk 6 and 3 – 1815 Chalk 3 requests information as to Chalk White’s front Lines, so as to place Arty defensive fire down on enemy area – 1820 Received new atk order for January 24. Regt has new mission – Chalk White Bn will lead off at approx 0830. Chalk 6 sending I&R patrol to reconnoiter areas – 1905 Chalk White 2 reports capture of ten PWs from patrol, also have some No. Unknown – 1950 PWE located at Steinbach, Belgium – 1950 French patrol brought back 9 PWs. Reports approx 120 Germans in town of Peru. PWs being sent to rear CP for Interrogation – Peru to be shelled – 1800 3 man patrol from Easy Co went into Desert, found it empty – Many emplacements found. Wattermal, Belgium, burning saw French running out of woods there – 2130 Chalk White reports Arty, Rockets landing within area – 2130 Chalk 6 requests Chalk White 6 & 3 report to CP – 2155 French patrol discovered Co CP at farm called Fallmuhle. Estimate 200 Germans at Peru. Captured 4 PWs of 12 man patrol. After 2400 Arty to be concentrated on Peru


1630 Dog White patrol captured 10 PWs at (747751)
10 more at (750760). Reports skirmish between French and Germans in Desert
1800 French Recon patrol reports Peru strongly held (150 men) captured 9 PWs in skirmish vicinity (765749), report road mined between Mexico and Peru, bridges blown at (748744) and (752745)
2130 Red contact patrol to Chancellor at 2115, left security posted at 2130. Right security at 2120
2145 Commodore 2 IPW information : PWs state they are to hold at all costs. AT Co located in vicinity of Wattermal. 560.Volksgrenadier recognized
2400 Chalk White 2 reports shelling NWR’s fire

(January 24 1945)
0010 Route patrol back. Reports road to Peru excellent. Small group of enemy in woods (756750) – 0200 Chalk White 5 reports estimated 12 rounds 75s fell in their sector – 0428 Chalk White 2 reports Arty landing CP area TD lines to unit out – 0515 Commodore 3 called : Our mission called off. We are to hold tight. Commodore 6 will visit our CP at 0830 – 0715 Report from Arty unit will fire on Peru again this morning – 0845 Casualties from Chalk White : 1 KIA, 1 WIA, 12 evac for various ailments – 1010 Chalk White patrol leader reports PWs taken at (749752) at 0930. Patrol continued into woods. Chalk White OP reports 1 man left woods at (759751) and went into Bldg at (760755) – 1030 Chancellor reports snipers in Desert. Notified patrol – 1215 Orders recd to attack. Sending out strong combat patrol. Chalk White Bn will move forward. Requesting Arty to be prepared to support our advance – 1300 Chalk White patrol recd heavy Arty fire. Concentrating Arty on direction of enemy fire – 1410 Reports from Chalk White Patrol : 20 men running away from Desert – 1440 Easy Co no win to obj. Alerted balance of Chalk White Bn – 1445 Having Tank support move with 2/193 – 1500 1/513 in our Obj in woods. Col Stubbs ordered 2/193 move up immediately. Forward element of Chalk White still receiving Arty fire. Chalk White moving out at 1515 – 1515 Chalk 6 alerted Chalk Red. Commodore 66 arrived at CP. Consulted with Chalk 6. Enemy firing WP on patrol – 1615 Friendly Arty fire fell on our troops at following points : 721-745 : 5 rds, 736-742 : 8 to 10 rds, 726-746 : 10 rds, 741-747 : several rds. Instructed Ln O 274th to stop same. He notified his unit. Firing stopped approx 1715.

1730 Rear echelon of CP arrived – 1745 Ln O from Commodore brought in plans for tomorrows operation. 193 will support by fire the 194 in their attack on Huldange at 0800 – 1800 Dog and Easy Cos in woods. Fox Co just passed N part of town. Chalk 6 ordered Chalk Red to start movement – 1830 Report that Arty is falling short of Chalk White ahead of Desert. Foot elements of Regt Hq departed for new location – 1845 Commodore : You will estab two rd blocks as soon as possible at following pts : Phony Cord 424-432 and 424-449 – 1850 Give location or locations by phony cord of any Arty falling near your position – 1925 MSG from Chalk Red : We have passed thru Mexico (1916) – 1926 From Chalk Red : (1918) Friendly Arty falling on our troops – 2000 Advance CP group departed for new area 2145 Arrived at destination in woods. Waited for rear CP personnel and Hq Co to arrive. Estab Chalk CP at approx 2400 – 0800 Bns in position awaiting future enemy action. Had patrols sent out. Neg Rept – 1000 Recd orders that the Div was reld in that sector. Prepare for movement to assembly area – 1130 Quartering party for each Bns and Regtl Hq departed for new location – 1145 Advance CP group moved out to estab new CP in assembly area.

(January 26 1945)
0600 Quartering party departed for Div. Hq – 1200 Advance CP grp left for new area. Div to relieve 26-ID’s Troops following by truck convoy – 1900 Estab Regtl CP in Wiltz. Regtl Hq arrived at 2400. Bns also housed in Wiltz. Awaited further orders.

(January 27 1945)
0900 Maj Lee departed for Div Hq. Sent MSG back to be prepared to move. We are to relieve elements of the 80-ID – Col left for conference with CG – 1615 Advance CP group departed for new location. Arrived at approx 0800. Estab CP in Buckholz – 2400 Hq & Hq Co arrive. Chalk White Bn sent patrol to investigate town of Hosingen. No enemy found, but many mines, booby traps. Second patrol of 25 men sent into same town.

(January 28 1945)
0920 From Commodore 5 : Have tanks arrived ? In any event be prepared to Attack at 1000 on Div order. Msg to Com 5 : Tanks arrived but movement restricted because of mines. Engrs urgently needed – 0950 Second patrol of Chalk White found town empty. Civilians state enemy departed 28/0200. Fox Co going into town to set up defense – 1130 Gen Miley visited CP, plan of Chalk discussed – 1300 Capt Hughes, 5-ID, visited CP ref to disposition of our troops – 1440 From Chalk White 6 : Receiving 1 rd of Arty per minute in So Sector. Fox Co captured 3 prisoners. Being interrogated – 1520 Capt from 6 Cav Rcn reptd to CP, consulted Chalk 6 as to our positions.

(January 29 1945)
0800 Patrol sent out last evening reported enemy located at (834583). Fired upon. Lt Piper reported same. Unable to advance. Estab OP. Enemy on hills Jack and Ace – 0930 Lt Col from 6 Cav Rcn reptd to CP to check on positions now held by us – to be taken over. Info given – 0935 Chalk 6 held meeting with Chalk Red and White 6 – 1220 Commodore 66 arrived at CP – talked over dispositions and plans for further oper – 1245 Chalk White reports that Right Regt is taking PWs from woods (825-575 – 835-575) at approx 0950 – 1300 Report on PWs taken from Hosingen – Time 0900. PWs from Hq Co 988.Volksgrenadier Regt, 276.Div – 1300 Col & Lt Col of 6 Cav Rcn Gp visited Chalk CP – 1400 Chalk Red and White attacking their obj as shown on situation map – 1615 Enemy withdraws down dark E from Ace. Arty and mortar fire on N side of Ace (840-579) – 1648 Chalk White nearing knoll – being hit with heavy arty and mortar fire – 1630 Northern obj abandoned, 18 wounded out of 20 that were engaged. Met by very heavy MG and Arty fire – 1740 Chalk White failed in attempt to take obj. Arty and mortar fire coming from Siegfried Line. 11 losses. Situation : Line of departure just N of King into woods thru draw, curve of woods. Time of withdrawal 1730. 30 men with Lt Christianson could not cross open ground. Bn assisted by tanks which fired into woods. Encountered little small arms fire. Advance stopped by Arty and mortar fire which fell in rolling barrages. Fox and Dog Co recd fire at same time. Ace position was smoked by 4.2 mortars to cloud observer but failed help. Believe mortar observer located at Jack. Casualties : 15 wounded – 2200 Patrol from 6 Cav departed on recon at 1930. Recon being made in Southern sector. Patrol from Chalk departing at 0300 for recon of Northern Sector. Arty to be notified on return of patrol. Will put harassing fire on enemy CP and mortar positions. Arty to cross fire in N sector during mission of Chalk Patrol.

(January 30 1945)
0130 Report on Hammer White patrol : Started down rd E from H, moved down trail paralleling rd at (832-580), then down trail. Saw 1 Teller mine (848-576), continued down rd saw telephone line, followed it N up across main rd where considerable talking and milling around was observed at (851-579). One German observed on main rd at (840-580), he walked down and turned in to suspected CP. One truck heard moving on road across R SE of Obereisenach at 2130 – Amber flares observed to SE across river – 0630 Report from Div Recon patrol : Moved down rd to Queen, encountered 12 man enemy patrol at (837-593), both dispersed, fired on by rifles from draw to NE and by MG from vicinity (847-592). Observed something burning vicinity of (?)-Honicht-(?). Same flames at 2300 – 0730 Report from Chalk Patrol : Patrol departed 0300. Moved along edge of woods at (828-589), continued E down draw to point S of hill at (843-593). Between – 0400 and 0500 very much enemy activity, coughing, cracking brush, barking signal in woods along draw. Observed amber flash signals from vicinity hill (840-597). Trail at (543-590) has well-traveled foot path. Amber flare signal seen vicinity house at (543-590). Single truck heard moving vicinity rd at (845-596) and (847-584). At 0600 retd found emplacement and MG along hedgerow at (836-592) – 1000 Gen Whitelaw visited CP, discussed situation with Chalk 6. Departed – 1320 28 Cav Gp have taken hill Ace, setting up OP – 1335 Alerted Lt Piper and 2 men to be ready to move out to recon areas. Sent pers from Chalk White to gd Op on Jake – 1800 Col Day called – plans to send 2 patrols out, cross river, enter town, will depart at approx 2000 – 1805 No rept from Lt Piper, trying to contact him – 1900 From Commodore : Convoy of enemy vehicles in vicinity of Dasburg, believed to be moving S along highway – Verified by Lt Piper at fwd OP. He believes convoy moving N to S – reptd by Lt Piper at 1930-H. Chelsea placing interdiction and harassing fire. 4 rds per hr CR and vicinity – 1500 Red patrol oriented for patrol mission to observe N sector to River Our and opposite bank and Westwall defenses. Patrol to start at 2300-H. Blue patrol to move through central sector of Chalk to move into forward OP to observe river. Patrol to start 2400 – 2300 Div Recon patrol encountered 15 man enemy patrol to our north. Killed 9 and caused remaining group to disperse.

(January 31 1945)
0830-H Chalk OP at point (842-590) heard German voices from vicinity of draw (843-584) – 1012 Rifle and MG fire heard by OP approx 1000 yds distance at 60 degree azimuth – 1310 Report from OP on Jack : Saw a 5-man enemy patrol moving East – 1415 Chalk White Relieved. Departed for Wiltz. Gen Whitelaw visited CP – 1530 Advance CP group departed for Wiltz.

Colonel, Infantry

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