505th Engineer Light Ponton Company (Victory Route) November 1944 – April 1945

Table of Contents

1 – 505-ELPC – October 1944
2 – 505-ELPC – November 1944
3 – 505-ELPC – December 1944
4 – 505-ELPC – January 1945
5 – 505-ELPC – February 1945
6 – 505-ELPC – March 1945
7 – 505-ELPC – April 1945

Bridges-&-Engineers-WW-2-001 (Our River)October 1944

Original Unit

Designation : 505th Engineer Light Ponton Company;
Date of Organization : May 15 1942;
Place of Organization : Camp Gordon, Georgia;
Authority of Organization : GO #15, HQ Eastern Defense Command and 1-A, dated May 15 1942; Sources from which original personnel were obtained.


CO, Capt Archibald E. Sutton (0-304319) C.E. by transfer from the Engineer Replacement Training Center, Fort Belvoir, Virginia; EO, 1/Lt Gerald L. Bilbro, C.E. by transfer from the 75th Engineer Light Ponton Company, Camp Beauregard, Louisiana. Platoon Commanders and Motor Officer : by assignment from the Fourth Engineer Officer Candidate School, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, as follow : Francis F. Carnes, 2/Lt, C.E. (0-1100038); James J. Carnes, Jr, 2/Lt, (0-1100039); Burrel D. Carney, Jr, 2/Lt, C.E. (0-1100041) and Francis M. Carson, 2/Lt, C.E. (0-1100043).

Enlisted Men

Enlisted Cadre of twelve NCO’s by transfer from the 75th Engineer Light Ponton Company, Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, in May 1942 as follow : 1/Sgt Morton Kamm, (6878116); M/Sgt George Underwood (0000000); (Mess) S/Sgt John W. Pritchett (6966756); (Supply) S/Sgt William Blankenship (0000000); (Motor) S/Sgt Kenneth F. Whitehead (33035175); (Platoon) S/Sgt Carlton L. Allen (6994429); (Platoon) S/Sgt Thomas L. Beckman (6974589); (Platoon) Sgt Earl Northrup (32033188); (Mechanic) Cpl Ival Cooper (32035482); (Cook) Pvt Spec 3/Cl, Stanislaus J. Andersiak (R-2340718); (Cook) Pvt Spec 4/Cl J. B. Walker (7088340) and (Clerk) Cpl Robert M. Mayo (7086178). Two Mechanics by assignment from the Engineer Heavy Equipment School, Fort Belvoir, Va, on May 15 1942, as follow : Pvt Balmer E. Sinegar (33118318) and Pvt Harold A. Geese (38047063).

Enlisted Fillers

The First group of Enlisted fillers consisting of eleven Selective service Privates was received on September 29 1942 by transfer from Dog Co
of the 82nd Ordnance Battalion, Camp Gordon, Georgia per SO 54, 3rd Hq & Hq Detachment Sp Troops, 2nd Army, dated September 29 1942. The second, and principal group of Enlisted Fillers, consisting of 210 Selective Service Privates, were received by transfer from the 1222nd Reception General, Camp Upton, New York, sated December 3 1942.

Changes in Organization during Period : Company assigned to 1105th Engineer Combat Group and assigned to 1-A during entire period.

Strength : Commissioned and Enlisted. Officer Strength at beginning of Period – 6; Francis M. Carson, Capt, (0-1100043) Company Commander; Gilbert E. Moore, 1/Lt, (0446357) Executive Officer; Howard D. May, 1/Lt, (0-1110097) Platoon Commander; John A. McDonald, 1/Lt, (0-1115692) Platoon Commander; Randal Holden, 2/Lt, (0-1114169) Platoon Commander and Clifton M. Hanks, 2/Lt, (0-116497) Platoon Commander. Note : Lt Cliton M. Hanks was lost to Hospital on October 6 1944 due to injuries received in a vehicle accident.

Enlisted Strength. Beginning of Period : Present 201 – Absent 1. Increase during Period : 2. Pvt Herman Davis (15063856) and Pvt Harry C. Parmer (33802679). Note : Above two Enlisted Men assigned to organization by 3rd Reinforcement Depot and reported for duty October
8 1944. Decrease during Period : none. Enlisted Strength of Company at End of Period : Present 203 – Absent 1.

Stations : the company was located at Vierset Barse (K-274123) Belgium, during the entire period.

Operations during the Period

The two Bridge Platoons were engaged during the entire period in the transportation of Engineer Supplies and Equipment from various sources into the 1-A Engineer Depot’s at Modave, Belgium, and later during the month, on up the new location of the Depot at Montzen.

The vehicles of these two platoons were kept going continuously, stopping in the bivouac area only to sleep, or have repairs made. Most of the time the demand for this equipment was normal; the trucks being run only during the day. Occasionally, when certain materials would be needed more urgently, hauling was continued at night.

On October 28 1944, the company took over the guard and maintenance job on a Class-40 Armored Steel Tread-way Bridge in Liège. This detail utilized half the personnel of one section. While the job itself was not difficult, life in Liège was most unpleasant due to the heavy V-1 buzz bombing attacks.

Refresher training on Infantry Support Raft and Infantry Footbridge construction and operation was conducted by the Light Equipage Platoon at a training site on the Meuse River in Huy. Also, the Light Equipage Platoon provided Infantry Support Rafts, outboard motors and outboard motor operators to A Company of the 61st Engineer Combat Battalion to assist them in experimental work on the construction of Floating Boom Cables. This experimental work was also conducted on the Meuse River in Huy and was in preparation for the Rhine River crossing.


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